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Drowning Water Spirits:

Everyday people are feeling the effects of unseen evil forces, and yet, they don’t know what’s attacking them, let alone how to have victory.

In America, while many spiritual warriors are familiar with principalities and powers like Jezebel and witchcraft, few have heard of the marine kingdom, which is a class of principalities. However, if you ask an intercessor in Indonesia or Africa they will certainly tell you of their experiences concerning the marine kingdom.

Isaiah 27:1

“In that day the Lord with his hard and great and strong sword will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisting serpent, and he will slay the dragon that is in the sea.”

Leviathan is a principality, which operates by causing division through twisting communication, through accusations, misunderstandings, and utter chaos. This all leads to quarrels, separation, and isolation. Believe me… You will know when you have encountered this type of discouragement.

“Leviathan is described in the books of Psalms, Isaiah, and Job as a water-being with multiple heads and scales that is linked to pride. It is no ordinary spirit but a PRINCIPALITY in the occult hierarchy of hell that rules nations. It is the ultimate gatekeeper of hostility.”

These powers wreak havoc in places near bodies of water. Spiritual warriors are feeling the effects of water spirits but often don’t know how to combat these evil forces.

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Leviathan Revealed

How do you recognize the Leviathan spirit?

  • It twists the meaning of words and seeks to destroy the unity of people.
  • It seeks to divide and dismember relationships.
  • It fosters an atmosphere of accusation.
  • It works to hinder spiritual growth.
  • Many people link this spirit to insomnia and challenges with focus.
  • Many people link this spirit to deception and mind control.
  • It is the hidden power behind the battle in culture that seeks to turn people groups against each other by race, gender, political ideology, and religion.
  • Those most affected by it are least aware of its presence. It is currently wielding vast influence over media and political discourse, making it impossible to think rationally and be in unity.


In the name of Yeshua, I renounce Leviathan (the chief water spirit) and all marine spirits that have affected my life, communications, and relationships. I repent of the spirit of pride in all its forms. I command the spirit of pride to be uprooted in my life from the very tap root. Lord, I renounce any covenants with Leviathan and the marine kingdom made by myself and my ancestors down to the very first generation on my mother/father side.

I renounce every legal right that was given to the marine kingdom by myself or my ancestors which gave Leviathan and the marine kingdom legality to operate against me. Father, please walk me back to the foundations of my life and heal, deliver, and redeem me. Please destroy any corruption and demonic influence to my personality and character development. Please restore me to Your original design and purpose as if the enemy never interfered with my life.

By the Blood of Yeshua, I destroy every legal right that gave the marine kingdom access to influence my relationships, finances, destiny, thoughts, speech, perceptions, and mental clarity.

Father, I repent of a haughty look, performance orientation, perfectionism, self-righteousness, competitiveness, criticism, self-centeredness, and a demanding spirit. Father, I renounce these sins, and turn away from them. I humble myself before You and I come to You as a little child.

Father, I plead the Blood of Yeshua over my life and this region. Please bind all workers of iniquity, strip them of their authority, assignments, and power and decommission them. Lord, please send Your escort angels to remove the bound things and place them at the feet of Yeshua. Father, please cover this region with the Blood of Yeshua and turn every curse sent my way into a blessing.

I declare that I am free in the Name of Yeshua Messiah.

Dr. Lance Wallnau

Leviathan: How to Break Controlling Spirits in Your Life?


“There is an ancient power intensifying its effort to bring the world under its mind-controlling influence. Lance Wallnau shows you how to identify and break the power of this spirit.

What is Leviathan – The Twisting Serpent?

As Seen on the Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

“The battle for the mind of man will intensify in the last days. If you find it difficult to focus, or if you find yourself surrounded by accusations and hostility, you have encountered a spirit the Bible describes as Leviathan the “twisting serpent.” When this spirit is at work you will join King David who said “They are always twisting what I say; they spend their days plotting to harm me.” (Psalm 56:5)”

This series will REVEAL:

  • How to quickly DETECT its operation.
  • How to PROTECT yourself, your family, business and ministry.
  • How to BREAK its influence.
  • HOW TO PRAY for others who are in its grasp.

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2 Hour Series


Overcoming Kundalini and Attacks of the Python Spirit

“Another well known principality is the Python spirit aka The Kundalini spirit. The Kundalini is a spirit of deception and often mimics the operations of the Holy Spirit.

  • Jennifer LeClaire’s training on dealing with the Python Spirit – Click Here
  • Message on overcoming Kundalini and the Attacks of the Python Spirit – Click Here
  • Advanced Spiritual Warfare: Defeating the Kundalini / Python Spirit: Click Here

These resources are essential if you have ever practiced yoga, eastern meditation, astrology, acupuncture, and other occult practice OR you live in a region where the Kundalini spirit is prevalent OR you attend a church were the Kundalini spirit is in operation.”

Powerful Resources: