40 Days of Prayer – Prayer Focus: Spiritual Warfare – Right Heart – Part 2

Greetings Beloveds,

Today, let us focus our prayers on having a right heart.  Having a right heart is essential when we are standing against the enemy’s tactics.  The enemy’s assignment against Believers is to deter our focus on God with needless controversies, offenses, and wounds. 

We must purpose in our hearts to be mindful how we respond to situations.  Offense is a trap.  Don’t take the bait!  We must walk in love. Walking in love is a mighty weapon in spiritial warfare. The enemy can not operate where there is love. Love conquers all. Love covers all.

At times we must separate ourselves from unpleasant situations so that we can regain our focus.  God will give us the right heartright perspective, and right response for every situation that we encounter. 

During these 40 Days of Prayer, the enemy will attempt to bring distraction and discouragement – resist him!  Refuse to come down from your HEAVENLY PLACE – your SECRET PLACE.  Abide in God’s presence!  We are accomplishing a great work during these 40 Days of Prayer.  Strongholds are crumbling in the realm of the spirit.  Let’s remain focused! 

Establishing an Enoch Walk with God

Genesis 5:24

“And Enoch walked with God and he was not; for God took him.”

Having an Enoch walk with God is the goal and trial of every believer.  (Genesis 5:21-24), says that Enoch was a man who walked with God and the Lord took him to heaven because he pleased the Lord.  

As Believers, regardless of our many admirable attributes, the greatest compliment that we could ever receive is the acknowledgment that we walk with God.  To walk with God means to keep God THE FOCUS of our lives—in everything we do, say, in our relationships, our finances, our plans, and in every aspect of our lives.

We live in a sinful world.  Yet, those of us who have placed our hope in Yeshua are not tempted by the spiritual darkness around us.  In fact, our light shines best in darkness. 

No one likes darkness.  Spiritual darkness vexes the soul.   However, when we feel overcome by spiritual darkness, let us remember that Enoch was untainted by the world around him, because he kept his FOCUS ON GOD.  The Bible declared that Enoch walked with God.  This means that Enoch had an intimate relationship with God.  Enoch communed with God. 

Today, let us define ways we can commune with God.  We commune with God by spending time alone with Him, reading the Bible, and talking to God in prayer.  When we commune with God, our love for the world decreases and our desire to spend time with God increases.  When we commune with God, we receive instructions and strategies for the days ahead – this is essential.   

Scripture Meditations:

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Proverbs 3:5-6

Luke 10:27

Hebrews 11:5

Jude 1:14-15

1 Corinthians 13

The Book of Enoch (Apocrypha)

Let’s Pray

Let’s pray continually in our prayer language and in our understanding. Let’s pray that God will give us the right focus, right heartright perspective, and right responsesfor every situation that we encounter. 

Let’s go deeper in prayer.  Please refer to the menu links for cleansing prayers that will help us go deeper in the things of God.  New prayers are added frequently.

Also, if you are experiencing spiritual warfare, these prayers are combat prayers for mature prayer warriors and intercessors.  Pray what you agree with.  For more prayer resources please visit:  Kanaan Ministries. Please click links to view.


Let’s continue to write in our prayer journals.  Let’s keep our ears open to hear what God is speaking to us.  Write down God’s instructions and wait for His timing.  For those who are able, let’s add fasting to our prayers.

Pursue Holiness – No one is perfect.  Yet, we must give our best effort in living a life that is surrendered and committed to the will of God. When we pursue holiness, we will be quick to repent, seek forgiveness, and be cleansed. None but the righteous shall see God. 

Worship Experience: “I Live to Worship You” w/Bethel Music

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