Dream With GOD

40-Day Devotional


Day 35 – Blockages, Barriers, & Resistance

Salvation is the first step in our journey to FREEDOM.  Deliverance is the second step. We must have both in order to experience a life of FREEDOM and WHOLENESS.   There are times when the Holy Spirit will lead us in militant intercession.  Through the power of intercession Yeshua equips us to  conquer the strongholds keeping us from a life of FREEDOM and FULLNESS. “



FATHER, I repent of my sins and the sins of my ancestors. I repent for all disobedience that has blocked Your blessings in my life.  Father, I ask that You sever, over-rule, and veto every legal right, legislation, verdict, embargo, and ordinance of the enemy that hinders and prevents me from walking in the fullness of my God ordained destiny.

Father, I ask that You would grant unto me a full PARDON from the penalty, reproach, and consequences of sins based upon Yeshua’s sacrifice on Calvary.  Father, I stand on (Romans 8:28-35) and ask You LORD to cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

I thank You Father for redeeming me from every generational curse. I am free from every form of collective captivity in my family line. Please remove those things from my life that would hinder my fruitfulness. Uproot those things in my life that are not like You. Help me to discover and recover the hidden treasures that You intended for me.  Father, walk me back to the foundations of my life and heal, deliver, and redeem me.  Please restore me to Your original design and purpose as if the enemy never interfered with my life. (Joel 2:25-32)

I take authority over the power of the enemy that would bring obstacles, barriers, blockages, and resistance in my life that keep me from fulfilling my prophetic destiny. According to (Hebrews 1:14) I ask the Lord to commission the angels that are assigned to me to go before me and destroy every conspiracy, obstacle, barrier, blockage, resistance, and sabotage against my life and bring me into the fullness of God’s plans for me.

I break every chain with which the wicked has used to hold me in a pattern of defeat and failure.

Every wickedness proceeding from the wicked shall come to an end. Every attack of the wicked is DESTROYED by the fire of the Lord. (1 Samuel 24:13)

I pray that the favor of the Lord will be so manifest in my life that favor will silence all opposition and accusation against me. (Eccl 3:13)

Every evil plotted or imagined against me shall turn around for my good. (Genesis 50:20)

May the angel of the Lord pursue all those who have gathered against my peace.

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.  Thank You Lord for clothing me in the spirit of dread in the hearts of our enemies. (Deuteronomy 2:25)

My unique prophetic destiny shall come to pass irrespective of all opposition.

FATHER, please contend with those who contend with me. Fight against those who fight against me. Take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for my help! (Isaiah 49:25-26)

FATHER, please remove every spirit of limitation, marginalization, regression, demotion, and backwards movements that would keep me from walking in my fullest potential.

I exercise my God given authority to appropriate the Blood of Yeshua to destroy every weapon that the enemy would use against me.

I destroy every evil eye and every demonic tongue that would rejoice in my misfortune. FATHER, please cut off the expectations of those that hate me. Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end.

I cut off every demonic tongue that is assigned to speak contrary to my progress. I silence every evil word spoken contrary to my advancement. Every weapon of the enemy used against my purpose and destiny is broken into pieces.

I boldly declare that every evil decision contrary to my destiny, counsel, and purpose shall not stand because God is with me. (Isaiah 8:10)

I declare that the weapons of the enemy will not prosper. All those who lift up themselves against me shall be cut off and smitten before my face, for the mighty God is with me. (Michah 5:9)

By the Blood of Yeshua, I command every demonic personality operating in the territory of my life that is being used by the enemy to manipulate my destiny and frustrate my purpose to SCATTER.

Lord, please release my ministering angels to go ahead of me, and change every negative impression of me, that has been created by perpetrators of evil.

Thank You FATHER, for Your plans shall manifest in my life. I shall not be hindered. The enemy’s plans for my hurt and immobilization are met with UTTER DESTRUCTION.

I declare boldly that I am the planting of the LORD. I shall not be moved. I bring the FIRE of God against every serpent and scorpion sent to remove me from my place of blessing.

FATHER, I thank You for granting me a spirit of sobriety, vigilance, and discernment; opening my spiritual eyes to every work of opposition, sabotage, and resistance that is going on around me.

I boldly declare that in the midst of every opposition, the glory of the Lord shall be revealed in my life. Every entity that gathers together for my harm shall be embarrassed and put to shame.

I boldly declare that God has established me in righteousness and peace. I am far from oppression. Every trap, weapon, and tool of the enemy that is used to hold me down in a pattern of failure is met with UTTER DESTRUCTION.

I boldly declare that every evil veil of disgrace and dishonor upon my life is destroyed by the precious Blood of Yeshua.

I destroy every assignment of the enemy to relegate me to a posture of disgrace, dishonor, and shame.

I boldly declare that because I am the Lord’s, whatever has chosen to stand against me also stands against the Lord. The Lord shall remove every obstacle placed by the enemy from my path. (Exodus 23:22) and (Jeremiah 30:16)

I send the fire of God against all satanic resistance assigned to frustrate my purpose.

Every demonic assignment against my life is met with utter destruction. Every evil intent against my life shall turn around for my favor. Every verbal destruction of Sanballat and Tobiah will turn around for my favor.

I declare that every evil conspirator intruding against my destiny is blinded by the Lord.

I SCATTER every evil gathering of gossipers and slanderers with Holy Ghost FIRE! I destroy every lying spirit and demonic tongue militating against my purpose and assignment with DOUBLE FIRE!

Every demonic personality putting me down out of envy shall be embarrassed and put to shame. I thank You Lord, for You will frustrate the token of the liars and the evil speeches of those who fight against Your anointed ones.

Let every unfriendly friend masquerading on assignment in my life find their way slippery. Let them fall into the very pit meant for my destruction.

I destroy every spirit that is hindering the manifestation of the good things that God has planned for me. I release the ministering angels assigned to me, to remove all hindrances, blockages, barriers, and resistance out of my way. I release the ministering angels to pull in the divine opportunities, divine appropriations, divine encounters, favor, and blessings that God has ordained for me.

Every attempt to make me miss my destined grace, blessings, and purpose is met with utter destruction. I shall abide in my wealthy place. I shall walk upon my high places. I shall fulfill all that FATHER God has ordained for my life. Nobility and honor is my portion!

I call upon the name of the Lord and I declare my deliverance from every trouble.

I receive divine intervention for every situation that troubles me.

Let any covetous person trying to malign my name with the intention assuming my position fail in their crafty and devious ways.

I declare that those who have gone too far in their attack on my commitment to fulfill God’s purpose for my life shall be embarrassed and put to shame.

I receive God’s immunity from every attack of the enemy. I shall fulfill God’s purpose for my life unhindered. I shall not be put to shame.

Father, thank You for wisdom, to bridle my tongue and not expose the secrets You have spoken concerning my life.

I boldly declare that those who have made themselves agents of hindrance, frustration, sabotage, resistance, and barriers shall be put to shame.

I refuse to walk in anger, bitterness, and temptations to compromise. I will not give into the works of the flesh that would cause me to forfeit God’s grace upon my life.

I release the fire of God against every limitation and barrier which Satan has put before me. I boldly declare that no weapon of the enemy shall stop me from maximizing my potential.

Father, I receive Your breakthrough anointing! I receive the anointing of a barrier breaker! I bring the FIRE of God against every demonic gate erected to disturb and limit my progressive flow. I pass through all the gates that the enemy said that I would never pass through. (Psalms 24:7-9)

I declare that every gate, obstacle, barrier, and all sabotage of the enemy that stands between me and my destiny is destroyed by the FIRE of God! Every obstacle of the enemy is SMASHED by the POWER OF GOD!

I receive divine access into what God has destined for my inheritance.

Every human agent that the enemy has used to thwart my vision will be MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!

I command FREEDOM from every distraction that would hinder me from progressing to my next level of elevation.

I destroy every spirit that is working to produce inaccessibilities in my life. I destroy every strongman positioned at my gate of destiny. I command doors that have been shut for a long time to open NOW! I receive the grace to break out of obscurity to favor, from isolation to complete participation, from marginalization to triumphant promotion.

I declare a blessing over all that God has granted to me and I receive divine favor upon my life.

In the Name of Yeshua, I posses ALL my GATES with VICTORY. I proclaim that I have a legal right to receive everything YOU have for me namely:
• Life, Health, Beauty, Mental Sharpness
• Skills, Talents, Spiritual Gifts, Wisdom
• Family, Wealth, Fame, Ministry, Favor
• Open Doors, Joy, Peace, A Future
• Might, Honor, Abundance, Destiny, and Sonship

In The Mighty Name of Yeshua AMEN!


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