40 Days of Prayer “Two Day Prayer Rumble” Dismantling Satanic Agendas – Part 2

Greetings Beloveds,

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! The next two days will be filled with heavy intercession for our families and our nation!

Abraham Lincoln wrote in his second inaugural address:  “Yet, if God wills that (this war) continue, until all the wealth piled by the bond-man’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be repaid by another drawn with the sword… The judgments of God are altogether righteous.”

“….Until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be repaid by another drawn with the sword…. The judgments of God are altogether righteous.” These were very prophetic words, spoken by a very prophetic man.

The penalty of sin will always demand a ransom. Yeshua (Jesus) paid the ransom for our sins and the sins of this nation with His shed Blood on Calvary. For the next two days, we are going to go into deep intercession. We are going to cry out to God for His MERCY and appropriate the Blood of Yeshua to DESTROY satanic agendas against our nation and our families. 

Let’s look at a few satanic agendas plaguing our nation:

Destroying the Moral Fabric of America

Satan is doing a masterful job of offering Believers worldliness as a substitute for true holiness.  Many Believer’s are taking the bait.    Satan has cleverly made morality seem passé.   It is becoming hard for some to make the clear distinction between right and wrong these days.  In today’s world, many call good evil and evil good.  True morality is becoming a thing of the past. 

Satan, doesn’t mind if we show up for worship service every week.  In fact, this is often where he operates most freely.  However, the enemy hates it when we pick up our Bibles, understand truth, maintain biblical values, and have an intimate relationship with God.  The enemy knows that when we have an intimate connection with God, his power over us is broken.  We must pray for godliness and morality to be restored in our hearts.  Pray for REVIVAL! 

Undermine the Family

Most realize that strong families are the basis of every decent society that has ever existed.   Satan desires to destroy the family.  First by destroying the father.  The enemy hates strong fathers.  In the media, fathers are often “made fun of” as he looks to his sharp, effective wife, who is portrayed as the real leader of the family.  With this unbalance, the children soon rebel against both their parents.  We must not allow the enemy to destroy our families. Let’s pray for our families! 

Destroy the Economy

Satan surely recognizes that one key way to destroy a nation is to undermine its economic well-being.  We see this playing out in the political climate of our nation today.  God told our forefathers that if they turned aside from obeying His commandments, “I will break the pride of your power.” (Leviticus 26:19).  We must repent for our pride and ask God for His MERCY! 

Disenergrate National Sense of Purpose

When I was a growing up, we said the pledge of allegiance every morning in school.   When I was growing up, we received marks for good citizenship in school.  When I was growing up, we learned to hold our heads high.

When I was growing up, everyone was eager to keep the nation strong and unified. Today, many have lost their sense of national purpose, their deep patriotism—and their deep respect for the God who made all of things possible.

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Control the Media to Promote Propaganda

This is nothing new. A few generations ago, all of Germany was led astray by Hitler’s satanic propaganda.  Hundreds of articles have been written describing how the media has been used to lead the population into thinking and believing whatever the powers want the masses to believe.

Let me say this, as an African American, I am appalled at the horrible gangster music and derogatory media that is promoted in African American communities.  Do not fill your minds with this garbage!  It’s TRASH!  This is a satanic agenda to CORRUPT and DEFILE beautiful, gifted, and strong people of color.

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Beloveds, you are entering into heavy intercession.  Get low and stay low!  Remain in your secret place!  Throughout the Bible, after the Prophets handled God’s business, the Prophet would retreat to a place of serenity with God.  If you have followed this 40 Days of Prayer until now, you are a prophetic person!  Prophetic people enjoy serenity, it is how we best hear from God.  The more intense the battle, the more intimate our worship must become.  Get low and stay low!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Father, I pray the prayer that Abraham Lincoln prayed: “We have forgotten You, Lord. We have forgotten the gracious hand which preserved us in peace and multiplied and enriched and strengthened us, and we have vainly imagined, in the deceitfulness of our hearts, that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom and virtue of our own. Intoxicated with unbroken success, we have become too self-sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace, too proud to pray to the God that made us.” Lord, I repent for pride, self-sufficiency, and not giving thanks for the abundant blessings You have given to me.

In Yeshua’s name, Father, I repent of my sins, the sins of my ancestors, and of the sins of this nation and I ask that the Blood of Yeshua destroy every satanic agenda, ordinance, embargo, verdict, legislation, and sanction held against my life, my family, and this nation.  Lord, I ask that Your will be ENFORCED and ESTABLISHED in us….. over and against the plans of the enemy. 

Let’s go deeper:  Please click below to view this intense prayer programs that will aide our intercession in dismantling satanic agendas individually and nationally. 

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