The Dust Will Settle – A Prophetic Soaking Encounter

Greetings Beloveds,

If you are facing a spiritual storm today, God wants you to know that the dust will soon settle. It is important to note that when you are in the storm, you must keep your FOCUS on GOD.
Beloveds, God will REORDER YOUR STEPS. God will restore what has been lost. God is faithful. God is our REDEEMER!
God CARES! God watches over you! God will lead you down the path that He has chosen for you! God will make room for you!
God will govern your thoughts and will direct you with His wisdom. God will guide you! God will show you the way!
God SEES You beloved. God has seen the rejection, the pain, and the overwhelming circumstances that you face.
God SEES that the enemy has done everything he could to cause you to abandon your destiny. Don’t give up beloveds! Keep fighting – when the dust settles – the disappointment and the betrayal that you experienced in prior seasons would have all been WORTH IT!
Hang in there beloveds. God will cut off the expectations of those who have expected your failure. The dust will settle! In the meantime let’s learn to walk in a greater measure of grace. Although it hurts, God is pruning us through the pain so that we can bear much greater fruit for His glory!
Beloveds, God will get the glory out of your life! God has the final say! God is for you! He is not against you. All His promises shall be fulfilled in your life. Amen!

To Listen This Prophetic Soaking Encounter w/ Jennifer Leclaire – PLEASE CLICK HERE – (Click play when window opens)

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  1. Always so prophetic and timely…I truly enjoy thegodblog.org daily devotionals.