Freedom from the Jezebel Spirit in the Courts of Heaven

Is there a particular behavior the Holy Spirit has revealed to you that is blocking the purposes of God from being established in your life? As women of God we must pray to be set free from all internal Jezebel traits and external Jezebel influences.

God is passionate about us fulfilling our purpose! In fact, there are books in Heaven that record your destiny and purpose. However, we cannot step into our divine destiny until we recognize and revoke the rights of demonic principalities, such as the Jezebel spirit, from operating in our lives.

Go before the Righteous Judge

We’ve established that the Courts of Heaven is a real place in the spiritual realm where Believers have access to by way of prayer and petition, through intercession by the Holy Spirit who intercedes for the Believer.

If you have been experiencing injustice for some time, approach your Heavenly Father as the righteous Judge. Understand that He judges out of truth and love.

The evil spirit of Jezebel needs to be dealt with according to God’s truth and judgment. There is a dangerous aspect of the Jezebel spirit that has seductive and even religious traits. Therefore it disguises itself well. You can identify it by the list below. It fuels immorality in our homes, families, ministries, government and the Church as a whole, causing broken relationships, confusion and pain.

  • Throws shade [sarcastic, critical, demeaning remarks]
  • Manipulates, controls, intimidates, and dominates
  • dislikes you and will solicit others not to like you
  • Takes credit for everything
  • Condemning, critical, bitter, and judgmental
  • Narcassistic
  • One-upmanship
  • Commands attention
  • Is vengeful
  • Attempts to make you look like you are a Jezebel
  • Disapproving
  • Is jealous 
  • Is slanderous

Once we identify Jezebel’s internal and external influences we must deal with the matter in prayer. We are justified by the Blood of Yeshua, but it also remains that the enemy lurks the earth causing chaos until the Day of the Lord. We must not be blind to this or give up our inherited blessings.

“We must pray boldly about God’s purposes for ourselves and others… and be specific.”

Why do I need to take my case to the Courts of Heaven?

Sometimes we pray and pray and nothing happens. Could it be that we need to ask God WHAT it is we need to be praying, what is being held against us, and what is His purpose? Unless this spirit is cut off according to God’s law, it will return over and over again.

The evil Jezebel spirit is looking for a host not only to tear down and destroy, but also to infiltrate every relationship he or she has. It is this reason that those who operate out of the Jezebel spirit have such torn and broken relationships as a pattern in their lives.  If you have been affected by someone operating out of this wicked spirit, you likely feel like you are walking on eggshells.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour.”—1 Peter 5:8

The word adversary in Greek is antídikos. It means that the one who accuses you brings formal charges, or a lawsuit, against you to enact a penalty.

If there are circumstances not dealt with in your life, the Bible says the devil is looking for a crack in the foundation to sneak in. The Jezebel spirit is aggressive. It will pursue you, seemingly overtake your life, and seek to destroy you, your relationships, robbing you of the promised peace in Messiah. GET FREEDOM TODAY!

“It is time to state your case and deal with it in the Courts of Heaven!”



  • Father, I repent and renounce all internal and external Jezebel influences of intimidation, manipulation, and control. Father, I ask that You purify me with Your cleansing Blood. Make me a lady of much Holiness, grace, virtue, beauty, stillness, faith, righteousness, quietness, and rest.
  • I break the grip of satanic intimidation, manipulation, and control over my life.
  • Those who have made themselves instruments of oppression in my life shall be put to shame.
  • I receive boldness from the Lord and I am free from the fear of the enemy. God exalts me above satanic intimidation and fear. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. IT WONT WORK.
  • I cast out every demonic force that has entered the territory of my life.
  • I send the fire of God against satanic control, intimidation, manipulation, and witchcraft. I am seated in heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua. I am far above satanic intimidation and control.
  • I send the fire of the Lord against every spirit that is meant to bind me. Father, destroy the destroyer, intimidate the intimidator, accuse the accuser, unseat the supplanter and render them impotent and powerless those who have given themselves to Satan to do evil against the children of God. Every spirit that is meant to bind me shall itself be bound and cast at the feet of Yeshua.
  • I am seated in heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua and I declare that I am lifted far above Jezebel’s manipulation, intimidation, control, seduction, enchantment, accusations, and attacks. The fire of God is against you!
  • The Lord shall utterly destroy every effort of Jezebel to destroy His prophets and the prophetic move of God.
  • Every false accusation that has risen against me shall be embarrassed and put to shame. The Lord shall restore me from captivity and shame. Double honor and a double portion shall be my reward. The Lord has brought me to full REDEMPTION.
  • Every effort of the enemy to manipulate my circumstances and cause me to be defeated in battle is annihilated.
  • Every assignment of depression and oppression that would cause me to run from my assignment is utterly destroyed. I put on the full Armour of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is my strength.
  • There shall be embarrassment for those who covet God’s promotion in my life.
  • Every assignment to manipulate my destiny and sift me from my place of blessing, purpose, and position will be put to shame.
  • Father, please cut off the tongue of Jezebel assigned to speak against the prophets. I roast with double fire every evil word calling God’s good works evil. The Lord shall show me as a token for His good. The voice of the Blood of Yeshua shall redeem me – shall speak for me – shall protect me – shall cover me.
  • Anyone wanting to use me for their own inordinate gains their plans shall come to nothing.
  • Every spell of Jezebel meant for my misfortune shall come to NOTHING and shall turn around for the opposite. Father, please cut off the expectations of those who would rejoice in my suffering. Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end.
  • Father, I repent of my sins. If there are those who can accuse me Lord please do not hearken to the voice of my accusers but wash me with Fuller’s soap.
  • I decree and declare that everyone misuing their exalted and anointed position to attack me, that their attack shall not stand. (Duet 23:5)
  • I bring the fire of God against every spirit of Absalom that divides the family.
  • I will not be like King Saul. I break free from the spirit of the fear of man.
  • I bind every spirit of suicide and depression sent to destroy my prophetic purpose. (1 Samuel 15:27-28)
  • The Lord has hedged me in. Every attempt of fear, depression, suicide, and despair shall not work against me.
  • Father, loose the hounds of heaven against Jezebel. (1 Kings 21:23)
  • I rebuke and bind the spirits of witchcraft, lust, seduction, intimidation, idolatry, and whoredom connected to Jezebel.
  • I release the spirit of Jehu against Jezebel and her cohorts. (2 Kings 9:30–33)
  • I command Jezebel to be thrown down and eaten by the hounds of heaven.
  • I rebuke all spirits of false teaching, false prophecy, idolatry, and perversion connected with Jezebel. (Revelation 2:20).
  • Father, loose tribulation against the kingdom of Jezebel. (Revelation 2:22)
  • I cut off the assignment of Jezebel against the ministers of God. (1 Kings 19:2)
  • I cut off and break the powers of every word released by Jezebel against my life.
  • I cut off Jezebel’s table and reject all food from it. (1 Kings 18:19)
  • I cut off and loose myself from all curses of Jezebel and spirits of Jezebel operating in my bloodline.
  • I cut off the assignment of Jezebel and her daughters to corrupt the church.
  • I rebuke and cut off the spirit of Athaliah that attempts to destroy the royal seed. (2 Kings 11:1).
  • I come against the spirit of Herodias and cut off the assignment to kill the prophets (Mark 6:22–24).
  • I rebuke and cut off the spirit of whoredoms in he house of God (Hosea 4:12).
  • I rebuke and cut off Jezebel and her witchcrafts. (2 Kings 9:22).
  • I rebuke and cut off the harlot and mistress of witchcrafts and break her power over my life and family. (Nahum 3:4).
  • Jezebel’s witchcraft is cut off and you will no longer cast spells. (Micah 5:12)
  • I overcome Jezebel and receive power over the nations. (Revelation 2:26)

In Yeshua’s name AMEN!

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