40-Day Prophetic Bootcamp

Day 2: Don’t Just Survive What You Have Been Called To Conquer


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Do you ever just feel vulnerable?  Do you ever feel like you are constantly under attack?  Vulnerability is an interesting thing… because vulnerability signifies VALUE.  If something is very valuable it is also by nature very vulnerable.

We are VALUABLE to God…  But, be on guard, because the very gifts and qualities that make us valuable also makes us very vulnerable

Thieves do not break into empty houses.  If an enemy steals your wallet, he is not after your wallet.  He is after what is INSIDE your wallet.  Something GREAT is on the inside of you.   Don’t you know child of God that the enemy wouldn’t be trying to make you feel small if you were not meant for something GREAT….

The fact that we struggle is not an indication of our worth.  In fact, our struggles, our vulnerabilities, our feelings, and our frustrations, are all a sign that God has placed something authentic and real on the inside of us.  Trust me God knows how to smooth out our rough edges. God will perfect that which concerns us.  God has invested too much in us to leave His work in us incomplete.

The Enemy is after Your Confidence

The enemy is after your confidence.  You must remember that you are very valuable to God.   If your life, your ministry, your family, your career, is under attack the enemy knows that you are more valuable than you know.    That attack… is designed to make you walk away from something that is meant to bless you.

The enemy wouldn’t be fighting you this hard if there was no value in you.  The enemy would just leave your family alone if there no worth there.  The enemy isn’t going to waste time on something that has no value.

The place of your struggle is often the place of your greatest value.  That teen that is hard to raise… that situation that makes you cry out to God…  Reassess the value of that situation.  The enemy wouldn’t be fighting so hard if there was no worth to gain.”

Don’t just survive what you have been called to conquer.   At times it seems like everything we do comes with a fight.  But the alternative is to have nothing… be nothing… do nothing… and go nowhere.  We must recognize that the things God has placed in our lives are valuable – and are worth fighting for!

God wants us to be successful in every area of our lives, so finish the job.  Stick it out.  Get thru it – even if you have to get thru it alone.   Ask Abba for a bit more grace…  And get thru it.  There is power available for all those who are weak.  In Yeshua, there is strength for the journey.

Be Anchored

2 Timothy 1:11-13:

“And of this gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher.  That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day.” 

Beloveds, if you are struggling today, there is no cause for shame.  The Apostle Paul wrote, “I know what I have believed… Our confidence in God should never depend on our circumstances.

“If you keep your confidence – God can work in  your circumstance.  God is able to guard what you have entrusted to Him.  

Like Apostle Paul, there are somethings that we must KNOW!  God is FOR US.  He is not against us….  We are greatly loved and highly favored by our God!  Nothing can separate us from God’s relentless, overwhelming, LOVE.


“Heavenly Father, during this season of prayer, please help me to see the value that You see in me.  Please help me to see my circumstances from Your perspective.  Father, please help me to discover and recover the hidden treasures that You created in to me.  Father, please walk me back to the foundations of my life and restore me to Your original design and purpose as if the enemy never interfered with my life.   

Scripture Meditations:

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PRAY – Let’s build our spiritual endurance by praying at least an hour each day.

JOURNAL – Focus on God’s love for you.  What is God saying to you about your value and worth?  Wait in the presence of the Lord.  Hear what God is saying to you about the plans that He has for you.  We are training our ear to hear from God.  Speak out in prayer concerning that which Abba has shown you.  You are strengthening your prophetic voice.

FAST – Let’s turn off distractions in our lives.  Some may chose to fast a meal.  Some may chose to fast entertainment.  Father God will show you how to draw closer to him during our season of prayer.

LET IT GO – God’s grace gives us the ability to  politely and respectfully distance ourselves from situations that will bring us more harm than good.  If a situation doesn’t feel “right” you owe it to yourself to go on your merry way – with your peace intact.  Protect your peace.

BIBLE – God speaks to us through His word.  Let’s read our Bibles daily.  There are many “read the bible in a year” plans on YouVersion to chose from.

Worship Experience:


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