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A Prophetic Release for Writers, Scribes, and Chroniclers: Jennifer LeClaire – Ignite Network

Greetings Beloveds,

Jennifer Leclaire Ministries: I heard the Lord say, “I am calling my scribes to describe what they see and hear before they say. I am calling chroniclers to rise up and write down what I show them in the day and what they dream at night. For I am releasing my anointing on a new generation of seers and scribes and they will be faithful to write down the visions, the visitations and the views of the future I show them. They will be articulate with a pen and in speech. Their tongues shall be pens of ready writers. They will distribute what I show them, what they have scribed and chronicled, far and wide through digital media that reaches the nations of the earth. I am calling the scribes to describe My heart, My ways, My precepts, My principles, My presence, My love and more through the power of the pen and the anointing of My Spirit. I am looking for a few good scribes.

Why Join Ignite’s Company of Scribes?



When I resigned as the first-ever female editor of Charisma magazine, I set my heart to raise up a company of scribes, chronicles, writers and others who will take the media mountain.  

I am launching the company of scribes because I can’t find anything else like what I needed when God was raising me up.

  • How do you connect with other writers on a personal level who can help you expand your horizons?
  • Where can you go to get feedback on your writing without paying an overpriced consultant (which I’ve done a few times in my career, by the way)?
  • How can you find an experienced voice who’s willing to honestly share the tricks of the trade, from how to earn a living writing to the basics of writing well?
  • How do you find an open door? How do you get your foot in that door and how do you keep that door open once you’ve walked through it?

Over the past 25 years, I’ve sowed blood, sweat and tears into my writing business. I’ve written for the New York Times, the Associated Press and many newspapers. I’ve written marketing copy for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Amazon. I’ve written over 25 books on various topics. I’ve served as a project manager, an editor and a writer. I’ve written fiction and non-fiction for magazines, TV and film production. I always say, I’ve done just about every kind of writing you can imagine.

Now, I want to help you.
Align with me and watch your scribe anointing blossom and your writing opportunities unfold. I’m building new media entities, including Awakeningmag.com, Awakening Podcast Network and AwakeningTV.com. I can help you get published when God is ready for you to release your voice.

Whether you are writing as a hobby for personal fulfillment or to earn a living—and whether you’ve already been published or are still waiting for your first gig—my writer’s network will help you realize your wild dreams.

You’ll have questions along the way as you advance as a writer. I can help steer you in the right direction. You’ll have challenges on the writing road. I’ve faced many of them over the past 25 years and can help you overcome them. You’ll have victories on your path. I want to celebrate with you!

Invest in yourself. Invest in your writing. And glorify God with Spirit-inspired messages that reach the masses.

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