Healing – Mental Health

Aslans Place

Lord, You are my Creator/Designer/Programmer. Please bring healing to my brain/mind, which is like an elaborate computer system.  Father, please heal the intrinsic pathways of my brain. Please erase all ungodly pathways and restore order, balance, and peace to the network of my brain.  Please upgrade my speed, memory, and storage capacity so I can quickly process and recall all that You want me to know. Please re-program me and upgrade my mental capacity and align me to Your designs for my life.

Father, please set my mental framework for Your automatic updates and releases. Please build a firewall of Your truth through which deception cannot penetrate. The Word of God is my protection. Please cause all of my thoughts to be aligned with Yours so I can always understand what You are doing and know how to respond appropriately in the world.

Conform me to Your image, Lord.

Father, please close all doors that should be closed in my life, and open all doors that should be opened so the gates of my mind may never be shut against You.

Father, thank You for healing my mind and bringing me into right balance in you. In Yeshua’s name Amen