Restoring The Foundations



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Prayer taken from Deuteronomy 33:6-29:

Like Reuben, I will live, and not die; and let not my kinsmen be few.

Like Judah, let my hands be sufficient for me; and be a help to me and deliver me from my enemies.

Like Levi, let Your Spirit be with me.  I will observe Your word and keep Your covenant.  I will make known Your judgments.   My life shall be like incense unto You.  Lord, bless my substance and the work of my hands.  Smite them that hate me and rise up against me – and let them rise not again. 

Like Benjamin, I am beloved of the Lord.  I dwell in safety, for the Lord shall cover me all the day long.  And I shall stay close to You and dwell between Your shoulders.  

Like Joseph, I am Blessed of the Lord, and qualified in Him.  He makes up the difference in my life.  The precious things of heaven have been ordained for me.  I receive revelation and understanding of the deep things of God.  I am greatly blessed and highly favored of God and my offspring also.

Like Manasseh the Lord has prospered me. I have forgotten the troubles of my youth.  I have become fruitful like Ephraim.

Like Zebulun, I will rejoice, in my going out; and like Issachar, in my coming in.  I am greatly blessed by God.  I shall suck of the abundance of the seas, and of the treasures of the sand.

Like Gad, I am Blessed.  I am enlarged with increase and I prosper.  I am awesome in battle for the Lord God is with me.  I execute justice in righteousness and the favor of God is with me. 

Like Dan, I am a lion’s whelp: I shall leap from every arrow of oppression.

Like Naphtali, I am satisfied with favor, full of content, and blessed of the Lord.

Like Asher, I am blessed with children; I am acceptable to my brethren, and my feet have been dipped in oil.  My shoes are iron and brass; I am a conqueror – strengthened to crush all oppression that rises against me.  I am strengthened all my days. 

There is no one like unto the God, who rides upon the heaven in my help, and in His excellency on the sky.  The eternal God is my refuge, and underneath are His everlasting arms: and He shall thrust out the enemy from before me; and shall say, Destroy them.  I will dwell in safety: the Lord will bless my corn and my wine; I live under an open heaven. 

Thank you Lord, for you have made me GLAD.  Who is like unto thee, O God.  You are my shield, my help, and my strength.  Your sword is excellent.  None can stand before you.  My enemies shall be found liars and I shall tread upon my high places.

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