Decade 2020: What Are Leading Prophetic Voices Saying?


Decade 2020: What Are Leading Prophetic Voices Saying?

God is calling His Bride to a place of deep humility and maturity in this season.  The reverent fear of the Lord, awe, and wonder is returning to the Church.  For those who are willing to linger in His presence, God is releasing prophetic revelation and strategies for this new season.  The word “revelation” is defined as an act of revealing or communicating divine truth.  In this season, God is opening the portals of the revelatory realm. ‘

Daniel 2:22:

“He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him”

In this video, twenty leading Prophets share their heart for the decade 2020 & beyond.

Decade 2020: A Prophetic Word for 2020 – Generals International


Credit: Cindy Jacobs – Generals International

Decade 2020: What Are Leading Prophetic Voices Saying?

I’m really excited to bring you the Word of the Lord for 2020. We just finished meeting with a group of the Global Prophetic Movement from 42 nations, and we gleaned so many things – in fact, so much more than I’m going to be able to give in this particular reading.

A New Era:

2020 is significant in that it is literally a new era. One of the words God has given is that we’re going to grow into our own skin. What do I mean by that? We’re going to grow into the purpose of God that He has for us. It’s time to intentionally say: What is my purpose. Where am I going in life. How do I achieve that? How do I do come into conversion – a place where our full gifts, our full abilities are used? It’s a very exciting season.

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Of course, it will be a challenging season as well. Any time you’re going to a new level – we used to say, “New levels, new devils” – there will be some resistance. Think about going into the Promised Land, how there was resistance and there were giants that met them when they went into the Promised Land. If you’ve heard me speak very much, you know what I say: If you’re going into your Promised Land (your purpose, your destiny, what God has for you), and you’re not having any pushback (there are no giants in the land), then you’re not going in the right direction. There will be Jerichos to take, so there will be battles, but it’s going to be exciting.

When you’re going the way the Lord has for you, there is that surety inside of you most of the time that says, “Wow, this is what I am made for. I’m just created to do this.” And I believe that for you.

All of you who are reading this, and we want to give you hope for your future. Maybe you’ve gone through terrible times of loss, terrible times when you feel like you’ve had setbacks, but I want to say to you: believe God. Believe God that He does have something wonderful for you, no matter how many things have happened to you, this year we are literally starting not only a new year, but a new decade, a new era.

Year of the Voice:

In Hebrew this is the year 5780. There’s symbolism in this to help us understand what the Holy Spirit is saying. It’s not only a new era, but it is a year of the voice. Now what do we want to say about the year of the voice?

2 Chronicles 20:20 says:

So they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Tekoa; and as they went out, Jehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.”

Then he goes on to talk about something that is very critical for this season. It says:

And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed those who should sing to the Lord, and who should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army and were saying: “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever.” (2 Chron. 20:21)

So we say that this is a season where we’re going to have to go to war if we’re going to get into our Promised Land. Looking at the biblical symbolism of taking your Promised Land, when the children of Israel crossed the Jordan, there were all kinds of tests and things they had to do. They didn’t just stand on the Promised Land and say, “Well, here I am!” and all the giants ran away, and all the problems ran away. No, they had to fight for it.

This is a season where we’re going to have to go to war to come into our reset and our blessings and our purpose. But don’t let that make you afraid. Just learn how to go to war – it’s very important. This is why, at Generals International, we teach on spiritual warfare. And we tell people how to navigate in prayer and [deal with] the powers of darkness coming against them. We need to go back and re-teach those things that we taught many years ago because one of the things that my generation should do is teach the next generation what we know, and my generation knew how to go to war.”

We need to understand that there are nations that need Jesus Christ. There’s going to be a battle over that happening. There are people that need to be saved. There’s going to be a battle for the soul of those people. It’s time to establish war rooms once again. It’s time to learn to war, and, in the passage mentioned above, we see one of the principles of warfare was worship. We know in this 2020 season and from (2 Chronicles 20:20 and 21) that there is a connection. The Prophets prophesied, and the people who believed the Prophets prospered. And what did the Prophets say to do that would bring that blessing? It was worshiping the Lord – an intense worship of the Lord and intentional worship of the Lord.

Coming Into Fullness:

We also saw that the prophetic is going to rise up in many spheres of authority. There are going to be marketplace prophets. We were talking to one the other day, and he was telling us that when he’s with a group of business people, he gets very detailed words. And some other people call it an “Issachar Prophet” that knew the signs of the time. Chuck Pierce I think is certainly one of those, and there are others as well that are that kind of prophets.

Another thing we heard in this year of the voice was that we need to let the Spirit’s voice be heard around the world and be established. And here’s some ways.

  • Number one, a voice of warning. Watchmen sounding the alarm. If you are feeling something coming that is dangerous to your nation or if you had a dream, many times that’s God telling you to pray about that thing.
  • Another thing, number two, is being a voice of righteousness.
  • Number three, increase guidance given through the prophets to world leaders. There are governmental prophets rising up, and it’s very exciting. This is a really common occurrence for me to speak to world leaders, to give them prophetic counsel or to prophesy to them. That’s one of the jobs of the Prophet.
  • Another way the voice will be heard is through decrees and proclamation.
  • Another is wise choices in what we preach. I saw a vision of the word “watch,” and the Lord told me that He was going to confirm that we were going to have more intercessors. They’re going to have more war rooms, and we’ll be able to watch and be watchmen. At our Global Prophet Summit, the Lord actually gave us a sign of this. The first night, a woman who was legally blind was completely healed, and she was able to see.

Words Concerning Nations:

This is a time of very strong violence in the heavens. As we look at nations, we see there’s violence in weather; there’s violence in the earth – earthquakes (there was just an earthquake in Bogota), volcanoes erupting, weather-related patterns, fires breaking out. Whether or not these things are natural, they do cause disturbance in people’s lives.

In the next few years, we see in the U.S. and other countries that there will be more and more clashes. There are going to be clashes that rise up again, and we need to pray about this. In fact, if we pray about them, we can quell them, and it doesn’t necessarily have to happen. But I see people becoming very heated, very heated with one another. And I want to just say from the Holy Spirit that regardless of how you feel politically, there needs to be civility. The Holy Spirit can help us discuss issues, even disagree, without getting mad, without getting angry over it, or without using derogatory speech. I think that we can be Christlike in how we’re sharing.

This is the word the Lord gave me. Brexit will come to an exit, and the UK will not go back. After it happens, there’ll be a season where seemingly the UK has to readjust economically. But depending on what they do with Israel – if the United Kingdom aligns with Israel, which will be historic, of course – we will see a tremendous blessing come upon them and even economic blessing in the middle of all this Brexit. And the same for the EU.

I see there’s going to be some more fragmentation coming; the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders prophesied that this would happen before the Brexit vote, and it did happen. There’s going to be some more fragmentation coming, but the Holy Spirit wants to move in the EU. I want to encourage the Christians that are in government in the EU not to feel like this is against what you’re trying to do, but that God is going to give you the move you have been praying for. I believe we’re already seeing signs of that behind the scenes.

It’s very interesting as we look around the world how many nations are having godly government rise up in connection with Israel. I also want to say prophetically, God is giving more and more of His people a love for the Middle East and the Middle Eastern people – people that are in the Muslim world, both Arabic and non-Arabic speaking, for Egyptians and so forth. God is going to move, and we’re going to see millions come to the Lord. I mean, just millions. I’m sure many are saying this, but with Reinhard Bonnke recently going to be with the Lord, many mantles have fallen. There’s going to be an increase of evangelism in a great way, greater than we can imagine, greater than we can dream.

Another thing the Lord showed us is that, of course, miracles are going to keep playing a greater and greater part. Even like we saw our legally blind lady healed at the Global Prophetic Summit, there were other miracles that happened as well.

Year of Reset and Restitution:

And finally, for now, it is a year of reset. This is the day when we will be anointed for reset. This reset will bring a breakthrough for relations, for families, for the nation. God is going to turn impossible situations around. That’s an exciting word for 2020, isn’t it?

Now, there’s something else connected with this reset. This reset is also going to bring restitution. Many people don’t understand this word, but let’s talk about this prophetically. Restitution was part of the Old Testament law. These were laws of recompense for people that were robbed. They included recompense for loss of animals, bride price, money taking through defrauding the poor or so forth.

God wants to re-establish what Satan has robbed from you. I love this word. When God spoke this to me and to other prophets as well, I began to believe for restitution. And we’re seeing restitution of relationships. I’m seeing some things happen in situations that were not of my will, different relationships that got broken, even in ministry.

Now, let’s believe for this, that God is going to give you restoration. Let’s believe God will give you restitution. Why don’t you make a list? Make a restitution list, a restoration list. And say, okay, this year I want my life in this new era to have a reset. I want my life in this new era to be changed. You know what? God can do that for you. The Bible says in John 10:10 that the thief comes to steal and destroy, but Jesus came so we may have life and may have it more abundantly. So are you living an abundant life?

I just wrote some principles down to understand about resetting and restitution.

  1. Satan is the thief. Don’t be mad at God. Satan is a thief, and we have to understand that we need to rise up and say to him, “No, you cannot have my family. You cannot touch my finances. You cannot have these circumstances that are coming.” Imagine if you are in a relationship with someone and you have blessed them so much, and they’re just mad at you because bad things happen. Well, you didn’t cause those bad things to happen. It was someone else, maybe a thief or something. How foolish is that? This is what the Bible is trying to say to us. Look, it is Satan that is robbing you. I’ve come to give you life and life more abundantly.
  2. Jesus came to give us an abundant life.
  3. It’s not automatic.
  4. We need to claim the provision.
  5. People do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he’s starving. This is Proverbs 6:30 and 31. Yet when he’s found, he must restore sevenfold. He may have to give up all the substance of his house.

I want you to learn to be a fighter this year. Don’t let Satan run over you like a smooth road. Decree and declare: this is my reset year. This is my year of restitution. This is my year of restoration. This is a year when I’m going to see a blessing come to my life. You’re going to have to fight for it, and you need to be right with God. Make sure that you’re aligned with the Lord. Make sure you’ve forgiven anybody you need to forgive. If things happened to you last year, leave those things behind in forgiveness, okay? It works. Forgive.

Decide: This is a year of complete realignment. I’m going to grow into my skin. I’m going to come into the purpose and destiny of God. I’m going to have restoration and restitution.

God bless you, and I want to wish you a happy 2020. I want you to use this word all year long. Let God anoint your voice. Watch, and be a watchman. Learn to go to war, and God is going to release a blessing to you. If Satan robs from you, like the scripture I’ve just read (Proverbs 6:30 and 31), tell Satan, “You’re going to have to give me back seven times.”

So this is a year of reset, this is a year of blessing, this is a year of roaring, this is a year of claiming and decreeing the promises. And if you do this, you are going to see this will be a year of blessing. God bless you.

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Decade 2020: What are leading prophetic voices saying?

Prophetic Mentoring: Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 1)

Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 1)

Today, let us focus on the subject of dealing with conflict.  As we read (Genesis Chapters 28-31), we notice that Laban is a huge mirror of Jacob’s own flawed character.  They were cut from the same cloth. The only difference between Jacob and Laban was that Jacob was destined to become the man in whom God would build a nation.

Dealing With Conflict:

Let’s begin our study with the declining relationship of Jacob and Laban in Genesis Chapter 31.  In Genesis 31:1-3, we read that Laban’s household had become envious of Jacob’s prosperity.  Yet, as Jacob’s relationship with Laban weakened, his walk with God strengthened.  The word of God stirred in Jacob’s heart that it was time to return home to Canaan.

Genesis 31:1-3:

Now Jacob heard the words Laban’s sons were saying, “Jacob has taken everything that belongs to our father, and from what belongs to our father he has made all these riches.” Then Jacob saw Laban’s face, and he noticed that his expression wasn’t the same as it was just a day or two before. Then Adonai said to Jacob, “Return to the land of your fathers and to your relatives, and I will be with you.”

After many years of dealing with Laban’s cheating ways Jacob decided to pack up his family and return to Canaan. Jacob fled from the presence of Laban, but Laban pursued him.  Hot on Jacob’s trail, God appears to Laban in a dream.  In the dream, the Lord warned Laban to be careful how he treated Jacob – not to even speak a harsh word to Jacob.

The anointing of “touch not my anointed ones” was upon Jacob’s life.  When we belong to God, He will go to extreme measures to keep us safe.”

Finding Peace at Mizpah:

Genesis 31:49:

“May the Lord watch between me and you while we are absent one from another.”

These words have become a benediction that has been recited among Christians throughout the ages – but to Jacob and Laban it was more than a benediction – it was a WARNING.

Why were these words a warning?  God sees EVERYTHING.  At times we think that we know it all.  But, at best we only see through a glass darkly.   Yet, God sees it ALL – and he calls into account both sides of the story.  

Mizpah was the name of the watchtower that Jacob and Laban built before they parted ways (Gen 31:49-52).  The watchtower was erected as a buffer between these two extremely conflicted men.  Mizpah represents the presence of God watching over their hostile situation.  Mizpah became the place where these two men called upon God to intervene in their conflict.

At this point in their relationship Jacob and Laban knew that it was best that they part ways.  They’ve both done things that made it impossible to trust the other.  They would have loved to kill one another, but they chose to bless one another and move on instead.

So, the two men drew a line in the sand – they built a watchtower.  As they walked out of each other’s lives they uttered these famous words:   “May the Lord WATCH between me and thee while we are absent one from another.” (Genesis 31:49)

The covenant that both Laban and Jacob entered at Mizpah protected not only Jacob, but also his wretched father-in-law, Laban.  And this is how Laban described the terms of Mizpah in (Genesis 31:52):

“I will not go past this watchtower to your side to harm you, and you will not go past this watchtower to my side to harm me.  May the Lord watch between me and thee.”

…And if either side chose to come against each other – it was the presence of the Lord that they would face.  From this we learn that inviting God into our conflicted situation brings lasting victory.

Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go:

Life is constantly moving and progressing.  Our life journey is being weaved into a beautiful tapestry of relationships that God will bring in/out of our lives.  Season change and people change.  When a relationship ends we must know when the purposes of God have been accomplished in that relationship – in that season.

In the prophetic words of the famous country singer, Kenny Rogers:  “You got to know when to hold ‘em; know when to fold ‘em; know when to walk away; and know when to run”  We must know when it’s time to walk away.”

That doesn’t mean that the person that we had to walk away from is a bad person – it just means that their chapter in our life has either ended or come to a pause.  Sometimes we just have to let things go.  Sometimes we will have to let some people go.

Your Next Level:

After the confrontation with Laban, along his journey, Jacob stumbled upon a company of angels.  Now how cool is that!

Jacob calls this place, Mahanaim, which means “the two camps” or “two worlds” (spiritual/natural).  This was a place where the veil between the two worlds became thin and God allowed Jacob to see the bright-harnessed angelic escorts that were traveling with him.

Jacob needed this reassurance because he knew that eventually he would have to resolve the twenty-year conflict with his brother Esau.  From there Jacob is escorted into the very presence of God on the banks of the Jabbok River – Peniel.  There Jacob is changed forever.

In order to move forward into the destiny that God had for him, Jacob not only had to deal with the conflicts in his life, Jacob had to deal with HIMSELF.  At Peniel, no longer defined by his past, Jacob walked into his destiny.  Jacob’s identity was changed.  He was transformed in the presence of God.  Jacob became the man in whom God would build His nation and his people: ISRAEL.”

Like Jacob, the desire to change is often the catalyst that will push us into our purpose. God desires for His children to live our best life.  Like Jacob, we too can experience change and walk in the highest expression of who we are as children of God.  Let us go forward today, committed to live our best life for the glory of God! Amen!”

Sometimes You Have To Let Things Go – Part 2

Worship Experience:

Prophetic Mentoring: Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 2)

Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 2)


Credit: Lysa TerKerust

Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go! (Part 2)

Sometimes when we’re walking through the process of forgiveness, we aren’t sure if we need to set boundaries or even how to set those boundaries.

If that’s you, sweet friend, I would love to offer you some hard won wisdom and encouragement…   Don’t try to figure this all out on your own. Ask the Lord for guidance. Find a trusted Christian counselor. Speak to people who are godly and wise. And know that sometimes, you may have to let people you love have their journey on one side of the street and have yours on the other side of the street for a while.”

Forgiveness is a must, but it’s okay to take some time to rebuild trust.

And if you find yourself in that incredibly painful place where reconciliation doesn’t seem possible? Let redemption with God be your goal. Redemption is the indescribable gift of our God who breathes life into the shattered soul and creates something new and more beautiful than ever before.

The disappointments that exhaust and frustrate us hold the potential for so much good. God will FILL every empty thing we give Him.  Our feelings of disappointment should point us to SOMEONE GREATER – YESHUA!  This story we have with God is an epic love story.  We will never appreciate or even desire the hope of our One True Love if these lesser things in life didn’t.


The piercing angst of disappointment in everything on this side of eternity creates a discontent with this world and pushes us to long for God Himself—and for the place where we will finally walk in the garden with Him again. Where we will finally have peace and security and eyes that no longer leak tears . . . and hearts that are no longer broken.”

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Be Quiet! Be Still! Revoking The Enemy’s Access To Your Life!

Jennifer LeClaire

Be Quiet! Be Still! Revoking The Enemy’s Access To Your Life!

John 14:30-31:

“I will not say much more to you, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over me. But he comes so that the world may learn that I love the Father and do exactly what my Father has commanded me. ‘Come now; let us leave.'”

Beloveds, in this season we must walk in wisdom in our words, thoughts, and reasoning. We must know when we’ve said enough.

In John 14:30-31, Yeshua said, I’m going to be quiet, because the enemy has an agenda. Yet, he has no power over me, because, I am obedient to the Father, and I do and say only what the Father tells me. Come! Let us walk away.

Beloveds, in this strategic hour, we must discern the enemy’s assignment and BE STILL – BE SILENT!  Come out of agreement with what the enemy is doing.

In the prophetic words of Kenny Roger’s, we gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run…”

Please listen to this powerful prayer from Jennifer LeClaire!

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Still I Rise! Remembering The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Still I Rise! Remembering The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15th 1929 – April 4th 1968)

Still I Rise:

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I’ll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops,
Weakened by my soulful cries?

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don’t you take it awful hard
’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
Diggin’ in my own backyard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I’ll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history’s shame
I rise Up from a past that’s rooted in pain I rise! I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide, welling and swelling I bear in the tide.

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave.

I am the dream and the hope of the slave.

By Maya Angelou

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2020: Separation, Reformation, & Revival!


2020: Separation, Reformation, & Revival:

Often throughout the Bible, when God desires to draw His people closer to Him for a greater purpose, there is a separation that is required. There are times where we are invited to come closer to Him. Separation and consecration are often the catalysts to receive the Divine.
Acts 13:2:
“While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”
Joshua 3:5:
“Joshua told the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.'”
The Spirit of the Lord is speaking fluently in this era. God is purifying His Bride (The Church). There is going to be a dividing line of separation in this season. From out of obscurity there is a generation of leaders emerging that are completely sold out to the Lord and will release the word of the Lord with NO COMPROMISE in their hearts! These emerging leaders will minister in the character and integrity of God.
Malachi 3:3:
He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness, and the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord, as in days gone by, as in former years.”

The Jeremiah Mantle:

Jeremiah 1:10:
“See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.”
In this NEW DECADE, We are being positioned and aligned for the purposes of heaven! In this new era the fiery mantle of “Prophetic Evangelism” will strike the earth. The nations will be shaken with salvation. In this decade there will be a rise of the Prophetic Ministry coupled with the fiery Evangelist.
In this season there is a release of the apostolic: to build and to gather. Where some have felt out of place and even rejected because of their prophetic call, God is preparing an Eagles Nest, a safe place for His prophets to dwell. Instead of feeling out of place or displaced you shall be rooted, grounded, and will flourish!
In this season it is important to separate yourself, sanctify yourself, position yourself to walk in greater glory.
In 2020, we will see the rooting out of religious and heretical roots.
Reformation is coming to the prophetic movement. There will be a re-calibration of what we have known to be the prophetic ministry in the Church. There is a re-mantling of seasoned prophets and a raising up of emerging prophets. God has set the precedent for a pure and authentic prophetic flow.
This new mantling will release a greater measure of discernment. This mantle will puncture atmospheres and regions with “thus says the Lord.” The prophetic word will carry weight to break down and root up!
In this NEW SEASON, the awe and wonder of God is returning to the House of the Lord (Acts 2:43)!
In this NEW SEASON, there is a springing forth and renewal, of health, and vitality in the presence of the Lord! (Isaiah Chapter 58)

To view this prophetic word in its entirety, please watch:

Strengthening For Positioning

I heard the Lord say:
The positioning for the decade is increasing rapidly!”
This week the Lord showed me that many in the Body of Messiah have faced some intense intimidation coming into 2020. There is some demonic intimidation that is attempting to ‘cloud’ what God is doing right now and what is upon you. The Lord showed me that this intimidation is just an illusion.
The Lord highlighted to me that an illusion is something that you SEE. It’s a mirage! It is something that LOOKS real but it’s not. God spoke to me that this intimidation is after FOCUS and VISION. It is attempting to hinder what you see because there is a huge portal of revelation that is open right now by the hand of the Lord to receive divine wisdom and revelation for this new era.
When the Lord showed me this illusion of intimidation He showed me that the positioning for the decade is RAPIDLY INCREASING.
The Lord showed me in the second half of 2019 that He was preparing His people not only for 2020 but for the DECADE. He kept speaking over and over about the preparation for the NEXT TEN YEARS.
There is mighty acceleration upon you right now in the preparation by the hand of God in your positioning for 2020 and this next decade. The positioning and what is needed for you to walk in all He has for you in the next decade is increasing significantly right now. The revelation is increasing. The purging is increasing. The strengthening, healing, deliverance, and vision is increasing for the next decade and the illusion of intimidation is attempting to distract you!”
As we live in the position of worship before the Lord, worshiping Him, living deep in the Word, the Lord is releasing the strategies and keys that we will NEED for this decade in SIGNIFICANT INCREASE. The enemy is trying to steal the vision and the revelation now through intimidation to bring delay and hinder what God is establishing for this next decade. So DO NOT BOW TO IT! Don’t give it your focus! Focus on Yeshua!
As you stay VIGILANT in your FOCUS you will not miss it. This hour requires FEROCIOUS FOCUS!

To read this prophetic word in its entirety, please CLICK HERE!

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You Are About To See The Bigger Picture

The School of Prophets & Seers

Credit: Jennifer LeClaire

The School of Prophets & Seers:

Being able to see spiritually or having God’s perspective on a matter is not a spiritual gift. Obtaining God’s perspective or sight is the result a life spent in the presence of Lord,  inquiring, Father, “SHOW ME!”

Jeremiah 33:3:

“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Exodus 33:18-19a:

“Then Moses said, ‘Now SHOW ME your glory.’   And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence.”

Seer Activation Challenge:

God is opening the eyes of believers all over the world—and He’s upgrading prophetic vision of those who already see.  It’s time for you to go beyond hearing what God is saying to seeing what God is doing!  Our seeing scenes can be strengthened in the presence of God.”

  • Mechanics of Biblically seeing in the Spirit
  • How to build your faith to see in the Spirit
  • How to position yourself to see more clearly
  • Understand seer gateways
  • Avoid pitfalls of the seer dimensions
  • Seer activations
  • Impartation prayers
  • Q&A
  • And more!

I will personally walk you through 30 SEER ACTIVATIONS in individual short-form video teachings that you can tackle one at a time and watch over and over again on demand, as well as sharing some of my experiences in the seer dimensions along the way.  Of course, in each session I will pray for you.  And all registrants will have the opportunity to submit questions about seer dimensions that I will answer at the end of various sessions.

To Register Please CLICK HERE!


The School of The Seers:

Note: This is a 12-month course that you can start anytime.  Cost is $29 per month.  

Jeremiah 1:11:

“The word of the LORD came to me: ‘What do you see, Jeremiah?’ ‘I see the branch of an almond tree,’ I replied. “

Seers, arise! God wants you to function in the fullness of your giftings. Believers, begin to see! God wants you to open your eyes to the spirit realm, with dreams and visions!

Just like you don’t have to be a prophet to prophesy, you don’t have to be a seer to see. God wants you to see what He is trying to show you. I know the Lord has called me to raise up seers and seeing people.

Acts 2:17:

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”

I have empathy for seers who have been misunderstood, persecuted and rejected from the mainline church. I want to see you activated at new levels and functioning in accuracy for the glory of God. Whether you are an experienced seer or just learning about the visual realm of the spirit world, I can help you navigate your gift—and I’ve been called to.

Again I say, seers, arise! God wants you to function in the fullness of your giftings. Believers, begin to see! God wants you to see in the spirit.

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Prophetic Mentoring With Lana Vawser

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Prophetic Mentoring With Lana Vawser:

Did you know that we were created to hear from God? God made us to abide in a love relationship with Him, wherein He desires to speak with us at all times. Therefore, we have the access to hear Him speak to us at all times, because we are filled with His Spirit!

If you’re looking to grow deeper in your intimacy with God and to engage in prophetic mentoring. I’d love to invite you to join me in my new e-course, “The Prophetic Voice of God.” In this e-course, I share personal stories about how hearing from God changed my life, along with encouraging scripture and practical methods to hear God for yourself.

Now is the time to say “yes” to Him so He can radically transform your life from the inside out!

Through 10 weeks of teaching and practical insights, you’ll learn:

  • The common ways God speaks to us, and how to Biblically, tune into the revelatory realm.
  • How to apply God’s words for healing in your heart
  • How to overcome common barriers to a prophetic life
  • How to deal with doubt, anxiety, and confusion as you seek God’s voice
  • When to share what you hear and when to hold those words close to your heart
  • How to discern if you’re truly hearing God’s voice

I’ve included:

  • 10 Video lessons in which you will learn to cultivate a deeper intimacy with God and step into your true identity as a son or daughter!
  • A digital copy of my book which empowers you to hear God by tuning into He uniquely speaks to you
  • An individual workbook which activates your prophetic voice and process what God is doing in your heart
  • 3 Live Q&A times where I will answer your personal questions about growing in your prophetic gift

I’ll be praying that the Lord would bless you as you take new steps to deepen your relationship with Him! God loves you and is so eager to share His heart with you. Will you join me?

I’m so expectant of how God is going to transform your heart through this time together, and I pray that you’d experience a fresh revelation of His love through this course.

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Lana Vawser

Prophetic Mentoring: Alignment Is The Key To Your Assignment

Prophetic Mentoring: Alignment Is The Key To Your Assignment:

Spiritually speaking, alignment, pertains to being “lined-up” and in “agreement” with God’s move. For instance, alignment can look like Moses and the children of Israel navigating the wilderness, moving towards the Promised Land; following the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:21).

Moses and the children of Israel aligned themselves with God. Whether the cloud stayed over the tabernacle for two days or a month or a year, the children of Israel would remain in camp and not set out; but when it lifted, they would set out.” (Numbers 9:22). The children of Israel moved when God moved!

Our assignments become clear as we remain in alignment with God. Alignment does NOT mean easy assignments. Alignment means God-ordained assignments. (Numbers 14:30), tells us that because Joshua and Caleb remained aligned to God’s instructions they entered the Promised Land. If we want to walk in our fullest potential, we must OBEY God’s instructions.

The DNA of Spiritual Alignment:

Every congregation has its own unique DNA. This includes culture, vision, mission, values, and teaching emphases. Differences in vision, values, and teaching can cause personal frustrations. Ideally, you should have the similar ‘DNA’ to that of the congregation or organization you are ministering with.

Alignment is the KEY to your assignment! If you feel like you do not carry the spiritual DNA of the ministry in which you serve, you need to PRAY! Seek God. Talk with leadership. Perhaps, a conversation will bring about proper alignment. Also, a good mentor or leader will recognize when someone may be better suited elsewhere.

🎯Another department …
🎯Another ministry …
🎯Another church …
🎯Another function…
🎯Another team…

A good mentor or leader will help you connect to the proper place of ministry so that you can flourish in God. A good ministry leader will not want to lose you; but understands that right alignment is essential for your sake as well as theirs.

The Importance of Right Alignment – The Big Picture:

Studies have shown it only takes 3-5% of key leadership in business or ministry to affect a cultural shift. God only needs a remnant to change a culture and possess a nation.

In every nation there are seven mountains that reflect the culture of the nation; business, religion, government, media, arts/entertainment, education and family. A remnant of key aligned leaders can shift the culture on these mountains. When believing leaders are aligned with the Father they will be positioned for assignment to advance the Kingdom of God.

In (Numbers 34:29) each tribe was assigned a territory to govern with authority. What territory has God given you? Are you operating in your sphere of influence? Does your alignment position you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life?

God’s desire, beyond our individual salvation and eternal life, is that nations come into alignment for the return of Messiah Yeshua. Are you in alignment for the assignment? Seek God for the answer.

New Direction! New Dimensions!

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Credit: Lana Vaswer Ministries

Direction! New Dimensions!

New Year 2020 is an era of PIVOTAL Transitions!

There are many in the Body of Messiah that are waiting on direction from God. Many are asking the Lord, “Father, what direction should I take?”

Beloveds, in this new season, there is a fresh empowerment of the Spirit of God to go further than we have gone before and to do more than we ever thought we could do. We are being re-introduced to the POWER of God in this season. In this season, we are being called up HIGHER. God is leading us down new pathways that lead us to DEEPER FELLOWSHIP with Him.

Beloveds, trust God in this season. God knows what He is doing. God is re-setting our focus. God is leading us to a place of greater intimacy with Him. God is leading us to new levels of influence that will extend the Kingdom of God on the earth. However, before the promotion comes, God will ensure that we are FORTIFIED and GROUNDED in Him alone. God is breaking off the fear of man from us; so that we can not be swayed by the words of man. If we live for the approval of others, we will die from their rejection or insults. We must stand confidently in God alone!

Beloveds, God is moving! Get ready for an unexpected change of direction in this season! When God says turn right – TURN RIGHT! In this season of transition God will demonstrate His power, His provision, and His grace. God is setting us up for greater increase (Matthew 19:29). God is leading us into new pathways for our good. In this season, do not look back at that which has been lost. God will fill every empty place we bring Him. God will establish new alignments. Our greatest season is ahead of us.

Phil 4:12-13 {Passion Translation}:

“I know what it means to lack, and I know what it means to experience overwhelming abundance. For I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger. And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.”

I heard the Lord say, that this season marks some pivotal transitions. This new season will position us in our destiny. In this season God is maturing us, so that His purposes will be established in us.


Beloveds, this is a season of putting our head between our knees and seeking God’s instructions (1 King 18:42). We must OBEY God fully. This new season will require a new level of trust and surrender.

So, if God says turn the page, we must turn the page with Him. Get ready to see your life take on a new direction – new dimensions!

Ephesians 3:20:
“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.”

In this season, going HIGHER means going DEEPER. As we approach the Father’s throne we hear the sound of music and dancing. In this season, God is awaking the slumbered and comfortable. God will make known His awe, beauty, splendor, and wonder. The entire earth is waiting for the expressions of the wonders of who God is. This is a season of renaissance, recovery, restitution, and reawakening. We must take the challenge to go deeper. We must run to that secret place, where we are fascinated with His beauty; in awe of His splendor; and exhilarated in His presence.”

Prophetic Inspiration: