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Declaration of CONFIDENCE in GOD:

(No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper and every tongue, which rises against us in judgment, we do condemn. This is our heritage as servants of the LORD, and our righteousness is from You, O LORD of Hosts.”  (Isaiah 54:17)

If there are those who have been speaking or praying against us, or seeking harm or evil to us, or who have rejected us, we forgive them and, having forgiven them, we bless them in the Name of the LORD.

Now we declare, O LORD, that You and You alone are our GOD, and besides You there is no other — a just GOD and Savior, the FATHER, the Son and the Spirit — and we worship You!

We submit ourselves afresh to You this day in unreserved obedience. Having submitted to You, LORD, we do as Your Word directs. We resist the devil — all his pressures, his attacks, and his deceptions, every instrument or agent he would seek to use against us. We do not submit! We resist him, drive him from us and exclude him from us in the name of Yeshua. Specifically, we reject and repel infirmity, pain, infection, inflammation, malignancies, allergies, viruses and every form of witchcraft.

Finally, LORD, we thank You that through the sacrifice of Yeshua on the Calvary, we have passed out from under the curse and entered into the blessing of Abraham, whom You blessed in all things: exaltation, health, reproduction, prosperity, victory and GOD’s Favor.

Our Heavenly FATHER is very interested in you and desires the very best for you. It is His Will that you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers (3 John 1).  Be aware that GOD is not limited to meet your need or bless you through a paycheck, although He can certainly use a paycheck to do so. Always remember that GOD is your Source and you are His very own child.”

FATHER, in the name of Yeshua, I seek Your Wisdom and trust You to direct me in seeking the job that is best for me. I will walk in mercy and truth and lean not unto my own understanding. Thank You for opening wide a door which no man can shut and for giving me favor.

It is my desire, FATHER, to be debt-free and owe no man anything except to love him, according to Your Word. I am willing to work with my own hands, so that I lack nothing. I praise You that it is Your Will that I am self-sufficient financially and have an abundance to meet all of my needs, with enough left over to give generously to others.

I will not fret or have anxiety about anything, FATHER, for Your Peace mounts guard over my heart and mind. Because You are my Source, I have confidence, comfort and encouragement in Your Provision. I thank You, FATHER, for supplying my need of employment according to Your Riches in glory by Messiah Yeshua.

In the name of Yeshua., I bind the spirit of failure and I command spirit of failure at the edge of breakthrough to go to the Feet of the King, Messiah Yeshua!

I take up my authority in the name of Yeshua and speak to all the gates of employment, whatever is holding me from real manifestation in my life, by the unchallengeable Power of GOD, I smash them and declare be opened, in the name of Yeshua..

In the name of Yeshua, I speak to the season that has been manifesting over my life and I now declare that the season of poverty, crop failure, lack and no reward for the labor of my hands will now be broken! I declare the JUBILEE year of the LORD has come and the season has changed! I thank You FATHER for a Divine Harvest to now be my portion and fill my life, in the name of Yeshua.

I thank You for Your Power and Anointing to get the ___________ job, in Yeshua’s MIGHTY Name.

ABBA FATHER, speak mercy and favor to my __________ job situation, in Yeshua’s name.

FATHER, roll away every barrier to my ____________ job, in Yeshua’s name.

FATHER in Heaven, I apply the Blood of Yeshua upon my job situation and ask for favor to come upon me during the interview in the name of Yeshua. Amen.

I reject being the tail in my employment and I claim Your Promise of being the head, in the Name of Yeshua.

I stand upon Your Promise that if I have favor with You then You will give me favor with man. I thank You for Your Power to overcome every obstacle, in the name of Yeshua.

FATHER, thank You for making me righteous and accepted through the Blood of Yeshua. Because of that, I am blessed and highly favored by You. I am the object of Your Affection. Your Favor surrounds me as a shield, and the first thing that people come into contact with is my favor shield.

Thank You that I have favor with You and man today. All day long, people go out of their way to bless me and to help me. I have favor with everyone that I deal with and come into contact with today. Doors that were once closed are now opened for me. I receive preferential treatment, respect, honor, and I have special privileges. I am GOD’s favored child.

No good thing will He withhold from me. Because of GOD’s Favor, my enemies cannot triumph over me. I have supernatural increase and promotion. I declare restoration of everything that the devil has stolen from me. I have honor in the midst of my adversaries and an increase of assets – especially in real estate and an expansion of territory.

Because I am highly favored by GOD, I experience great victories, supernatural turnarounds and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities. I receive recognition, prominence, and honor. Petitions are granted to me even by un-Godly authorities. Policies, rules, regulations, and laws are changed and reversed on my behalf. 

I win battles that I don’t even have to fight, because GOD fights them for me. This is the day … the set time and the designated moment for me to experience the free favors of GOD that profusely and lavishly abound on my behalf, in the name of Yeshua.  AMEN!

God’s Plan For Your Success:

Joshua 1:8:

“Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

Our most gracious and loving FATHER, You have most lovingly and graciously said that You have loved us with and everlasting love. We acknowledge, FATHER, that Your Love for us is deeper that the ocean and bigger than the biggest need in our heart.

FATHER, all my longings are open before You and my sighing is not hidden from You. I commit myself as well as the need for a new job into Your most Precious and Loving Hands.

ABBA FATHER, fulfill the desire of my heart and bless the work of my hands:

The Bible says, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what GOD has prepared for those who love Him.”  I am completely trusting in Your Merit and Your Faithfulness this hour. I am certain that You can make a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

O FATHER, You can open a way where there seems to be no way.   As I go through the selection procedures, let Your Almighty Uplifted Hand rest upon me and grant me Your Supernatural Grace and Mercies in the eyes of all the concerned officials.   Please perfect everything that concerns me.  

FATHER, my ways are not Your Ways, neither are my thoughts Your Thoughts. Your Ways and Your Thoughts are higher than the heavens above.  Let Your Perfect Will be done in this matter.  Put Your Words into my mouth for the interviews and grant me Your Wisdom and Knowledge.

Let Your Almighty Presence go before me.  I render thanks and praises to You alone, Master, because I believe that You have already performed a miracle in my life.   In the MIGHTY Yeshua AMEN!

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