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Every painful experience that we face is hard.   However, I believe the hardest wounds to heal are the wounds obtained in ministry and by those in whom we shared sweet fellowship.  Recovering from such a wound is no easy task.   My prescription has always been to run to Yeshua (Jesus) and scream out to God in tears until He takes away the sting!

Do Not Take A Wound

Beloveds, when you are hurting it is important not to take a wound.  God desires for us to forebear one another and forgive.  When we have been wounded we can allow God to work through that painful circumstance, so that we can bear greater fruit.

Beloveds, God wants us to walk in dominion, maturity, and fruitfulness.  The mark of a mature individual is one who has died to the need to be ACCEPTED and UNDERSTOOD.

Beloveds, to be significant is to be misunderstood. In the Body of Messiah, we talk very loosely about having the “anointing.”  Everybody wants an anointing.  However, the olive must first be crushed in the olive press before it can produce its sweet-pure oil.  If you ask any leader, they will tell you, the anointing will always cost us something.  You show me a man or woman used by God; I will show you an individual who has been misunderstood, rejected, betrayed, and wounded.

No Reputation

Beloveds, when we have endured insult and persecution it is natural to want to defend ourselves and our reputations.  However, Philippians 2:7, says that Yeshua was a man of “NO REPUTATION.”  

Beloveds, if we desire to be effectively used by God, we are going to have to die to our REPUTATION, our desire to DEFEND OURSELVES, and our need to be RIGHT.

Beloveds, if you have been wounded in ministry, betrayed by a friend, or perhaps you just feel burned out and unappreciated, TODAY God wants you to pick yourself up – dust yourself off –  dry your tears – and report for duty.

Let’s use the hard lessons as an opportunity to walk in UNITY,  GREATER GRACE,  and HUMILITY.

God has a work for you beloved!  However, God can not use you wounded.  It’s TIME TO HEAL – and go on and do what God has called you to do.  The world we live in is rough.  We won’t be of much use to the kingdom of God if we are easily offended.  We must put on the full amour of God – and never take it off (Eph 6)!”

Beloveds, don’t grieve too long over what you have lost.  When you keep your HEART RIGHT, God will give you a GREATER SPHERE OF INFLUENCE than you had before – WALK IN GREATER GRACE.”

Beloveds, your ministry may not be for everybody, however, God has destined your sphere of influence to reach someone.  God is waiting for you to dry your tears, because there are people that need to be mentored and reached!  Amen


Father, I forgive members of the Body of Messiah for reacting towards me in judgment. Father, please forgive me for making bitter-root judgments against those who have harmed me in any way. I forgive those who have rejected me.
Father forgive me for accepting the feeling of helplessness. Father, please renew my mind so that I can take every thought captive in Yeshua.  Father, You are my  sure defense.   I am safe in the shelter of Your wings.
Father, please remove all effects of bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, and slander along with every form of malice in my heart.  Please heal all trauma and every wound on my soul. Father, You are my good Shepherd. You feed me, and I receive your covenant of peace that I may dwell safely.  Father, You have given me a covenant place to dwell, and I choose to be a blessing in Your house and among Your people.

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