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FATHER, please bless our marriage.  Be a wall of protection around our marriage.  Rejuvenate our love for one another and cause us to experience falling in love over and over again every day.  FATHER please give us the intimacy that You intended Adam and Eve to enjoy together with You in the garden. 

FATHER, please give us a long, happy healthy life together.  I pray that we would be happily married for a life time, in perfect health, sound mind, memory, and mobile until the day you call us home and when that day comes it will be accompanied in peace. 

FATHER, please cancel every assignment of the enemy against our marriage, our peace, and our family life.

FATHER, I declare that we walk in a realm of divine peace in our home and married life.  We bless one another with our words.  We have a kind, gentle, easy going spirit towards one another.  We walk in love, peace, joy, holiness, faith, fidelity, meekness, gentleness, temperance, patience, goodness, and understanding with one another. 

FATHER, please give us discernment that we would not allow anyone or anything to separate us and distract us.  FATHER, please help us to safeguard our home and our marriage. 

FATHER, surround us with Your love and be that 3-fold cord that hold us together. 

FATHER, help us to live a life of contentment, joy, obedience, holiness, and peace.  Father, I declare we are not given to the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.  LORD, help us to grow together spiritually as husband and wife in the LORD.  LORD, make us ONE that our marriage would mirror the glorious relationship that You have with Your Bride. 

FATHER, Your word says, that accept the LORD builds a house we labor in vain.  FATHER, bless our marriage and build our life together. 

FATHER, strengthen our with Your embrace.  Frame our lives by Your word.  Establish us.  Fortify us.  Perfect us.  Sustain us.  Solidify us.  Legitimize us.  Validate us.  Vindicate us.  Bless us and Stabilize us.

FATHER, bless all the marriages, families, and households in the Body of Christ.  Destroy every assignment of the enemy to weaken the family among the LORD’s people.  FATHER, fortify the marriages, families, and households of the people of God so that the world would look to us and see that our God is the answer!

Father, please make us a POWER COUPLE.  Please use our marriage to bring GLORY and HONOR to You.  Make us PILLARS in Your kingdom

In Yeshua’s name, I plead the blood of Yeshua and ask YOU LORD to break every assignment of the enemy that would waste away our beauty and cause estrangement, frustrations, distractions, and overwhelming burdens in our marriages and households.  Break this power and all demonic forces trying to hinder our marriages and home lives, break every curse, and cancel every assignment of the enemy over the marriages, families, and households of your children in Yeshua’s name.  Father, I speak restoration and peace over our marriages and family life in Yeshua’s MIGHTY name – Amen.

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