Father, we have all sinned with our words and thoughts, thus invoking offenses and consequences over others as well as ourselves. Please forgive us. I repent for myself and my generational line for not praying for leaders and those in authority that You have placed over us.

Father, I forgive anyone who has spoken evil against me and other members of the Body of Messiah with words of vengeance, slander, gossip, and ungodly judgments. I pray that others will forgive me also.

I repent for faithlessness and complaining during times when You were maturing and pruning me. I acknowledge that Your desire was to strengthen my feeble knees, but my attitude hindered me from receiving Your shaping.

Father, thank You for restoring me to my abiding role as Your son/daughter as I partner with You to break the offenses that were invoked. I take my authority in Yeshua’s name and declare that the Kingdom of Heaven has come near to dismantle, break, cast off, and annihilate every offense.

Lord, I repent and renounce, for myself and those in my generational line, for squandering talents, gifts, resources and money that were given to us to honor YOU. Lord, I ask forgiveness for my generation for not recognizing the visual arts of (worship, dance, music, painting, and singing) as expressions of passionate intercession and WORSHIP towards YOU.

I repent and renounce, for myself and my generational line, all jealousy, envy, and coveting the giftings and callings of others. I repent for shutting the door on any child of God, so that they would forfeit their calling. Lord, as a generation, we admit that this error has interfered with our intimacy with You and our intercession for others. Please forgive us and restore us all to our rightful callings in You.

Father, I choose to completely forgive those who have shut the doors to my birthright or to my calling. I confess that rejection has distracted my intimacy with You and my intercession for others. Lord, I now chose to freely FORGIVE. I chose to lay down my gifts, callings, and abilities, so that You can raise me up again.

In Yeshua’s name, I choose not to wrestle with flesh and blood; but to walk in love, bless, do good, and pray for others.

I acknowledge that my generation has not been merciful. We have judged outwardly, neither remembering the goodness You see in others’ hearts nor how much You love them. Even worse, these we judged were in Messiah so we have invoked condemnation upon Him and His Body.

Father, please cause Your Kingdom to come near, and remove all offenses and the associated consequences of bitterness, un-forgiveness, mistrust, strife, hate, jealousy, manipulation, and estrangement. Father, please remove us from ungodly depths.

In Yeshua’s name, I plead the redemptive Blood of Yeshua which speaks life and heals all wounds. I ask Holy Spirit to help us restore godly unity, walk in love, bless, do good, and pray for one another.

Father, these offenses have an effect of holding our hearts away from You; and estranging us from one another. Leaving us feeling like distant servants or orphans who relate to You and to one another only from afar. These offenses have kept us from resting in our identities as those seated next to You in heavenly places; and from our ability to experience You abiding in us here on earth through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Father, please release now the fullness of the Kingdom to restore us as beloved sons and daughters in Messiah who abide with You in heaven, even as You do with us on earth.

Father, please restore us from all resultant separation and distance from one another to a place of abiding in Yeshua’s love and unity. Please restore all our blessings, prosperity, health, giftings, callings, and relationships; and release us into our full destinies.

We declare that every need we have has been provided by Yeshua”s death and Resurrection, and this includes healing, deliverance, salvation, provision, protection, guidance, Sonship, forgiveness, unity, redemption, and relationship with God and man.

Father, I thank You for healing ministry wounds and restoring LOVE, PEACE, JOY to my fellowship with YOU and with others in the Body of Messiah. In Yeshua’s name – Amen.

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