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“….Until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be repaid by another drawn with the sword…. The judgments of God are altogether righteous…” — Abraham Lincoln 

These were very prophetic words, spoken by a very prophetic man.  The penalty of sin will always demands a ransom. Yeshua (Jesus) paid the ransom for our sins and the sins of this nation with His shed Blood on Calvary. Let’s cry out to God for His MERCY and appropriate the Blood of Yeshua to DESTROY satanic agendas against our nation and our families.  

For centuries, there has been a satanic agenda to hinder, corrupt, and defile –  BEAUTIFULGIFTED, and STRONG people of color.  In (Numbers Chapters 22-24), King Balak desired to curse the children of Israel, by hiring Balam (a rouge prophet) to pronounce destruction upon God’s people.  However, God turned every curse Balam pronounced into a blessing.  Thereafter, Balak discovered that it was Israel’s covenant relationship with God that gave them immunity against his diabolical assignments.  So, Balak sent in the women of Moab to defile God’s people, causing them to commit sexual immorality, and go after other God’s.  Thus, Israel displeased the Lord, and the children of Israel were scattered upon the plains of Moab.  

Beloveds,  the enemy’s tactics are still the same.  For centuries, all sorts of demoralizing vices were put into Black communities to spiritually weaken people of color.  As a people, we must wake up!  We are children of the Most High God.   We must have a love relationship with God.  We must walk in obedience to His word.  


Dealing With The Aftermath of Slavery:

Amos 5:24:

“But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”

Father, we acknowledge that slavery created brokenness and pain that still exists in our culture today.  Today, we ask for a DIVINE impartation of Your healing and grace to mend those broken places in us that were passed down through generations.  We were kidnapped from our homeland, imprisoned, starved, raped, separated, sold, and beaten; all while providing free-labor that enabled our captors to create a bedrock of wealth for this nation.   For the sin of using the enslaved as free-labor to build the wealth of this nation –  WE FORGIVE!

Father, we remind You, that during the Civil war, enslaved people were not only promised freedom; we were promised LAND so that we could THRIVE and build communities.  Yet, instead of repaying the debt of enslavement by granting land other forms of inequality (JIM CROW) and other unjust laws were established to keep people of color in bondage, oppressed, marginalized, disenfranchised, and dis-empowered.  For the sin of not repaying a debt – WE FORGIVE.  

Father, thank You for REDEEMING THE TIME.  I declare that all demonic seasons and cycles have now been broken over my life and family line.  Father, I ask for a hundred-fold return and divine reparations at current market prices for all that has been withheld, lost, stolen, or given away in my life and generational line. Father, please release generational blessing upon me now.

Thank You, Father, that the scepter of wickedness shall not rest on the land allotted to the righteous.  Every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. Lord, thank You for restoring the scepter of righteousness to me and my family line.   All drought and crop failures have now been broken! Showers of blessing are released in my life and family line. I reverse every curse and change it into a blessing!!  For as the mountains surround Jerusalem, so You, Lord, surround me and my family—from this time forth and forever.  Thank You for restoring all that was lost and stolen from me and my generational line.  Thank You for restoring my birthright and blessings.  

Father, I present this prayer before You in the heavenly court as the prayer of my heart. I ask You to appropriate this prayer as a record in heaven. Lord, I ask for Your justice.  I ask that You would  issue a release of DIVINE REPARATION of resources, funds, and land as repayment for services rendered according to (Exodus 12:35). I ask that You will render this prayer into Your courts as a legal document.

Yeshua, as my advocate, I ask that You go before the Father, and ask the Father to declare these Blessings over my life and in my generational line. Lord thank you for manifesting Your Karios timing in my life.

Isaiah 61:7:

“Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”

 In the Name of Messiah Yeshua, I posses ALL my GATES with VICTORY. I proclaim that I have a legal right to receive everything YOU have for me namely:
• Life, Health, Beauty, Mental Sharpness
• Skills, Talents, Spiritual Gifts, Wisdom
• Family, Wealth, Fame, Favor, Ministry
• Open Doors, Joy, Peace, A Future, Inheritance 
• Birthright, Might, Destiny, Abundance, and Sonship

Dismantling Satanic Agendas:

Chronicles 7:14

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”   

Father, we lift up our Nation before You, and we ask that You dethrone the thrones of iniquity in the heavens, by which demonic strongholds of  hatred and racial prejudiced that has influenced the fabric of our society.  

Father, please release Your sound of INTERCESSION as a WAR CRY in me (and in others) so that we may worship You with one accord in the Spirit; in such a way that will destroy walls, possess gates, bring revival, and break through brass heavens. 

Father, please bring REVIVAL and REDEMPTION  to people of color around the world.   Father, we lift up people of color around the world , and we ask that You dethrone the thrones of iniquity in the heavens that would keep us in bondage spiritually, socially, culturally, corporately, physically, financially, morally, and generationally. 

Father, we employ the angelic host of heaven to perform angelic maneuvers against every principality, every dominion, every throne, and all spiritual wickedness in high places that has influence the Black Community with violence, drugs, and lasciviousness.   

Father, we ask that You DESTROY every work of darkness fashioned against people of color that would lead us into spiritual and moral decay. 

Father, as children of God, we repent for taking secular stands on matters that grieve Your heart; Father bring us back to our first love.  Help us to love what You love.  Father, we repent for the shedding of innocent blood through abortion, through violence, and murder.  Father, we know that the shedding of innocent blood brings a reproach upon the people and the land.  Therefore, we cry out for your MERCY.  Have mercy on us Lord. 

Father, we repent for the sins of idolatry, wherein we have strived for the “American Dream” and we have gained much success, but our hearts have grown indifferent towards Your Word, Your precepts, and Your righteousness.   Father, we CRY out for your MERCY.  Do not consume us in Your anger – But bring us back to our First Love.   Do not allow our enemies to overtake us. Protect us O’ Lord from violent and blood thirsty men.   

Father, we employ the angelic host of heaven to perform angelic maneuvers against every principality, every dominion, every throne, and all spiritual wickedness in high places that influence the political structure and the policies of this Nation that impact the Black Community.  Father, we ask that You will defend your interest in the Black Community. Father, we ask that angels ascend and descend upon our communities.

Father, we ask that You destroy every work of darkness fashioned against people of color that would led us into spiritual and moral decay, such as:

Failure to Thrive – Deliver us from the sin and the effects of the sin of the ancestors, sons of Belial, evil soul ties, and witchcraft.  Deliver us from fear, unproductively, crime, imprisonment, rebellion, reverse discrimination, victims of racism, and victims of injustice.  Lord heal our land.

Racism – Heal us from the affects of the legacy of slavery, sin, and racial injustice.  Heal us from the affects of hatred, distrusts, spirits of fear, murder, injustices, intimidation, enmity, oppression, stereotypes, betrayal, rejection, all lies of the enemy.   Destroy the spirits that spread hate.  Lord destroy the spiritual principalities of racial hatred, racial prejudice, and racial injustice – through out the world and in America, in every city, in every community, in every church, and in every neighborhood.   Lord fill our hearts with love, acceptance, dignity, and respect for one another.  Lord heal our land.

Community – Deliver us from the sin and the effects of social engineering, murder, drive by killings, crime, violence, HIV, lasciviousness,  apathy, fear, laziness, misplaced and misguided desires, gangs, drug dealing, poor responsibility and accountability, unemployment, underemployment, ungodly traditions, rage, riot, looting, stealing, hostility, retaliation, ignorance, poverty, gambling, indebtedness, slums, hopelessness, despair, racism and complexion disparity, economic, social and educational disadvantages, depression and suicide, self destructive behavior, addiction, alcoholism, militant Black Panther spirit, Nation of Islam spirit, ungodly alliances (Masonic) Lord heal our land.

Illnesses – Lord deliver us from HIV, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, infant mortality, lupus, cancer, stroke, and hardening of arteries, mental illness, worry, pandemonium, anxiety, and drug abuse. Lord heal our land.

Personality Traits – Deliver us from the sin and the effects of no morality, no values, lasciviousness, no value for life, revenge, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, angry black man, angry black woman, greed, vanity, and anger. Lord heal our land.

Black Family – Deliver us from the sin and the effects of abortion, divorce, co-habitation, infidelity, broken marriages, broken homes, lack of family commitment or commitment to relationships, homosexuality, incest, all sexual sins, fornication, adultery, families in rebellion, unsaved and rebellious children and teenagers, lack of ability to give or receive love, abandonment, loneliness, illegitimacy, teen pregnancy, child abuse, seduction, sex-trafficking, and promiscuity. Lord heal our land.

Church – Deliver us from the sin and the effects of pride, false doctrines, abuse of scripture; false prophesy, false prosperity, greed, false prestige, smooth talking, power of persuasion, domination, manipulation, and control, deception, lack of accountability, compromise, cover-up, all forms of abuse, greed, fleecing the flock, spiritualism, witchcraft, incense burning, abuse by men of the cloth, idolatry, grieving the Holy Spirit, no deliverance, no salvation, not-giving, backsliding, corruption, immorality, disobedience, and lack of knowledge. Lord heal our land and RESTORE our community in RIGHTEOUSNESS. 

In Yeshua’s name.  Amen!

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