State of Emergency: PREPARE! Martial Law Is Coming to America

One event could change the landscape of America and the world forever.”

Throughout the ages, the enemy has mastered the art of creating disorder from behind the scenes. So, it is very important that we keep a RIGHT HEART during the days ahead. GOD IS WATCHING…

Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.  All the world’s a stage.  Politics is the biggest ‘psy-ops’ of all times.  Republican vs. Democrat = Different roads to the same destination: A New World Order via civil unrest. This is an old method of world dominance called the Hegelian Dialectic, aka order out of chaos. Jesus is our only answer!”

It was never God’s intention to have man rule over man-kind. God warned Israel of that when they begged for a king (1 Samuel Chapter 8).

So now that we are stuck with this corrupt political system, we humbly ask God for His MERCY and DIVINE INTERVENTION until JESUS comes! 

The situation is very grave. A “crisis” will bring about Martial Law in America.”

Plandemics and civil unrest are all plans of the enemy to institute the New World Order.

Daily, breaking news draws us closer to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. JESUS is coming soon. We must walk in the spiritual discernment necessary to understand the times in which we live. No matter what goes on, keep your heart right. GOD IS WATCHING. Jesus is coming soon!”

The Lord is giving us a window of opportunity to get right with Him.  The Lord will no longer tolerate our sin, hatred, unforgiveness, pride, idolatry, indifference, immorality, and rebellion. The Church will be PURIFIED! Keep your heart right! GOD IS WATCHING. Jesus is coming soon!

There is an event on the horizon that will spin into a type of chaos that will not be compared to anything we have ever seen. These things must occur before the coming of the Lord.

You must prepare yourself spiritually. If you are not solid in your FAITH IN GOD, you will not be able to endure the end times. Keep your heart right. GOD IS WATCHING. Jesus is coming soon!”

If you think these warnings are extreme OPEN YOUR BIBLE….

We must seek God’s face with REPENTANCE, FASTING, and PRAYER.  Keep your heart right. GOD IS WATCHING. Jesus is coming soon.

PREPARE SPIRITUALLY: You must move through the open window of opportunity that God has given us to REPENT! Keep your heart right. GOD IS WATCHING. Jesus is coming soon!

PREPARE NATURALLY:  Authorities have intercepted plans to shutdown the nation’s power grid at various locations (click here and click here). How can you prepare? Stock up on food and supplies for 2-weeks, fill your vehicle with fuel, PRAY and anoint your home/property, STAY HOME!

I am so excited y’all as Charles Dickens wrote “it was the best of times it was the worst of times. I believe there is a reformation and a maturation coming to the end-time Church. Our heavenly Father is loosening our grip and dependence upon this demonic world’s system so that we can be the WILD ONES, the FIERCE ONES, the FEARLESS ONES, the BURNING ONES. Our old dependences just won’t work in this NEW SEASON. The remnant within the remnant will rise out of what looks like devastation and what looks like destruction. The TRAINING WHEELS are coming off y’all. This is the JESUS MOVEMENT and JESUS will be the CENTER of it all!!!! 

Keep your heart right, God is WATCHING… 



What Does Martial Law Look Like?

Disclaimer: These videos are posted for your research and discernment.  You determine whether true or false.  Video content will be updated DAILY!”

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