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Today, we are going to UP-ROOT the Spirit of Rejection! God loves us very much! God wants to reveal Himself to us as a gentle, loving Father.

Romans 8-14-15:

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

A Fatherless Generation

I believe that one of the deepest hurts that we suffer is from the pain of rejection. Rejection is often rooted in “fatherlessness.”

Many in the world today have become like spiritual vagabonds. A vagabond is a wanderer. A wanderer has no home, no family, or connections to a community. A vagabond wanders from place to place, is unsettled, and lives a life of loneliness, alienation, and isolation.

“Rejection makes wanderers out of those who should be sons and daughters.”

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There are countless ministries, cures, inventions, gifts, talents, and anointings that the world will never experience because the rejected wanderer has lost his sense of belonging, purpose, and identity.

God desires for natural fathers and spiritual fathers to beget sons and daughters through personal relationships. However, the problem with society today is that there are very few fathers in the home. Likewise, spiritual fathers have become busy building their own reputations; so much so, that they rarely beget spiritual sons and daughters (1 Timothy Chapter 1).

One of the many scripture that best illustrates this fatherless generations is Jeremiah 17:5-6:

Thus says Adonai: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, and depends on flesh as his arm, and whose heart turns from Adonai. For he will be like a bush in the desert. He cannot see goodness when it comes, but will dwell in parched places in the wilderness — a salt land where no one lives.”

A bush in the dessert bears no fruit. A bush in the dessert struggles to survive in a dry place where nothing else can live. That is where many of us find ourselves today; like a bush in the dessert, surviving but not thriving, living in futility, parched, and bearing little fruit.

The breakdown of the family has left a generation living in a vacuum of emotional needs, unable to give and recieve love, living without union and without bonding. Even in the Church, our performance driven and self-centered society has created a culture where competition thrives and there is no true sense of brotherhood.

The Spirit of the Lord is the spirit of adoption. God wants to beget sons and daughters. We must break this spirit of rejection and isolation off of this generation by expressing the Father’s heart to all those in need.

Embracing The Father Heart of God

What do you think of when you hear the word “father”? Do you think of love, protection, provision, warmth, mercy, and parental tenderness? Or does the word “father” paint a picture of someone distant, absent, harsh, and withholding love?

“One of the most wonderful revelations we can ever experience is the Father Heart of God.”

Malachi 4:5-6:

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the children to their fathers.”

The scripture speaks that a fatherless generation is a sign of the end-times. Today, we live in a fatherless generation. Throughout society, we can see the need for God to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children.

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I believe that it is a father’s role to help shape and form the identity and destiny of his children.

Without identity and purpose man lives in futility hoping to grasp on to something that makes living worth while. Often times addiction meets that need.

I believe that addiction and sexual immorality is directly related to being fatherless. You will rarely find a promiscuous woman who had a healthy relationship with her father.

The need for a father’s love and acceptance often leads to deception, perversion, escape, pornography, and lusts. When lusts rules over a man’s heart, the home will fall into depravity. As people, we tend to communicate what we experience from generation to generation. Deep hurts, deep bitterness, deep rebellion, and deep rejection all stem from a father wound.

Today, we have a wounded generation, without union, empty, lonely, living in futility, full of pain, guilt, and shame. This is the root of most addicted behaviors.

There are two ingredients that go into our developmental formation. (1) A Father’s Heart. (2) A Father’s Authority.

Isaiah 64:8:

“But now, O Lord, You are our Father; We are the clay, and You our potter; And all we are the work of Your hand.”

God is our loving Father. God loves His children. Like a potter, Father God brings forth sons and daughters in His own image.

As a loving Father, God speaks life into our destiny and gives life to our purpose. As a father, God is fully invested in our growth and development.

A father’s heart and a father’s authority are both essential. In the home, it is the love of a father that makes our heart pliable and submitted to his shaping and authority.

However, the premise is this, when a father’s heart is absent, a father’s authority will be rejected. Without a father’s heart, a father’s authority will cause alienation and create rebellion. Without love – authority brings intimidation and subjection.

  • Without love authority becomes legalistic (Do Right!)
  • Without love authority becomes perfectionism (Perform Right!)
  • Without love authority is controlling (Be Right!)

Without a father’s love, our development and formation becomes rooted in rejection and opens the door to the enemy to come-in and bring about negative formations and distortion, causing arrested development, fear, and rejection.

“Perfectionism often communicates rejection. You are not good enough. You don”t measure up.”

“When we build our self-worth upon image, performance, and achievements, we put ourselves in a very vulnerable place. The enemy will torment us with thoughts on “who likes me?” and “what do others think of me?

Revealing The Father Heart of God

Today, allow God to speak to your identity, and your self-worth. Today, let God heal the father wound.

God is consistently loving. God is always affirming. God keeps all His promises. God never changes. God loves you relentlessly.

God loves you short. God loves you tall. God loves you thin.

God loves your kinky hair – your straight – your curly. God loves you with long hair. God loves you with short hair. God loves you with no hair at all. God created you perfectly. God was attentive to the details of His creation when He created you. You boast an extravagance of complexity and design in beauty.

God loves you through your pain – your bruises – your stumbling – your shortcomings. God loves you. God understands you so well.

God is constantly thinking an uninterrupted stream of loving thoughts toward you. Beloveds, our Heavenly Father was there when we took our first step. God has been there through every hurt and disappointment. God has perfect recall of every moment of our lives. God remembers our tears (Psalms 56:8). God is present with you at this moment. God wants us to experience the kind of love that erases the pain of rejection. God wants to make up the difference in our lives.

If you need love, affirmation, and acceptance today, come to the Father. Far too many of us allow our broken hearts to lead us into dark places. However, the Father will send His Spirit to those dark places to RESCUE us! Father God pursues us with His love from the moment we breathe our first breath – until the day He calls us home to be with Him.

The Spirit of Adoption

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Yeshuah Messiah bore our rejection, alienation, hostility, loneliness, and shame. (Isaiah 53:5). Let Him fill the emptiness in your soul today.

In worship and prayer let us pull up the roots of rejection from the very tap-root. Receive the Spirit of Adoption. Receive God’s love for you daughter! Receive God’s love for you son! In an atmosphere of worship, find rest in the presence of God.

Song of Solomon 8:5:
Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?”

Beloveds, God wants to be our father. God is a father that we can lean on. If we lean on anyone else they will fail us. However, when we lean upon God, He will bring us up out of the wilderness, out of obscurity, out of failure, out of wandering, out of rejection, and out of fear.

God is a well of living water. We can draw from Him as much as we please and He will never grow weary of us.

God wants to make us sons and daughters through a love relationship with Him. A person with an orphan spirit often struggles in their walk with God, because the orphan does not know the heart of the Father. However, a son walks in confidence, because a son knows that he is loved by the Father.

The great Corrie ten Boom had some simple advice to offer this generation. Corrie ten Boom experienced much suffering at the hands of the Nazis as a Christian who hid Jewish families in her home during the holocaust. Yet, she went on to great spiritual victory as an evangelist. Corrie ten Boom would often conclude her sermons with a statement: “Don’t wrestle – nestle.”

So, I say to you beloveds, “Don’t wrestle – nestle.” Nestle in the arms of our heavenly Father. Receive God’s love and affection for you today. You are greatly loved and highly favored. You are loved – You are lovable. Amen.

Prayer: Healing – Traumatic Experiences – This is a powerful prayer program that has aided me in embracing the Father Heart of God.

Zephaniah. 3:17
Jeremiah 29:11
Psalm 37:4-5
I Peter 5:7

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