Discovering Where You Truly Belong: The Stages of Spiritual Maturation

In this series: “The Stages of Spiritual Maturation” Dr. Cindy Trimm gives practical strategies to access all that God has prepared for you. What does it really mean to be an heir in the Kingdom of God—and how you can strategically position yourself to receive all the fullness of that inheritance.”

Discovering Where You Truly Belong:

Qualifying For Your Inheritance:

Ascend Into New Realms of Power:

Understanding Spiritual Authority:

The Glorious Life:

Developing A Stand Out Character:

Grace For Accelerated Growth:

The Protocol of Submission:

Divine Mentorship

Your Spiritual Covering:

Legacy Leadership:

Role of The Spiritual Mother & Father:

Reaching Full Maturity – Part 1

Reaching Full Maturity – Part 2

Reaching Full Maturity – Part 3

Worship Experience:

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