40-Day Prophetic Bootcamp

Day 16:  Unsaved Loved Ones



Like Yeshua, we should WEEP over the fact that our unsaved loved ones will spend eternity separated from God.  Let us travail in tears and intercession for our unsaved loved ones.   

As Yeshua drew near to Jerusalem; the Bible records that Yeshua wept. 

Luke 19:41-44:

As He drew near and saw Jerusalem, He wept over her, saying, “If only you had recognized this day the things that lead to shalom!   For the days will come upon you when your enemies will surround you with barricades and hem you in on all sides… And they won’t leave within you one stone upon anotherbecause you did not recognize the time of your visitation.”

Like Yeshua, we should WEEP over the fact that our unsaved loved ones will spend eternity separated from God.  Let us travail in tears and intercession for our unsaved loved ones.    Let us practice postures of humility in prayer.  If you can kneel – kneel.  If you can lay prostrate with your face to the floor – lay prostrate.  If you have sackcloth – put on sackcloth!  Let’s cry out to God for the salvation of our unsaved loved ones!


Let us cry out to God on behalf of our sons and daughters who have walked away from Yeshua!  Let us cry out to God for our mothers and fathers who have not accepted Yeshua as Messiah.  Let us cry out to God for our sisters and brother who are blind to the truth that Yeshua is the ONLY WAY to salvation!”

Scripture Meditations: 

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Note: lease see attached document for additional family salvation scriptures. Family Salvation Scriptures


Continue in this vein of intercession.  If you have a photo of the loved one that you are interceding for, I would recommend that we keep that photo in a visible place as a reminder to pray for the person(s) daily as we continue our 40 Days of Prayer.  Let’s pray continually in our prayer language and in our understanding.  

Speak Life – Speak words of affirmation and love.  Speak favorably over Zion (Israel). Speak favorably over others. Intercede for the lost.  Pray that God’s original intent be their portion.  Walk in love.”   Romans 4:17 encourages:  “[God] who gives life to the dead, calls into existence that which does not exist.”  

During our season of prayer, let us SPEAK LIFE and prophecy to the “dry bones” (the unsaved) among us (Ezekiel 37:1-14).”


Father, thank You for sending Your Son Yeshua to deliver us from our sins.  We confess that Yeshua is the ONLY WAY to salvation!  Father, we lift up our unsaved loved ones before You. We ask that You would draw them by Your Spirit.  We ask that You would call their names like you called the name of the dead man Lazarus and he came leaping from his tomb.

Father, as we call out the names of our loved ones, arrest them by Your spirit and cause them to come leaping out of sin, leaping out of addiction, leaping out of darkness, and leaping out of bondage! 

Father, please rebuke the hand of the evil one over their lives.  Set them free!  Father, please help them to make a conscience decision to live their lives for You!  In Yeshua’s name we pray! Amen.

Additional Prayer Resources:

Let’s go deeper in prayer. Through the power of intercession Yeshua equips us to ENTER and POSSESS the Land – and conquer the strongholds keeping us from FREEDOM and FULLNESS.  Please CLICK HERE for powerful prayers and resources. 

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Heavy Prophetic Intersession


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