Dream With GOD

40-Day Devotional


Day 5  – The Favor of God:

Favor with God is birthed from experiencing a love relationship with Him.  As we grow in intimacy with God, we can experience God happily indulging Himself in our lives because He has a definite, intentional bias towards us.    

Prophetic Soaking Experience:



“Heavenly Father, I repent for striving in a state of anxiousness instead of choosing to rest in You.  Father, I repent for not receiving Your dreams and praying them into reality because they are so BIG. Father, I trust in Your awesome POWER to give me dreams to dream and to FULFILL THEM.

Father, where others have failed me, I repent for believing that You would fail me also.  Father, You always have the best intentions towards me. You have the VERY BEST in store for me.  Father, I choose to rest in Your love, grace, and favor all the days of my life.  In Yeshua’s name – Amen.  

Scripture Meditations:

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Worship Experience:



If you have not repented of your sins and made Jesus your Lord and Savior, please do so NOW! If you do not have a personal love relationship with Jesus, please invite Jesus into your heart NOW! CLICK HERE!

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