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“Christ Our Healer” by FF Bosworth

It is God’s will that Believers experience His healing power!

In the classic book “Christ Our Healer” by FF Bosworth, Bosworth offers a comprehensive discussion of healing, based on the premise that it is God’s will for all Believers to be physically healed. First released in 1924, this classic on spiritual and physical healing has sold more than 350,000 copies. Bosworth’s phenomenal ministry began in the early 1920s and became a catalyst to the great mid-century healing revivals.

Yeshua Is Still The Healer

In the Bible we find no record in the gospels of Yeshua turning away anyone who came to him for healing, nor do we find that any disease was too difficult for him to heal. Yeshua even raised the dead. Miraculous healings still occur today—evidence that Yeshua is still our Healer.

The Purpose of Divine Healing is to Glorify God. In the Book of Acts, we find three important truths we need to grasp: 1) Yeshua is still the Healer, 2) Healing comes from Yeshua alone, 3)  The purpose of divine healing is always to glorify God.

Yeshua is still the healer today. So, why don’t we see healing miracles as did the disciples in the Early Church? Answer:  They fully expected to see God work. We are often surprised that He does.

Healing Power Comes From Yeshua Alone. Healing power doesn’t come from our faith. There is interaction with faith. Yeshua challenged people to have faith. He even said, “Your faith has made you whole.” But faith was in response to the person of Yeshua. It was the power of Yeshua and not individual faith that brought healing. If we believe the power comes from faith, there’s a problem. Faith is a necessary component but not what heals.

Why Isn’t Everyone Healed?

We live in a fallen world. Natural death and deterioration of the body is a part of living in a fallen world.

Natural death is a part of the human life cycle.  In God’s order of things, as His children, we pass from life, to death, to eternal life with God.  All humanity will experience the human lifecycle that God has ordained. However, premature death is not natural; it is an attack of the enemy against our lives.

Premature death snatches mothers and fathers from their children. Premature death dashes our hopes and dreams against the rocks of despair. Premature death leaves unfinished work and thwarted destinies. Premature death is what Yeshua will deliver us from.

How Do We Respond To Illness?

The power to heal comes from Yeshua. The purpose of healing is to bring glory to God. It is not to meet my needs, to make me feel better, or relieve me of my pain, although that is a nice benefit.

“The disciples with Yeshua encountered a blind man (John 9). One of the disciples asked, “Who sinned—the man or his parents.” Yeshua explained that neither the man nor His parents had sinned but “this had happened so that the work of God would be displayed in his life.”  Healing is all about glorifying Yeshua. It’s not about us. It’s all about Him!”

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