LORD, I declare the same Spirit that raised JESUS from the dead, dwells within us and quickens my body – make alive my womb and my husband’s seed and bring about divine conception. 

LORD, I plead the blood of JESUS over me and my reproductive system and my reproductive organs.  In JESUS name I command the proper, perfect, and systematic function of our reproductive system and organs.

Holy Spirit, YOU are the creative power of GOD move over our reproductive system and organs and create the miracle of conception in us.  In JESUS name, we receive a healthy and delightful pregnancy – and a full term, holy, healthy, beautiful, baby from the LORD. 

LORD, destroy the assignment of the enemy that would discourage us from becoming parents.

LORD, children are a reward of the righteous – destroy every anti-family spirit that has risen against us that would deceive us and prevent from raising Godly children.

LORD, destroy every enemy of my pregnancy. 

LORD, by YOUR creative power and by YOUR Blood prepare my body, our home, and our finances, for conception and pregnancy.

LORD, cause our baby to thrive in the womb and to have an overwhelming sense of love, warmth, peace, joy, happiness, and acceptance in JESUS name.

LORD, heal my womb of any fibroid tumors and blockage in the Fallopian tubes.  In JESUS name, cause any obstructions to supernaturally dry up and dissipate in JESUS name. 

LORD, I declare a healthy pregnancy: No medical problems during pregnancy with me or the baby.  No complications during pregnancy.  No high blood pressure, toxemia, or gestational diabetes thru pregnancy. 

LORD, give me a joyful mood, attitude, and disposition during pregnancy.  I plead the blood of Jesus over all hormonal changes.    LORD, cancel every assignment emotional imbalances and post partum depression – LORD regulate my mood and attitude in JESUS name. 

LORD, I pray that YOU raise up an Elizabeth for me during my pregnancy.  Let me not go thru this alone.  Raise up a friend to walk with me thru this season in my life. 

LORD, the fruit of my womb will not cast forth before its time.

LORD, give me the supernatural grace to bare and raise children. 

LORD, I pray for a smooth and pain-free labor and delivery.

Lord I thank you for this blessed gift miracle. I will raise this child to honor You.

Scriptures Concerning Labor and Delivery

Book: Supernatural Childbirth

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