40 Days of Prayer- Prayer Focus: Silencing The Accuser

Greetings Beloveds,

In Revelations 12:10, the enemy is called the accuser of God’s people. His assignment is to accuse us before God, so that the purposes of God will not be established in our lives.

The principal weapon against the accuser is the Blood of Yeshua! (Hebrews 12:24) Today we are going to appropriate the Blood of Yeshua to silence the accuser.

The accuser forfeited his God-given purpose and destiny when he rebelled against God. Likewise, the accuser desires to discourage Believers and sabotage our destiny by getting us caught up in offenses, controversies, and accusations that derail our destinies.

How many of us know individuals who abandoned God’s plan for their lives because the accuser’s opposition became too hard?

The accuser knows that you are a threat to his kingdom and will attempt to block your prospects and breakthroughs in further advancing Gods Kingdom. Be encouraged! You are an OVERCOMER!

Here’s a tip! Whenever God is about to do something significant in our lives… the enemy sends chaos to throw us of course. Stay focused. You are going to your next level!

I can always tell when I’m about to hit a major breakthrough in my life. The accuser’s activity usually becomes particularly prevalent at the edge of major breakthroughs.

When God wants to do new things in our lives and bless His people, the enemy will rise up and challenge God concerning our case.

The accuser often works through gossip, projections, offenses, suspicions, lies, slander, mockery, misunderstandings, accusations, and rumors to manipulate others from partnering with you, loving you, blessing you, and favoring you.

The accuser has a wicked agenda for our lives. The accuser desires to sabotage our progress and derail our destinies. The accuser works behind the scenes trying to get individuals to agree with his accusations about your motives and the intent of your heart.

The accuser will discredit God’s children by calling our good works evil – so that the work of God (career or ministry) will have no effect.

Today God shall EXPOSEDISGRACE, and SILENCEthe accuser. We shall lose no ground through his undermining efforts and initiatives. In Yeshua’s name and by the POWER of His BLOOD! We will BREAKTHROUGH to our next level.

PRAYER – Thank You Father! You shall have the final say in my life!

PRAYER – Accuser speaking against my breakthroughs, BE SILENCED by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – I decree that every effort of the enemy to silence me, discredit me, and turn the glory of God into shame in my life is ANNIHILATED by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – Father let every evil power that has fashioned it self against my breakthroughs, blessings, health, finances, family, destiny, advancement, and elevation – be DESTROYED by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – Yeshua, thank You Lord for SECURING MY VICTORIES, my breakthroughs, my advancement, my future, my destiny, my health, my family, my finances, and my assignment in Your precious Blood!

PRAYER – Father, let every evil expectation of the enemy concerning my life be OBLITERATED by the Blood of Yeshua!

PRAYER – Father, let every power that would rejoice in my tears be CUT OFF by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – Every evil voice speaking against my life, my ministry, my family, my destiny be SILENCED by the Blood of YESHUA!

In this season we must be very careful how we respond to accusations and criticism. The accuser’s assignment is to discredit God’s children and to get others to agree with him. It is best that we not be too quick to defend ourselves, in doing so, we give into the enemy’s trap of offense which will make matters worse. We must walk on love. The accuser cannot operate where there is LOVE.

PRAYER – By the power of the Blood of Yeshua, every evil voice calling for my defeat, failure, regression, demotion, cessation, and termination be OBLITERATED  by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – Every evil voice rising up against my life, family, career, and ministry – calling God’s good works (career/ministry) evil, be SILENCED by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – Every strongman fighting against my breakthroughs be OBLITERATED by the Blood of Yeshua!!!

PRAYER – I appropriate the voice of the Blood of Yeshua to silence all lies and accusations of the enemy; to reverse all negative perceptions and erase every negative stigma, misunderstanding, projections of the enemy, and every evil mark created by the enemy to limit me in favor and in reaching my full destiny in Yeshua.  I declare that the Lord shall show me as a token for good.  The favor of God shall rest on my life. In Yeshua’s mighty name.

PRAYER – Yeshua, by the power of Your Blood please erase and uproot every negative word and parental curse that has been spoken by those in authority (parents, school teachers, employers, ministry leaders, and doctors) concerning me.

PRAYER – Father, please send the angels that You have assigned me – before me – and change every negative image and perception that the enemy has created of me. Lord, please secure Your FAVOR, VICTORIES, and BREAKTHROUGHS in my life.

PRAYER – By the Blood of Yeshua, in the realm of the spirit, I cut off every demonic tongue that has been assigned to accuse me. I command the accuser to be silenced. In Yeshua’s name.

PRAYER – Lord, Your word declares that death and life are in the power of the tongue.  I repent of all misspoken words that I have spoken.  In Yeshua’s name, I deactivate satanic activations that went into effect at the spoken word. I declare every negative word spoken by myself and others be uprooted and destroyed in Yeshua’s name.  I declare that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart are acceptable in Your sight.  I declare that I aggressively search the voice of the Holy Spirit in every situation.

In Yeshua’s name, I send these prayers forth as a Euroclydon conquering wind to destroy the works of the enemy.  Every assignment of retaliation is arrested by The Word, The Blood, and The Spirit.   I declare that every demon released from its assignment now becomes a part of Yeshua’s footstool.  In Yeshuas’s Name – Amen

Now prophesy over your destiny! Declare, Decree, and Confess:

  1. The power of God shall secure my breakthroughs ….
  2. I shall not struggle. I shall complete God’s assignment unhindered and without harassment.
  3. The Glory of the Lord and the Hand of the Lord shall be REVEALED in my life. I shall CELEBRATE in due season.
  4. The works of God that He has called me to accomplish shall be celebrated – not tolerated.
  5. Those who covet God’s blessing, ministry, promises, honor, and promotion, in my life shall be put to shame.
  6. Lord You cover my head in the day of battle. Let the horns of Your anointing be exalted in my life. In every battle let it be evident that the Lord God is with me.
  8. I thank God for His faithfulness towards me.
  9. I commit my life into the hands of the Lord that the Spirt of God reigns in His rightful place in my life, and over my family, in the name of Yeshua.
  10. I declare and prophesy, that the Spirit of God shall continually move over the affairs of my life, replacing the shapelessness with shape, emptiness with fullness, and darkness with light, reproach with favor, shame with affirmation, rejection with acceptance, sickness with health, lack with plenty, regression with promotion, brokenness with wholeness, weakness with strength, failure with victory, cursing with blessings, contempt with love, poverty with prosperity, and disgrace with honor. In the name of Yeshua – Amen. (Genesis 1:2).


Isaiah 54:1

Zechariah Chapter 3

Revelation 12:10

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