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40-Day Devotional


Day 7:  Prophetic Word – Discerning Time Sensitive Moments

“For the LORD says, we are in the midst of a DIVINE OPENING: We are crossing from one season into the NEXT. The LORD says, I am releasing a specific set of instructions unto you. For there has been things that I have been requiring of you, that you have not put your hands to. Now the LORD has come to REMIND you of what He has told you many years ago. For the LORD says that if you will obey and hearken unto MY voice now, you will see that I will put MY FAVOR upon that which I have COMMANDED you to do. If you DO NOT obey me, you will see a shriveling up of the things that ‘you’ have done [on your own]. For the LORD says that if you will obey me there will be an OUTPOUR upon your life. There will be an OUTPOUR of FAVOR and GLORY! For the LORD says that you are in the midst of KAIROS MOMENT where I am giving you the grace to PUSH BEYOND! REMOVE THE BORDERS. This is a TIME-SENSITIVE MOMENT!” This is NOT a moment for you to NEGLECT! This is NOT a moment to turn to the left or to the right.”

This is not church as usual. This is a moment where heaven touches earth! This is a moment to join with the angels. This is a moment to PARTNER with heaven! I am calling you to come into AGREEMENT with ME. I am calling for you to come into agreement with MY WILL.”

For I have been calling… I have been looking… I have been searching… I have been saying to you COME! But you have ignored MY voice! For the LORD says this day, COME UNTO ME! COME UNTO ME! Yes, I have shown you a masterful plan! Yes, I have shown you a great work!  This is a GOVERNMENTAL RELEASE!  I’m releasing you into your METRON! {Metron = poetic measure, sphere of influence, multi-dimensional space…}

This is the season that you must begin to pick up each piece of the puzzle and DO YOUR WORK!”

I am releasing you into your PROPHESIED PLACE. This is your PROPHETIC destiny! Step into it!! DO NOT miss it!  Says the Lord – SELAH “{Transcribed}

Scripture Meditations:

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Father, You knew me before I was knit together in my mother’s womb.  You have a plan purpose and for my life.  All the days ordained for me have been written in your book before one of them came to be.  Father, please help me to discern time sensitive moments, that I may  move in Your orchestrated movements, and fulfill Your purpose for me on this earth. In Yeshua’s name – Amen!


PRAY – Let’s build our spiritual endurance by praying at least an hour each day.

WORSHIP – Praise and worship invites God’s presence.  Let’s focus on building a lifestyle of worship during this season of prayer.

REMAIN FOCUSED –  We are accomplishing a great work in the realm of the Spirit!  Let us cancel every assignment of distraction or discouragement that would hinder our progress during our season of prayer.

FAST – Let’s turn off distractions in our lives.  Some may chose to fast a meal.  Some may chose to fast entertainment.  Father God will show you how to draw closer to him during our season of prayer.

BIBLE – God speaks to us through His word.  Let’s read our Bibles daily.  There are many “read the bible in a year” plans on YouVersion to chose from.

REST – During this season of prayer, let us enter into God’s rest. God commands us to rest. We must rest with intention.

COMMAND PEACE – You cannot enter into rest without having peace.  During this time of prayer, command peace all around you.  Command peace within yourself.  Settle the issues of your heart in the presence of the Lord.   Let us lay down our worries before God in honor and adoration. Be at peace.  Let God arise and our enemies be scattered.

Worship Experience:



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