Don’t fall for the okey-doke. All the world’s a stage. They’ve been stirring up black vs white sentiments and animosities for decades. Their goal is to create race riots and civil war. They’re purposely destroying the economy and the American political system so that they can usher in a new authoritative regime. Just like the first civil war brought forth a new society, the civil war they have planned will usher in the New World Order. Please don’t put your faith in politicians. Politics is the world’s system. We can not put our trust in a corrupt political system. We must repent and trust in our Heavenly Father now more than ever. You are witnessing the end-times right before your very eyes.”

The Hegelian Dialectic: Order Out of Chaos:

What if someone told you that in order to establish a new order of things – the old order had to collapse? This is nothing new. This is found in an old method of dominance called the Hegelian Dialectic.”

Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.  All the world’s a stage.  Politics is the biggest ‘psy-ops’ of all times.  Republican vs. Democrat = Different roads to the same destination: A New World Order via civil unrest. This is an old method of world dominance called the Hegelian Dialectic, aka order out of chaos. Jesus is our only answer!”

Throughout the ages, the enemy has mastered the art of creating disorder from behind the scenes. The stage has been set to dull the senses, lull to sleep, create hysteria, and distract us with worries about our mortgages, car payments, and putting food on the table. Meanwhile satanic agendas are put into place that destroy the fabric of our society.

You must Read: The Bloodlines Of The US Presidents: The New World Order Connection – CLICK HERE!


Navigating Chaos With Emma Stark:

Emma Stark and Prophets from the UK give American Believers a strong reminder that we have given to politics that which should only be reserved for GOD. God will deal with our FOCUS and will direct our attention back on Him. This is an awesome video.



Here are a few keys that will help us navigate uncertainty, calamity, and fear during troubled times…”


We must receive strength and courage through the Word of God.  God’s word will strengthen us during times of crisis.  God’s plans, purposes, and promises are often waiting on the other side of a storm.  God is in CONTROL!  We must remain UNSHAKABLE! 

We must spend time in God’s presence so that we have God’s clear direction to where the Lord is taking us.

During times of crisis, we must enter into God’s rest. God commands us to rest. We must rest with intention.  You cannot enter into rest without having peace.  We must command peace all around us.   Command peace within yourself.  Settle the issues of your heart in the presence of the Lord.   Let us lay down our worries before God in honor and adoration. Be at peace.  Let God arise and our enemies be scattered.

We must have a stable, Bible-based perspective on the end-times: How to live in light of the return of Yeshua while fulfilling His assignment to “occupy” until I come.

We must have our ear to the heart of God.  He is a good Father.  God will not abandoned His people.  We must trust Him.  We must lean on Him.  He will navigate us through every crisis with victory.  We must not lose hope.

Many prophets have herald decade 2020 as the birth of a New Era. It’s true!  However, for the new to unfold, the old must end. We must prophetically discern the movements of God and the advancement of His unshakable Kingdom during times of crisis.  


Father, May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). In Yeshua’s name – AMEN!


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If you have not repented of your sins and made Jesus your Lord and Savior, please do so NOW! If you do not have a personal love relationship with Jesus, please invite Jesus into your heart NOW! CLICK HERE!



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  1. So true holding in to and trusting GOD is the most important thing in this hour. Knowing that He will never leave or forsake us is what I stand firm on. Thank you.