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Practicing The Presence of God: Rediscovering The Beauty of Stillness

The Practice of the Presence of God is a book of collected teachings of Brother Lawrence, a Carmalite friar, written in the 17th century.  The basic theme of the book is the development of an awareness of the presence of God in every day life.

At the age of 24, Brother Lawrence joined the Order of Discalced Carmelites. He spent the rest of his life with this order, dying on 12 February 1691. During his time as a friar he was much preoccupied with cultivating a keen sensitivity in encountering the presence of God in daily life through contemplative prayer.

What is Contemplative Prayer?

Contemplative prayer or soaking prayer refers to being aware of God’s divine PRESENCE in STILLNESS and REST. In our world today, it is very hard for us to find time for stillness and quietness, which allows God’s divine PRESENCE to wash over us, speak to us, counsel us, heal us, restore us, comfort us, mediate for us, instruct, and give us rest.

Too often we rush in and out of God’s presence without ever really receiving from Him. Therefore, many believers do not encounter God in their daily lives – only when we need Him.”

The Christian tradition comprises of three major expressions of a life of prayer: vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplative prayer. Most of us are very good at vocal prayer and meditation, because both methods involve our engagement. However, contemplative prayer requires our SURRENDER.

In the FULLNESS of God’s PRESENCE burdens are lifted, storms are quieted, grace abounds, instructions are received, and broken-hearts are mended.

Contemplative prayer is often called soaking prayer because, one would allow the time to become immersed in the PRESENCE OF THE LORD. During this time of soaking, there are no request or petitions made in prayer. Soaking time is spent BEING LOVED BY GOD, beholding the beauty of the Lord, in awe of His wonder, being fascinated by His glory.

If you desire to walk in greater grace… If you desire to walk in greater peace… If you desire to walk in greater revelation… If you desire to receive divine instructions and downloads from God, BE STILL before God and spend time soaking in God’s presence in contemplative prayer and worship.”

Audiobook: Practicing The Presence of God

Soaking Worship:

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