FATHER, YOU are head of this household. Have YOUR reign in this home FATHER. Make this home YOUR sanctuary and YOUR dwelling place. Fill this home with YOUR Holy Spirit. This is YOUR tabernacle. Lord please govern the lives and the activities of each member of this household. Manifest YOUR glory in our home and in the lives of every individual in our household.

FATHER, bless our home like the home of Obed Edom. Let YOUR glory fill our home. Give us Heaven’s atmosphere in our home.

Visit us O’ FATHER and give us the fellowship with YOU that YOU intended Adam and Eve to enjoy in the garden.

FATHER, YOU are our divine covering and we ask that YOU cover and protect this home.

FATHER, assign angels to our home and give us angelic visitation.

FATHER, I thank YOU for YOUR mercy and YOUR grace for allowing this family to always know health, joy, love, peace, livelihood, contentment, quietness, rest, prosperity, and success. Thank YOU Father that YOUR Hand and YOUR blessings are upon this home in JESUS name.

FATHER, I thank YOU for YOUR goodness and YOUR mercy. It is because of YOUR goodness that we are not consumed. GREAT is YOUR faithfulness towards us.

FATHER, YOU are the Light that shines bright in our home. Thank YOU for filling our home with light, gladness, peace, and companionship, sweet fellowship, and laughter.

FATHER, I pray that our worship and our prayers will go up before YOU in this home as a sweet fragrance.

In this home we walk in the realm of divine peace and immunity form the attacks of the enemy. YOU have given us rest from all our enemies.

FATHER, make our home like the tabernacle of David where prayer and praise go forwards continually. Help us to live a life of worship, prayer, and praise.

In our home we walk in love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, faith, and patience with one another In JESUS name. We have an easy going, loving, gentle demander towards one another. We speak to one another in gentleness and kindness. We treat one another in our home with love, dignity, and respect in JESUS name.

FATHER, bestow abundant blessings and holiness in every room and in every corner of this home. May the illumination of YOUR Holy Word and the Presence of YOUR Spirit guide us, protect us, and dwell with us. In JESUS name.

I speak divine provision for our home. We lack no good thing in our home in JESUS name.

In JESUS name, I establish a divine parameter and a Blood-line that guards and protects our home from all evil. I ask that YOU position angels around our home to guard and protect our home from all evil in JESUS name.

In JESUS name, I declare that no evil shall come near our dwelling. Protect our home from the destructions of fire, wind, rain, pestilence, poverty, theft, famine, disease, damage, and all deteriorations.

FATHER, give us the right words, right responses, and solutions to every situation that may arise in our household. Help us to forgive one another quickly. Help us to redeem one another when we fail. FATHER, cause every wound to dissolve in the light of YOUR wonderful presence.

FATHER, help us to cover each other’s weaknesses and strengthen one another. Knit our hearts together in love, unity, peace, contentment, joy, and togetherness.

FATHER, help us to walk in a realm of divine wisdom, revelations, reverence, and an open heaven in our home.

FATHER, help us to be good neighbors and use as a light and a witness in our neighborhood. In the name of JESUS – AMEN.

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