God Has Set A Table Set For Me!

Credit: Prophet Nate Johnson


“Right now God is building you a table. You won’t need to be in the right club or be in with the right people. You just need to be all about Jesus.”

He sees your deep grief and sorrow, your rejection, and isolation but He isn’t going to suddenly bring you to the right family- He is bringing them to you.”

So set the table by faith. Let go of the past, let go of how you were treated and the words they said that crushed you. He is anointing your head with oil and restoring double honor. You don’t need to prove yourself anymore.”

Get up off the floor. Wash off the dirt and take your seat, and watch as God opens the very doors people tried to shut for you.  He will bypass them all to get you to where you need to be. Just keep your heart right and your knees on the floor. Keep soft, forgive often, but keep moving forward. Your validation and affirmation is found in the fiery gaze of the King of Kings.”


Worship Experience:




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