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A Prophetic Word For Decade 2020:  To be battle ready is the mentality of the kingdom of God. “He who desires victory… He who desires the crown… He who desires the palace must be ready for war. You are being prepared for your crown. Greater crowns attract greater persecution. But you are anointed to wear your crown. You are anointed with enablement, ability, endurance, and power to overcome.”   

Prophetic Word 2021:  Restoring The Fortunes of Zion – CLICK HERE!

“When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed…” (Psalms 126)


Dream With God  / 40-Day Devotional – CLICK HERE!


The Dream With God Series Includes:
Understanding God’s Purpose For Your Life – CLICK HERE!
Purposed By Design – CLICK HERE!
Dream With God – CLICK HERE!
Becoming Myself – CLICK HERE!
         and much much more

God Has Set A Table Set For Me!

“Right now God is building you a table. You won’t need to be in the right club or be in with the right people. You just need to be all about Jesus.  He sees your deep grief and sorrow, your rejection, and isolation but He isn’t going to suddenly bring you to the right family- He is bringing them to you.”

So set the table by faith. Let go of the past, let go of how you were treated and the words they said that crushed you. He is anointing your head with oil and restoring double honor. You don’t need to prove yourself anymore.”

Get up off the floor. Wash off the dirt and take your seat, and watch as God opens the very doors people tried to shut for you.  He will bypass them all to get you to where you need to be. Just keep your heart right and your knees on the floor. Keep soft, forgive often, but keep moving forward. Your validation and affirmation is found in the fiery gaze of the King of Kings.” (Credit: Prophet Nate: Johnson)

Fire On The Altar:

Intercession For The Nations 


The Favor of God

A Prophetic Soaking Experience:

Favor with God is birthed from experiencing a love relationship with our Heavenly Father.  As we grow in intimacy with our God who loves us; we  experience our Father happily indulging Himself in our lives because He has a definite-intentional bias towards us. Please click below to encounter this powerful soaking experience.”

Spiritual Warfare Resources:

2021 Breakthrough Prayers & Resources 

Salvation is the first step in our journey to FREEDOM.  Deliverance is the second step. We must have both in order to experience a life of FREEDOM and WHOLENESS.   There are times when the Holy Spirit will lead us in militant intercession.  Through the power of intercession Yeshua equips us to  conquer the strongholds keeping us from a life of FREEDOM and FULLNESS.”

– 2021 Breakthrough Prayers
– Advanced Spiritual Warfare I
– Advance Spiritual Warfare II
– An Open Heaven
– African American Prayer Rumble
Arrested Development
– Artist / Artisan Anointing
– Atomic Breakthrough Prayer – AUDIO!
– Atomic Healing Prayer – AUDIO!
– Bearing Righteous Fruit
– Blockages, Barriers, & Resistance 
– Breaking Generational Curses
– Breaking The Curse of Illegitimacy (Rejection)
– Career Success
– Combating Cancer Through Prayer
– Combating Premature Death
– Contending In The Heavens
– Conception & Pregnancy
– Court of Heaven (Petitions)
– Dealing With Conflict & Criticism
– Defeating Your Haman
– Defeating The Jezebel Spirit
– Defeating Leviathan & The Marine Kingdom
– Defeating the Kundalini / Python Spirit
– Deliverance From Unfriendly Friends
– Defeating Attacks of the Envious (Jealousy)
– Destroying Destiny Killers
– Defeating Delay
– Defeating Sabotage 
– Defeating Monitoring / Familiar Spirits
– Deliverance From Evil SCRIPTURES
– Deliverance – Alcoholism 
– Deliverance – Food Addiction
– Deliverance – Homosexuality
– Deliverance- Masturbation, Fornication, & Sexual Addiction 
– Deliverance – Pornography
– Deliverance & Spiritual Warfare Manual (John Eckhardt)
– Destroying Demonic Confederacies & Conspiracies 
– Restoring The Foundations (Deuteronomy 33 Prayer)
– Defeating Discouragement
– Discernment
– Dismantling Satanic Agendas
– Dispatch Angels 
– Divine Protection
– Dream School (Interpretation)
– Family Salvation SCRIPTURES
– Financial Freedom – Overcoming The Spirit of Poverty, Rags, & Grave Clothes
– Financial Freedom – Breaking The Curse of Poverty
– Financial Freedom – Divine Recovery
– Future Husband / Wife
– God’s Kairos Timing – Redeeming The Time
– Healing Chronic Physical and Mental Illnesses
– Healing Terminal Disease
– Healing – Surgery (Hospital)
– Healing – Atomic Prayers For Healing
– Healing – Anxiety & Depression
– Healing At The Cellular Level
– Healing Ministry Wounds
– Healing – Mental Health
– Healing – Mental Strongholds
– Healing Traumatic Experiences
– Intercession For The Lost
– Marriage Prayer
– Marriage / Family life Prayer
– Mornings With The Holy Spirit – AUDIO!
– Prayer for America
– Prayers to Break Demonic Oppression I
– Prayers to Break Demonic Oppression II – AUDIO!
– Possessing The Gates of Victory
– Rak Chazak! – War Cry  – (Video)
– Release Burdens
– Rest / Sleep
– Release To My Birthright, Destiny, & Influence
– Release Creativity
– Released From Ungodly Depths
– Re-Establish God’s Foundation
– Released From Being A Scapegoat
– Repentance – Abortion
– Renunciation Prayer
– Revival
– Silencing The Accuser
– Soul Ties (Spirit Wife/Husband)
– Spiritual Growth
– Spiritual Warfare For The Family
– Spiritual Housekeeping I
– Spiritual Housekeeping II
– Spiritual Warfare Boot Camp – VIDEO 
– Deliverance From The Spirit of Suicide 
– Turn Back The Battle At The Gate
– The Prayer of Jabez
– War Cry Prayer At Midnight – AUDIO!

ALERT: Corona Virus Prayer Points – CLICK HERE!!!

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You Must Read: Feast of Trumpets 5082 – A Prophetic Release: Destiny, Rest, & Promises Fulfilled! CLICK HERE!


You Must Read: The Reformation, Recalibration, & Maturation of The End-Time Church! – CLICK HERE!!

Charles Dickens wrote “it was the best of times it was the worst of times. I believe there is a REFORMATION and a MATURATION coming to the end-time Church. Our heavenly Father is loosening our grip and dependence upon this demonic world’s system so that we can be the WILD ONES, the FIERCE ONES, the FEARLESS ONES, the BURNING ONES. Our old dependences just won’t work in this NEW SEASON. The remnant within the remnant will rise out of what looks like devastation and what looks like destruction. God’s children will walk in maturity and sobriety as God’s smashes and dismantles our dependencies.  However, during this time of dismantling, please know that deconstruction is a NECESSARY part of REBUILDING and RESHAPING!  So keep your eyes FIXED on JESUS!  The TRAINING WHEELS are coming off! This is the JESUS MOVEMENT and JESUS is the CENTER of it all!!!!


In this new season KINGDOM LOVE will release KINGDOM FAITH, AUTHORITY, WEALTH, and REVELATION.  The season of trials will emerge into great blessings just as winter gives way to springtime. True Josephs’ will come out of prison. That which has been built on the sand will disappear and that which has been built on the rock, the teachings of Jesus, will stand the coming storms.


The awaking of the kingdom within you will bring a tsunami of revelation and understanding. The parables of the Kingdom will also bring revelation, understanding, and insights into this Kingdom age. Change is in the air the set time to favor Zion has come.

Many have been under attack from witchcraft targeted against them and also many churches have been targeted over the last few years by this spirit. This Jezebelic spirit has hindered many but in this new season change is coming in regards to this demonic aggression. The rise of true Kingdom Power and Authority will begin to escalate. KINGDOM HEALTH will start to prevail in the lives of many!



Navigating Chaos & Political Unrest

There is coming a REFORMATION and a RECALIBRATION of the spiritual landscape and the prophetic movement in America!  It is imperative going forward that the American Church PURGES itself of political leaven. We, the Bride of Christ, have the Iron Scepter to rule the nations.  Emma Stark gives American Believers a strong reminder that we have given to politics that which should only be reserved for GOD. God will deal with our FOCUS and will direct our attention back on Him. Please click below to watch this inspiring video.”

Going To War Against Civil War

Navigating Chaos & Political Unrest: Don’t fall for the okey-doke. All the world’s a stage. Spiritual wickedness in high-places have been stirring up black vs white sentiments and animosities for decades. Their goal is to create race riots and civil war. They’re purposely destroying the economy and the American political system so that they can usher in a new authoritative regime. Just like the first civil war brought forth a new society, the civil war they have planned will usher in the New World Order. Please don’t put your trust in politicians. We must trust our Heavenly Father, now more than ever. We are watching the end times unfold right before our eyes.”


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365 Prophetic Inspiration:

Ignite Prophetic Network:

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YOU MUST READ: The Regathering:  The Lost Tribes of Israel ! – CLICK HERE!!!!

YOU MUST READ: Depopulation: The Deep State, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, & Martial Law – CLICK HERE!

Planet Lock-Down

Before you consider taking the vaccine please do your research…”

YOU MUST READ: Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Trans-Humanism, & Vaccines – CLICK HERE!

Looking at the current events from a Biblical perspective (Matthew Chapter 24)


Repent! Return! Revival!

2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Mighty Warrior // Rick Pino // Weapons of Warfare - YouTube



If you have not repented of your sins and made Jesus your Lord and Savior, please do so NOW! If you do not have a personal love relationship with Jesus, please invite Jesus into your heart NOW! CLICK HERE!


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