Beginning sundown Sunday, September 29th, 2019, we are entering into what is called “The Days of Awe” commencing with Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah) and concluding at (Yom Kippur).

The Days of Awe Devotional

“You may be wondering the best way to encounter God during the Days of Awe. Personally, I take this time to PRAY and COMMUNE with God. I am completely drawn into worship and awe in this season. I am intentional in this season.

For me, the Days of Awe have become a time of deep devotion and reflection which empowers me to walk in a greater expression of grace, strength, and love year after year.”


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Although not all Christians observe the Biblical Feast Days, found in (Leviticus Chapter 23), there is something to learn from these special seasons of devotion and encounter. These special seasons of devotion can enrich our walk with God.

“Experiencing SOZO During the of Days of Awe”

“Sozo” is a Greek word that can be translated “to SAVE, HEAL, DELIVER, RESTORE, RESCUE, & KEEP SAFE. The Gospel of Matthew is the first time the word Sozo is used in the New Testament. The word Sozo appears when the angel Gabriel tells Mary that she will have a child who is to be named Yeshua (Jesus). He will save His people from their sins,” (Matthew 1:21) .

“Yeshua came to set the captives free (Isaiah 61). If you have experienced loss, pain, brokenness, illness, and suffering; Yeshua, has come to make you WHOLE. The Days of Awe can be a wonderful time to experience transformation.”

During the Days of Awe, let us be challenged in our devotion towards God! Let the things of this world dim a bit; and hear the Father say “You Are Made Whole – Nothing Missing – Nothing Broken – Nothing Out of Balance! I have come to save you, deliver you, heal you, restore you, redeem you, rescue you, and keep you safe! SOZO!!!”

The Days of Awe – Prayer Points

  • Repentance – We must first take this opportunity to be in right standing with our Lord.
  • Receive a New Beginning – A Fresh Start – Abba’s mercies are new morning by morning.
  • Pray for Divine Alignment in every area of your life.
  • Restitution – Pray that God will provide special assistance and grace to recover all that you have lost.
  • Witness – Pray that your witness would become stronger and that you will be anointed to win souls for the Kingdom of God.
  • Salvation – Pray that your unsaved loved ones will repent of their sins and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray that their names will be written the in the Book of Life.
  • Healing – Pray for an outpouring of healing for the sick.
  • Israel – Pray that Israel come to the knowledge of who the Messiah is.

L’Shana Tova Tikatevee V’tichatemee…

”May you be written and sealed for a good year.”


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