Divine Protection


LORD, I ask that YOU decree over us divine protection in every realm of our lives and give us immunity from the attacks of the enemy.  LORD, give us rest from all our enemies.   LORD, please decree divine family protection over household, children, pets, cars, possessions, finances, employment, health, relationships in Yeshua’s name.

In Yeshua’s name, I plead the blood of Yeshua over our lives and I ask that YOU cancel every assignment of the enemy over our lives. 

Yeshua, please cancel the assignments of every spirit of destruction (Apollyon and Abaddon) in our lives.  

In Yeshua’s name, I declare that goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

LORD, I ask that YOU protect us from hurt, harm, danger, accidents, incidents, injuries, sabotage, tragedies, death, and destruction in Yeshua’s name. 

I ask that YOU cancel every assignment of the enemy over our lives of poverty, lack, failure in Yeshua’s name.

In Yeshua’s name, I ask that YOU destroy every power behind every cycle of failure, disappointment, unemployment, loss, illness, financial instability, unstable relationships, emotional pain, tragedy, illnesses, sudden sabotage, and all harassment from the enemy in Yeshua’s name.

LORD, I ask that YOU teach us to walk in greater discernment so that we can quickly recognize the enemy and give us wisdom to walk in the supernatural realm where miracles take place. 

LORD, I ask that YOU give us supernatural eyes to see people and situations from YOUR perspective.

In Yeshua’s name, I live in the realm of divine interventions.  Holy Spirit, take up my case and intervene on the behalf of YOUR beloved.  Hear me O’ LORD when I call for help and stand up for my help!

In Yeshua’s name, I ask that YOU cancel every assignment of death and destruction over our home life, marriage, relationships, spiritual progress, prosperity, dreams, and purposes. 

I declare that the LORD is a wall of protection around our lives and all that pertains to our lives.  Fortify our lives.  Keep us from dangers seen and unseen.  Cover every blind spot and close up every hedge, sure up every weak link, and let us know of danger before-hand in Yeshua’s name.

In Yeshua’s name no weapon formed against me shall prosper – every enemy that rises up against me, God shall prove to be in the wrong. 

In JESUS name, I declare that no evil shall come near our dwelling.  Protect our home from the destruction of fire, wind, rain, pestilence, poverty, famine, disease, damage, and all deterioration.

LORD, dispatch angels to guard our habitations in Yeshua’s name.

LORD, hear my cry when I call for help and rescue me from all my enemies.  Lion of Judah roar over my life and silence all my accusers, slanderers, and those who speak evil against me.  Prove YOURSELF mighty and strong in my life. 

LORD, make every enemy my footstool.  Bring shame upon them that persecute me.  For when the enemy comes in like a flood YOU YOURSELF the LORD will raise up a standard against the enemy. 

LORD, subdue all our enemies and cause us to dwell safely in the land. 

LORD, protect us and give us safe traveling mercies as we drive/ride to and from our destinations.  LORD, cancel every assignment of accident, incident, and collision with any object.  No hurt, harm, or danger shall come our way in Yeshua’s name. 

LORD, as givers YOU promised to rebuke the devourer in every area of our lives.  I ask that YOU give us divine preservation over our homes, finances, employment, relationships, vehicles, and possessions (no breakdowns) in Yeshua’s name. 

I plead the Blood of Yeshua over all our friends and relatives and I ask LORD that YOU keep them safe from harm in Yeshua’s name.

LORD, rebuke every plot of terror over this Nation, our communities, our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our churches, and our homes.  Foil every plot, plan, and scheme of the enemy that would disturb the peace of YOUR beloved – because YOU have people in this Nation who love YOU!

LORD, as we face these end times, cause our hearts not to fail during times of testing and trials.  Help us to escape the things that will come on this earth.  Protect our households.

We, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 

In Yeshua name these prayers are sealed in the Blood of Yeshua. 

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