40-Day Prophetic Bootcamp
Day 8: The The Intercessor’s Authority



A Prophetic Word For 2020:  To be battle ready is the mentality of the kingdom of God.  He who desires victory… He who desires the crown… He who desires the palace must be ready for war.  You are being prepared for your crown.  Greater crowns attract greater persecution.  But you are anointed to wear your crown.  You are anointed with enablement, ability, endurance, and power to overcome.”

The purpose of this devotional is to stir up the gift of intercession within you.  Every believer prays, but not all praying people are intercessors. The difference is found deep within the heart of the intercessor.  Most gifts are demonstrated by ability, but intercession is demonstrated by relationship.  Prayer works on our character.

Yeshua Our Intercessor:

Hebrews 7:25:

Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.” 

Intercession is a priestly ministry.  Yeshua, our High Priest, wants us to do the work of intercession with Him.  The entire work of the Holy Spirit is to catch us up to hear the Father talking to the Son and the Son talking to the Father about you… about me… and those matters that affect us.

1 Timothy 2:5:

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” 

As intercessors, we can approach the throne of God in confidence.  Yeshua is at the right hand of the Father, interceding on our behalf, presenting his own blood against Satan’s accusations and attacks.  Yeshua is fighting on our behalf.  He is our intercessor.  His word concerning us will never return void.

God Releases His Power Through Intercession:

God releases His power through the intimacy of intercession.  An intercessor is a priestly role.  Just as Yeshua stands in the gap between man and God, intercessors likewise stand in the gap between man and God, advocating for something that he or she believes that God wants.  There is a word from God for every situation we encounter.  An intercessor spends time in the presence of the Holy Spirit to ascertain the will of God.  Armed with divine clearance, intercessors contend in prayer for the purposes of God to be established on the earth.

King David was a worshiper.  He knew how to get into the presence of the Lord.  King David prayed, at times he took up the Urim and the Thummim, and worshiped God with psalms in pure and radiant love.  These psalms continue to inspire us today. Likewise, as intercessors our worship and our intercession must be like incense to the Lord.  We must cultivate the presence of God and pray until God the Father releases His power for what we have prayed.  As intercessors, we can ask of the Lord and He will send His angels to bring forth that request.

Our loving Father will never leave us in the hands of the enemy.  He will give us the divine ability to overcome all the advantages of number and strength that come against us.

As intercessors our stance against the enemy is based on a warfare theodicy.  Theodicy is the vindication of God’s divine goodness and providence in the existence of evil.”

Yeshua has given us the authority to overcome all the power of the enemy.  Jesus, our High Priest, sits far above every throne, dominion, principality, and power – and we are seated together with Him.  Every assignment of the enemy can be demolished through the power of intercession: All sorcery, all oppression, every attack, every setback, every plot, and every wicked scheme – all of it!

Scripture Meditations:

Psalms 34:1-15: “The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and His ears are attentive to their cry


PRAY – Let’s build our spiritual endurance by praying at least an hour each day.  If you have a prayer language (Acts 2:4), spend time daily praying in your prayer language.

JOURNAL –Let’s write in our prayer journals.  Wait in the presence of the Lord.  Hear what God is saying to you about the plans that He has for you.  We are training our ear to hear from God.  Speak out in prayer concerning that which Abba has shown you.  You are strengthening your prophetic voice.

REMAIN FOCUSED –  We are accomplishing a great work in the realm of the Spirit!  Let us cancel every assignment of distraction or discouragement that would hinder our progress during this season of prayer.

REST – During this season of prayer, let us enter into God’s rest. God commands us to rest. We must rest with intention.

COMMAND PEACE – You cannot enter into rest without having peace.  During this season of prayer, command peace all around you.  Command peace within yourself.  Settle the issues of your heart in the presence of the Lord.   Let us lay down our worries before God in honor and adoration. Be at peace.  Let God arise and our enemies be scattered.


Let’s go deeper in prayer.   Through the power of intercession Yeshua equips us to ENTER and POSSESS the Land – and conquer the strongholds keeping us from FREEDOM and FULLNESS.  Please CLICK HERE for powerful prayers and resources.

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