Mishpacha is a Jewish social unit which includes family relationships and close-friends.”

Even though the topic of relationships is very popular, few individuals ever reach the point of building deep, lasting, and meaningful bonds with others. Why do our connections with other people seem to stay superficial and never go beyond the surface-level? Because we’ve drifted away from the Biblical blueprint of what covenant relationships are intended to look like.  We must reflect on the timeless value of covenant relationships outlined in scripture.  We must remain intact with one another even in the middle of conflicts.  

It’s time to move past the popular “take-it or leave-it” approach and build deep connections based on loyalty, authenticity and covenant. For God’s people to rise up and walk in new dimensions of love and effectiveness, we must be knit together in covenant relationships!  We must find our tribe.  We must find our Mishpacha!”

In (Deuteronomy 33:6-29), each tribe brought something unique and beautiful to the nation of Israel.  In the same scripture Moses also speaks prophetically over the twelve tribes as they prepare to enter the Promised Land:

“Reuben, will live and not die; and his kinsmen shall not be few. Judah will find sufficiency with his hands.  God will deliver him from his enemies. Levi, will observe God’s word and keep God’s covenant.  Benjamin, will dwell in safety, for the Lord shall cover him all the day long. Joseph, the precious things of heaven belong to him. Zebulun, will rejoice, in his going out; and Issachar, in his coming in. Gad, is enlarged with increase and is awesome in battle – executing justice and righteousness. Dan, is a lion’s whelp. Naphtali, is satisfied with favor. Asher, is acceptable to his brethren, his feet is dipped in oil.  His shoes are iron and brass.  He treads down the high places.”

Each tribe had their own BANNER – their own UNIQUENESS – their own AUTHENTICITY.  They were TWELVE TRIBES – but ONE NATION.

God created us with a need to BELONG to something or someone.  As believers, that need is fulfilled in God!  God loves RELATIONSHIPS.  God loves COMMUNITY.   Living in community with one another is a Kingdom principle!”

Authenticity: The Blueprint of Relationship Building

Just like in any family, when we BELONG to one another, we can freely be our authentic selves.”

Long ago, I decided that I did not want a “homogenous experience” in my walk with God.   God has given me a broad reach in the Body of Messiah.   I love to discuss the theological works of WesleySpurgeon, and Wigglesworth. I also love to discuss Torah, and the works of Maimonides, Rashi, and Akiva.   God has taught me to eat the meat and throw out the bones, by doing so I get the “choice meat” of what the Christian world and the Jewish world has to offer.

This diversity has made my spiritual life just as enriched and well-rounded as my natural life. God has cultivated within me a heart that appreciates the various ways He moves throughout His Body and the various expressions of worship that glorify Him. God has expanded my capacity for Him because I’m open to take the best parts of the Baptist experience, or the Jewish experience, or the Pentecostal experience and use these experiences to enrich my walk with God.  I get nervous in environments where everyone thinks the same, looks the same, and have the same thoughts, and opinions. Where is the room for growth?

Finding Your Tribe:

When we are a mishpacha, we are not only ACCEPTED, we are CHERISHED. We all have a role in serving our community.  But you say, “I just don’t fit in anywhere”   Well, I am an African-American woman that has spent my life time THRIVING in places where I stand out.  Over the years, I have learned that to BELONG is far better than simply fitting in.  BELONGING encourages authenticity while “fitting in suggests that we all have to be the same. 


Beloveds, we must all have a tribe – a place to belong – a mishpacha.  If you do not have a community, earnestly pray that God will fit you where your soul has a wide expanse to GROW, UNFOLD, CHANGE, and MATURE.  When you sit under GOOD TEACHING you GROW!  When you BELONG you FLOURISH!”

Beloveds, God created you beautiful, unique, and with eternal possibilities.  You were never meant to “fit in” a tiny box.  Be YOU!  Do YOU!  Be your AUTHENTIC self!  FULLY INVEST yourself to GODLY LIVING, walking intimately with Yeshua, and being in COMMUNITY with one another!  God has placed a gift inside of you so that you can serve your community.  However, if you don’t plant yourself – you will never bloom.  It’s time to BLOOM.”

Hine Ma Tov:

What Does Revival Look Like?  Revival looks like you… Unity brings revival.  When we are all doing our part.   We bring redemption to the nations and strength to our generation.”

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God has a plan for our lives.  That plan is to walk in relationship with Him and bring glory and honor to His name.    When we live our lives with purpose, and invest in others, we bring restoration to the lives of those around us.  Beloveds, take the time to invest in someone.  You don’t know the reach that you will have in the lives you touch. 

Hinneh mah tov umah na’im Shevet achim gam yachad.  Translated: Behold how good and how pleasing / for brothers (people) to sit together in unity.


Worship Experience:



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