40 Days of Prayer: Intercessor’s Boot Camp – Application – Part 2

Understanding Your Role As An Intercessor

Greetings Beloveds,

In Part 1 of this teaching we discussed the various mantles of an intercessor:Prophetic Voice – Priest – King:

Prophetic Voice – As an intercessor, there will be situations that require prophetic declarations to bring down demonic strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

Priest – As an intercessor, there will be situations that will require us to stand between the porch and the altar of God in intercession and supplication on behalf of the nation and others (Joel 2:17).

King – As an intercessor, there will be situations that will require us to walk in governmental authority to establish the will of God on the earth (Job 22:28Isaiah 55:11) .

Application #1

Now, let’s get into some practicle application of what we have reviewed. I want you to take three situations and identify how you would intercede regarding those situations using your prophetic voice – your priestly role – or your kingly authority – Then go into intercession in each role.

Application #2

Has the enemy ever stolen anything from you? Your JOY… your PEACE… your HEALTH. It’s time to TAKE IT BACK! I am named after Jomo Kenyatta. A great African WARRIOR! Being named after a WARRIOR not only inspires my prayer life, it also inspires me to be STRONG when the enemy attempts to knock me down.

Jomo Kenyatta was the revolutionary leader of the MAU-MAU’s who became the LIBERATOR and first President of Kenya!

The British had commandeered land from the Kenyan people and made the Kenyan people servants on their own land. Kenyatta and the Mau-Mau’s said ENOUGH! We are taking back our land! Kenyatta and the Mau-Mau’s fought aggressively against British OPPRESSION.

The Mau-Mau’s led a violent resistance against British subjugation and was one of the first African nations to “free themselves” from British oppression. There will be situations in life that requires us to be REVOLUTIONARY!

Matthew 11:12 :

“….The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force!

Whatever the enemy has stolen from you: TAKE IT BACK! You shall RECOVER ALL!

Isaiah 61:7:

Instead of your SHAME you will receive a DOUBLE PORTION, and instead of disgrace, you will REJOICE in your INHERITANCE. And so you will INHERIT a DOUBLE PORTION in your land, and EVERLASTING JOY will be yours.”

ASSIGNMENT: Go into heavy intercession – Take back what the enemy has stolen – Take it back! Take it back! Take it back!

Application #3

ASSIGNMENT: Spend time in the presence of the Lord and ask Him to defineclarify, and affirm your gift and calling.

Live God’s Best for your life! Live intentionally! Walk in your anointing!

Beloveds, God will give you dreams to dream and He will fulfill them. God often gives us dreams a size too big so that we can GROW into them.

Beloveds, don’t downgrade God’s dreams for you just to fit your reality. UPGRADE your conviction to match your DESTINY! Beloveds, we can not live off POTENTIAL forever! At some point we have to RELEASE our POTENTIAL and WALK in our PURPOSE.

TIP: Surround yourself with individuals who believe in you! Find yourself a midwife to help you BIRTH your PROMISES! Find someone who sees the gift of God that you are!

If you don’t have a cheerleader – I am here for you! Go on with your FABULOUS self! Start your business! Walk in your ministry! Express your gift! PUSH!

Your critics will say, “Who are you to be FABULOUS, TALENTED, GIFTED, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL, and WISE. Who does he/she think he/she is?” I say, who are you not to be, you are a CHILD OF GOD. You playing small doesn’t serve the kingdom of God.

So go on with your PRETTY self… Your TALENTED self…. Your INTELLIGENT self… Give BIRTH to what God has put on the inside of you.

Beloveds, God created you for SIGNS and WONDERS. God has put a gift inside of you to serve His Kingdom. Your gift is unique, your gift is purposeful, your gift is important.

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