Overcoming The Spirit of Poverty, Rags, & Grave Clothes


In the MIGHTY name of Yeshua,

I cancel the assignment of every spirit that wants to covert my prosperity into poverty.

Father, please change the paradigm of my life from sorrow and suffering to blessings and abundance.

I declare that God will frustrate the efforts of Herod (oppression) that wants to kill me.  (Acts 12:1-5)

I declare that every evil force digging a pit for my destruction shall fall into it themselves.

I declare total annihilation of every evil that seeks my hurt and immobilization.

Every agent of Satan fashioned against me perish by the fire of God.

I cancel the assignment of the enemy to turn the glory of God into shame in my life.  

I send the spirit of poverty, penury, lack, and failure back to the bottomless pit.  Every assignment against my prosperity is canceled.

Every devourer of money visible and invisible is stopped henceforth and forever. The Lord shall rebuke the devourer for my sake.

I declare that every covenant with premature death and the spirit of infirmity is nullified in my life by the Blood of Yeshua.

I tear Satan’s garments of wretchedness.   I boldly declare that every evil veil of disgrace, shame, and dishonor upon my life is destroyed by the precious Blood of Yeshua.  I destroy every assignment of ungodly superiors to move me into a position of disgrace where I shall be forgotten, marginalized, and limited.

I reject every dream, image, and picture of poverty, wretchedness, retardation, backwards movements, death, and every negative image the enemy attempts to project concerning me.

I am bold, alert, and awake in the Holy Spirit.

I boldly proclaim that poverty and wretchedness is not my portion.

I receive the miracle to move from broke to breakthrough – from glory to glory – from abundance to abundance.

I receive the boldness to lift my head and not bow in sorrow.

I proclaim that there shall be no loss to my finances and wealth.

I declare that I walk in freedom in every area of my life, finances, health, marriage, career, and ministry.

I declare that every spirit of destruction in my life shall be met with utter destruction.

I send the fire of God to UTTERLY ANNIHILATE every demonic veil, garment of heaviness, and cloak of despair that has been placed on me by the enemy to cast an evil shadow upon my life.

Father, You are my redeemer. Let Your righteousness go before me and Your glory be my rear guard. Let Your renown go out from me because of Your beauty and majesty in my life.

Father, please remove every judgement of poverty against my life. Please redeem me in the midst of Your people. Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Anoint my head with oil, cause my cup to run over. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. I shall remain in love with You my first love forever.

Father, thank You for taking up my case. Destroy the destroyer, waste the waster, devour the devour, unseat the supplanter, and render impotent and powerless every demonic conspiracy of poverty, rags, coverings, and grave clothes against my life.  Father, I proclaim that You have given me a legal right to receive everything YOU have for me namely:  Life, Health, Beauty, Mental Sharpness, Skills, Talents, Spiritual Gifts, Abundance, Prosperity, Wisdom, Blessings, Family, Wealth, Fame, Ministry, Favor, Open Doors, Joy, Peace, A Future,  Might, Destiny, and Sonship.

In Yeshua’s name AMEN

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