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40-Day Devotional

Day 9 – Transitions: The Power of Moving Forward

Transition can be an extremely difficult times. However, pivotal transitions serve a DIVINE PURPOSE in our lives. If we desire to GROW and DEVELOP we must embrace seasons of CHANGE that move us FORWARD in God.”


Often our surroundings tend to break-down right before a breakthrough, leaving us feeling uncomfortable with our circumstances. Howbeit, if we never felt uncomfortable, we would never have the desire to move forward… to do better… to experience new frontiers… and reach higher than we reached before.

Seasons Change:

It is important to spend seasons of transition lingering in God’s presence, so that Abba can keep me “anchored” and “grounded” while He rearranges the important details in my life.

During seasons of transition we must have faith that everything is happening exactly as God has ordained. God decides what and who needs to go and what and who needs to stay.

Transition signifies “movement.” However, it’s not you who holds the reins, it’s God moving you forward. Seasons of transition can be powerful portals that often prepare us for a DIVINE SHIFT into DESTINY.”

Seasons of transition afford us the opportunity to BE STILL, ATTENTIVE TO GOD, and CONTEMPLATIVE. If we are willing to learn the lessons a season of transition provides, we will arrive at our destination SHARPER and more emotionally, mentally and spiritually aligned.

Seasons of transition often afford us the opportunity to SLOW DOWN. Step out of Chronos and into Karios. God isn’t in a rush. God is the REDEEMER OF TIME.”

Seasons of transition often spark feelings of uncertainty, fear, and panic. However, we must not overthink, overanalyze, and worry, about future events that haven’t occurred yet. God is in CONTROL. Put your confidence in God.

Allow your season of transition to prepare you for GREATNESS. Retreat for a while. Rest! Relax! Reflect! Recuperate! Release! Recharge! Reboot! Reload! Repair! Relaunch! Recalibrate! Reconnect! Review & Rekindle your connection to God.”

Transitions afford us the opportunity to take a STEP-BACK, RELEASE, and SURRENDER. Transition is a period of detoxing and off-loading everything that is limiting us from walking in our fullest potential. God is taking us HIGHER! He is teaching us to loosen our grip and to be open to receiving more of Him and more from Him.

We are far from powerless during seasons of transition. Transitions aren’t something we are supposed to merely just survive. We are meant to THRIVE, be EMPOWERED, and LIFTED as we experience the intense cleanse that transition brings. Although transitions bring a certain degree of discomfort and uncertainty, it is the necessary catalyst for soul ACCELERATION, EVOLUTION, and GROWTH.”

Beloveds, transitions are much needed experiences in our lives. God created us to move from GLORY to GLORY. At times, we must take a PAUSE and a DEEP BREATH, so that God can BREATHE NEW LIFE into us. At times, God will carry-out necessary ROUTINE MAINTENANCE in our lives so that we are nurtured, healthy, and nourished, for the next phase of our journey.

Beloveds, a season of transition means that God is taking us SOMEWHERE. However, let us not merely focus on the journey outwardly, let us focus our journey inwardly, so that we can heal and avoid repeating the same mistakes, attracting the same kind of people and circumstances wondering why life feels like the movie Groundhog’s Day.”

Beloveds, trust God’s plan in the process. He is the author and finisher of your story. Allow God to breath new life into you, refresh you, re-define you, and give you new purpose for your journey. God’s not finish with you beloved. Embrace the NEW THINGS that God wants to do in your life.

Scripture Meditation:

Philippians 1:6:

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”


Father, please help me to rest in You as you bring me through this transition unto the glorious promises that You have for me.   In Yeshua’s name – Amen.


PRAY – During this 40-Day journey, le us pray continually in our prayer language and in our understanding.

JOURNAL – During this 40-Day journey, let us write in our prayer journals. Allow God to speak to you and show you the plans that He has for you. WORSHIP – Praise and worship invites God’s presence. Let’s focus on building a lifestyle of worship during this season of prayer.

REMAIN FOCUSED – We are accomplishing a great work in the realm of the Spirit! Let us cancel every assignment of distraction or discouragement that would hinder our progress during our season of prayer.

FAST – Let’s turn off distractions in our lives. Some may chose to fast a meal. Some may chose to fast entertainment. Father God will show you how to draw closer to him during our season of prayer.

BIBLE – God speaks to us through His word. Let’s read our Bibles daily. There are many “read the bible in a year” plans on YouVersion to chose from.

Worship Experience:

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