The Kundalini Warning

What is Kundalini? The Kundalini or serpent spirit (in Greek, puthon or python;  see Acts 16:16) is a demon that attempts to crush the human spirit and inhabit a human body. The Kundalini and the Python spirit are one in the same.  Knowingly or unknowingly, many who practice yoga, occult practices like: witchcraft, fortune telling, new age, acupuncture, and other eastern philosophies, and medical practices will awaken the Kundalini spirit in order to gain a greater (false) sense of well being, peace, awareness, and spiritual knowledge. Yahweh is opposed to these practices.

We are spiritual beings, we either belong to God’s Kingdom or the kingdom of darkness (Satan’s kingdom). When we expose ourselves to darkness, we are connecting/yoking with the kingdom of darkness.  Those who practice or have practiced yoga and eastern meditations and healing practices have knowingly or unknowingly awaken the Kundalini / python spirit, i.e. witchcraft.

How Does The Kundalini / Python Spirit Manifest?

The Kundalini / python spirit attacks the prophetic, the apostolic, and the authentic move of God.  Let’s take a look at the following scripture reference:

Acts 16:16-17:

“Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling. This girl followed Paul and us, and cried out, saying, ‘These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.’ And this she did for many days”

Notice, how the python spirit in the girl who followed Paul and Silas harassed them.  The python spirit will counterfeit the Holy Spirit and will often attack “the authentic” move of God.  If you are a prophetic person, you have likely experienced a python attack. The python attack is meant to discredit you, to raise questions concerning your authenticity and your devotion to God

Beloveds, when you experience this kind of attack, do not panic or retaliate, this is what the python spirit expects of you.  This attack is meant for you to misrepresent God by operating in the soulish realm (the emotions).    BE STILL!! Get into the word of God.  Get into the presence of God in praise and worship. 

The python attack is meant to silence you, confuse you, and slander you, so that the work of God would have no effect in your life.  You have to be methodological in your strategy to overcome the python spirit.   Today, we are going to look at how to identify, resist, and overcome this spirit.   

What is the Python Spirit After?

Just as the serpent (Satan) attempted to usurp God’s authority in the garden with the enticement of knowing good and evil, likewise the serpent spirit today attempts to usurp God’s authority, twist God’s truth, and perpetuate the counterfeit through demonic powers and ungodly intelligence. God warned Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and we should take heed likewise.

The python spirit knows it has no authority in the life, marriage, family, home, business, church, and city that prays, so it works to distract people from praying and getting into God’s presence, so the purposes of God are not established in a person’s life.

The python desires to kill, steal, destroy (John 10:10). The python spirit will attempt to crush your spirit, devour your destiny, silence your prayer life, and silence the HIGH PRAISES OF GOD.

Apostle Paul was on his way to the house of prayer when the python spirit attacked. Python doesn’t want you in the place of prayer (in the presence of God) because when you are engaging in Spirit-led prayer you’re doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. The enemy knows that your authority in Yeshua is what sets you free from oppression—and sets others free around you.

Note: It is necessary to point out that the Kundalini / Python spirit is a counterfeit spirit. The Kundalini spirit mimics the Holy Spirit. In many cases, only discernment can expose the counterfeit. We will cover this shortly.

Apostle Paul had a strong relationship with Yeshua and a strong prayer life. Yet, he still had to overcome principalitiespowers, and rulers of the darkness of this age and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12) which tried to hinder his walk with God. Likewise, we will have to confront these spiritual forces in Yeshua’s name.

In Acts Chapter 16, the python spirit had a stronghold in Philippi. When Apostle Paul headed for the house of prayer, this spirit launched its attack against him—a distraction followed by a full-blown attack that aimed to take him out of his purpose.

The python spirit attempts to distract you with attackstrials, and persecutions. Again, python’s ultimate goal is to put you in bondage and thwart your purpose. You may be going through the motions but your spirit feels crushed because of ongoing spiritual python attacks.

Loosed From Python’s Grip

When you rise up in your God-given authority against python, the battle often intensifies. In (Acts 16:16-17), Apostle Paul through the power of Yeshua cast the demon out of the girl, which meant her masters could no longer profit from her false prophecies and fortune-telling.

Acts 16:19:

“They seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the authorities.”

From there, Paul and Silas, were falsely accused, had their clothes torn off, were beaten with rods, and thrown into prison. Paul and Silas were in physical pain. They had been publicly humiliated. They were slandered and maligned. They were in the grip of the python spirit. Does this sound familiar? If so, perhaps you have experience python’s spiritual attack.

“Note: Whenever I experience an attack of this magnitude, I find it is best to move slowly. If you encountered a serpent in the natural, you would walk away very slowly – very carefully. Likewise, when I encounter the python spirit, I move very slowly, very strategically, and very carefully. If you are experiencing a python attack you must be very careful and prayerful in your decisions. Take a season off to just worship God. ”

Now, imprisoned, after a python attack, Paul and Silas had several options:

  • They could lick their wounds.
  • They could complain to one another about their situation.
  • They could meditate on the persecution and decide to abandon their purpose in exchange for being set free.

However, Paul and Silas didn’t do any of that. Thank God, they left us a model for how to break free from the python spirit!!

Acts 16:25-26:

“But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors were opened and everyone’s chains were loosed.”

Prayer, Praise, & Worship

Your prayerpraise, and worship is what the python spirit is trying to silence. However, prayer, praise, and worship is the key to your freedom. The prayer-hating python spirit drew its attention to Paul and Silas and distracted them from their apostolic mission. The python spirit persecuted them sorely, and even put them in literal bondage. But Paul and Silas didn’t stay there. They prayed and praised their way through—and so can you.

Shake It off Into the Fire

Acts 28:3-5:

But when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire, a viper came out because of the heat, and fastened on his hand.  So when the natives saw the creature hanging from his hand, they said to one another, “No doubt this man is a murderer, whom, though he has escaped the sea, yet justice does not allow to live.”  But he shook off the creature into the fire and suffered no harm.”

So, how do you move on from a python attack?  Beloveds, believe me, I know that this is easier said than done.  But just as Apostle Paul shook the serpent off into the fire,  we are going to have to “Shake It Off Into The Fire” as well.  Beloveds, the purpose of the python’s attack is to derail you.  You must stay on course.  You must not become offended.  Remain focused. We have a work to do for the kingdom of God

Rooting The Python Spirit Out of Your Church And Your City

The prayers and praise of Paul and Silas set the captives free, but that spirit of python was still reigning over the city when they left for the next leg of their mission. The python spirit can reign in a life or a region where people are ignorant of the devil’s devices (see 2 Cor. 2:11).

We need revelation from the Holy Spirit about what is operating in our lives, in our churches, communities, and in the regions we live in order to ultimately root out the python spirit and set up a guard against its re-entry by our authority in Yeshua.

Note: Although many have come to understand python’s life-squeezing, crushing, breath-stealing tactics, we too often fail to engage Spirit-led prayer that would render this principality powerless.

The python spirit is a major influence in many churches and in many regions. Let’s take Florida for instance, with an influx of Caribbean cultures the entire state of Florida is a hodgepodge of various expressions of witchcraft. The python spirit is so spiritually active in this state that it has manifested with an overrun of natural pythons in the Everglades.

Freedom from python demands a deep level of intercession. It starts with repentance and works its way into travailing prayer by the leading of the Spirit of God (Rom. 8:26-27).

We need to pray to the righteous Lord who “has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked” (see Ps. 129:4). When the python spirit attacks, we need to repent for our sins—and the sins of our cities—churches… that have allowed python to become a stronghold.

We must ask God to surround us with songs of deliverance in His presence (Psalm 32). We must pray that Yeshua cut in pieces this coiling spirit, and to roast it by FIRE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beloveds, never get caught up in spiritual giftings. There are false prophets in the Church today that are awakening the “Third Eye.” They are able to give prophecies that are so accurate that the prophecies are called “Forensic Prophecies.” However, prophecies that are given by awakening the “Third Eye” is the Kundalini Spirit, NOT the Spirit of God.

A Counterfeit Spirit (Kundalini) In The Church (by Jonas Clark)


“Beloveds – Let’s not assume that every spirit that operates in a church is the Holy Spirit. “

“Traveling has provided me an opportunity to experience many things while seeing the ministry of the Holy Spirit in lots of different circumstances. I’ve seen some things recently that look like the Holy Spirit but are not. There is a counterfeit Holy Spirit entering Christian churches. One of my first experiences was in a particular church service. The minister was preaching, praying, and prophesying. It looked like the Holy Spirit, and His nine gifts of the Holy Spirit was moving, but something was wrong.

There was a clash in my spirit, and I just couldn’t enter into the service. My spirit was not in agreement. I even felt like my spirit was warring against something unseen. It didn’t make sense to my head because everything looked right. As the service progressed I stayed in prayer then suddenly I saw it, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes, and I saw another spirit on this preacher. It was one of the highest occult spirits I have ever seen. It was a serpent looking reptile curled around this man’s spine and laying across his shoulders. It was difficult to see because it camouflaged itself becoming transparent at times.

Later I asked the intercessors with me if they had a witness to what we saw and heard. Like me, they confirmed that the preaching was good, but something was wrong. They just didn’t know what it was. I told them what the Lord showed me. This person is a popular Christian speaker, writer, and television guest in America. I was very grieved in my spirit after this experience. This man was not flowing in the Holy Ghost but another spirit. I believe the name of this counterfeit Holy Ghost is Kundalini. Kundalini is a New Age serpent spirit.”

Kundalini (Python) Symptom Can Include:

  • Kundalini symptoms: uncontrollable pain, Sensitivity to sound, light, smell, and proximity of other people,
  • Kundalini symptoms: Persistent anxiety or anxiety attacks, due to lack of understanding of what is going on.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Insomnia.
  • Kundalni symptoms: Energy loss, Impaired concentration and memory, a crushed spirit.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Experiences of possession and poltergeist phenomena.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Burning hot or ice-cold streams moving up the spine.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Titillation of the genital area, spine, or head.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Tension or stiffness of neck, and headaches. Constant choking
  • Kundalini symptoms: Feeling of over pressured within the head.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Vibrations, unease, or cramps in legs and other parts of the body.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Mystical/religious experiences, revelations, and/or cosmic glimpses.
  • Kundalini symptoms: Parapsychological abilities: Light phenomena in or outside the body.
  • Kundalini symptoms:  psychotic breakdown.
  • Kundalni  symptoms schizophrenic issues.
  • Kundalni symptoms: suicidal thoughts, urges to cut or self mutilate,  manic high spirits or deep depression, fear of death or insanity, mood swings, overwhelming waves of anxiety, anger, guilt.
  • Kundalini symptoms and Mental Side Effects: Temporary mental confusion and difficulty with work tasks. Ritualistic behaviors. Impulsive desires to uproot one’s life. Feeling a connection with entities or guides from other dimensions. Psychotic symptoms, i.e.,hearing sounds. Scattered thoughts, indecisiveness.
  • Kundalini symptoms and physical sickness: EMP, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, internal bleeding without cause, Pains in varying locations throughout the body which can be severe with no known reason for pain, Stomach disorders and other digestive tract problems. Symptoms of adrenal exhaustion.
  • Kundalini symptoms and visual problems: Temporary blindness. Diminished vision. Extreme sensitivity to light. Acute vision. Twitching between the brows.
  • Kundalini symptoms such as changes in eating patterns: Major appetite swings – may or may not have impact on weight.

Additional Resources:

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The Kundalini spirit can affect your health, family, finances, destiny, and area of your life. These resources are essential if you have ever practiced yoga, eastern meditation, astrology, acupuncture, and other occult practice OR you live in a region where the Kundalini spirit is prevelant OR you attend a church were the Kundalini spirit is in operation.

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Resources For This Article:

  • Author Jennifer LeClaire – Charisma Magazine – September 24, 2014 and October 4, 2014
  • Jonas Clark (www.Jonasclark.com)

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  1. Thank you for this.

  2. God bless you. Praise the most high Yahusha. Ever since I could remember I’ve had kundalini sensations up my spine and it would go to the top of my head. It was a cooling sensation. I was Catholic as a child and my biological mom was into witchcraft. I don’t want to get into too much but there was many many open doors in my life. Abuse, porn usuage…. too many to count. I used to think the kundalini feeling was the Holy Spirit and I thought it meant God was with me. I became born again 1 month ago and God reveled to me that it was a lie. Thank you God. I feel free. I am fighting it as we speak, I don’t feel it as much and it keeps fading away. Please pray for me, I am happy I know about this deception now. God works in mysterious and WONDERFUL ways. GOD BLESS

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