Psalms 45:1:

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.”  

Father, I ask that the FRESH OIL of Your anointing be released in the lives of Your artists and artisans.  Father, please release a sound in us that would SHATTER DARKNESS through our creative abilities.  Father, Pharaoh had his magicians – but You had Your Moses!  The Philistines had their Goliath – but You had Your David!  Baal had His prophets – but You had Your Elijah! 

Father, we ask that You would use our creative abilities like sharpened arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior to contend with the spirit of this age.  Father, we ask that you would paralyze the prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2) and take back the airways and the media for Your name sake and for Your glory!! 

Father, please anoint Your servants to take the media mountain for the Lord and produce wholesome films, far better than any films Hollywood could ever produce.

Father, I ask that You would develop our skills so that Your artists and artisans would exceed our counterparts in the secular arena in ability, creativity, talent, and in skill.

Father, please anoint Your singers and musicians to produce wholesome music, far better than what the secular music industry could ever produce. 

Father, please anoint Your writers to be like the scribes of old who will not depart from Your Word.

Father, please anoint Your visual and performing artists to relate the Father heart of God to the nations of the world through their creative giftings. 

Father, please anoint Your craftsmen to relate Your beauty and creativity in the complexity of their designs and architecture, just as You did in the beginning when You framed the universe and You said that it was good. 

Father, I ask that You would keep Your servants from the temptation of fame and fortune that would entice Your artists and artisans to walk in pride, arrogance, lasciviousness, and the love of money.  Father, help us to always use our anointing to inspire others to walk in deep devotion and passion towards our God. 

Father, I ask that the Body of Messiah would become the largest patron of the arts, so that Your servants would not look to the world for opportunities, patronage, and sponsorship.  Father, I ask that Your kingdom would not lose another faith-based artist to the world!  Father, please protect Your investment in us.  Keep us HOLY!  Father, I ask that You would open doors that no man can shut – and shut the doors that we need not walk through. 

Father, as Your servant, may I always remain in love with my First Love (Revelation 2:4).  Father, I ask that I never lose my wonder and longing for Your presence.  May I always be wide-eyed, just like a child, staring at the beauty of my King!  

Father, You are beautiful in all Your ways.  Thank You Abba for releasing Your beauty and creativity in us, so that we can express Your beauty to others.  Thank You Abba!   In Yeshua’s name – Amen.”

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