Powerful Prayer Resources

Expressing the Father heart of God in worshipadorationinspiration, and motivation. Please click the links below to for powerful prayer resources.

2019 Breakthrough Prayers

An Open Heaven

African American Life Rumble

Artist / Artisan Anointing

Atomic Breakthrough Prayer – AUDIO!

Atomic Healing Prayer – AUDIO!

Breaking Generational Curses

Combating Cancer Through Prayer

Contending In The Heavens

Conception & Pregnancy

Court of Heaven

Dealing With Conflict

Defeating Your Haman

Defeating the Kundalini / Python Spirit

Deliverance From Unfriendly Friends

Defeating Attacks of the Envious (Jealousy)

Deliverance From Evil SCRIPTURES

Deliverance – Alcoholism 

Deliverance – Food Addiction

Deliverance – Homosexuality

Deliverance – Pornography

Deuteronomy 33 Prayer


Dismantling Satanic Agenda

Divine Alignment

Divine Protection

Family Salvation SCRIPTURES

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom – Breaking The Curse of Poverty

Future Husband / Wife

God’s Kairos Timing

Healing Chronic Physical and Mental Illnesses

Healing Terminal Disease

Healing – Atomic Prayers For Healing

Healing Anxiety & Depression

Healing At The Cellular Level


Healing Ministry Wounds

Healing – Mental Health

Healing – Atomic Prayers Against Premature Death

Healing – Mental Strongholds

Healing Traumatic Experiences

Healing – Surgical Procedures

Intercession For The Lost

Marriage Prayer

Marriage / Family life Prayer


Mornings With The Holy Spirit – AUDIO!

Prayer for America

Prayers to Break Demonic Opression – AUDIO!

Possessing The Gates of Victory

New Job / Career

Rak Chazak! – War Cry

Raising Godly Children

Release Burdens

Rest / Sleep

Rest of The Lord

Release To My God Given Destiny & Influence

Release Creativity

Released From Ungodly Depths

Restoration & Regeneration

Re-establish God’s Foundation

Released Into My Birthright (Destiny)

Released From Being A Scapegoat

Repentance – A Right Heart

Repentance – Abortion

Renunciation Prayer


Sexuality – Restoration & Healing

Silencing The Accuser

Soul Ties (Spirit Wife/Husband)

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Housekeeping – Protection For The Home

Spiritual Warfare Boot Camp – VIDEO

Suicide and Depression

The Four Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water 

The Prayer of Jabez

War Cry Prayer At Midnight – AUDIO!

Additional Resources

Healing The Wounded Soul



Spiritual Warfare For The Family


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