Drowning Water Spirits:

Everyday people are feeling the effects of unseen evil forces, and yet, they don’t know what’s attacking them, let alone how to have victory.

While many spiritual warriors are familiar with principalities and powers like Jezebel and witchcraft, few have heard of marine demons. Also called “water spirits,” these powers wreak havoc in places near bodies of water. From Python, to Leviathan, to Merman to Rahab and beyond, spiritual warriors are feeling the effects of water spirits but often don’t know how to combat these evil forces.

Bestselling author, Jennifer LeClaire equips you to prophetically recognize these spirits and engage in victorious warfare against them in this spiritual warfare intensive.

Discern the presence of these water spirits and become equipped with spiritual warfare strategies to defeat them!

In regards to dealing with discouragement brought on by the enemies lies and accusations…. Some intercessors call this type of discouragement the Leviathan Spirit (Job 41:1).  Leviathan is the “twisting serpent.”  This spirit is rooted in pride and its assignment is to crush the spirit.  The leviathan spirit operates by causing division through twisting communication, through accusations, misunderstandings, and utter chaos.  This all leads to quarrels, separation, and isolation.  Believe me… You will know when you have encountered this type of discouragement.  We must always pray aggressively against the spirit of Leviathan. 

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