The Regathering: Biblical Prophecy & The Lost Tribes of Israel – Module 2

The Creation to Mt. Sinai: 

This Module’s focus is to give the student the proper background to the actual story of the Torah.  

From Adam To Abraham:

The stories from Adam to Abraham describe how the earth became populated,  the nature of civilization and the building of society.  Since the fall from ‘Edenic consciousness,’ the purpose of humanity was to return to the Garden.  The Torah implies there is a partnership between The Creator and humanity to advance humanity towards redemption.  

Assignment:  Please Read Genesis 1-11:32

From Abraham to Egypt:

In the Torah, we see the desire of the Creator to have an intimate relationship with mankind. Abraham was directly approached by God to enter into relationship with Him. God promised that Abraham’s children would flourish on earth. There was no smooth ride for Abraham and the Patriarchs. Yet, their faith was maintained from generation to generation. 

Assignment: Please read from Genesis 12:1 – Genesis 50:26

From Egypt to Sinai:

In the following portion of the Torah, the children of Israel are exiled into Egypt.  Moses prepares the children of Israel to become a nation.  

Assignment: Please read from Exodus 1 – Exodus 34


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