Prayer to Realign with GOD’s Times and Seasons

Father, we come boldly before Your Throne of Grace to present You with this
prayer for freedom from all bondages with TIME. We dress ourselves in Your
Armour according to Ephesians 6 and take up the weapons You have given
us to fight against the enemy of our souls.

We now go in the spirit to the gates of time where all the clocks are kept
which are keeping us bound to the demonic covenants made by our
forefathers through all the generations.

In the Almighty Name of Y’shua, we now take authority over Chronos who is
the gatekeeper and strongman over these clocks – we bind him and declare
that he will release the time clocks that belong to our family line – we strip him
of all authority and power that he has had over these clocks belonging to our
family line.

We now unhook our family line from the Twelve Pillars of the Zodiac which
are the Principalities that rule the second heavens – we declare that these
twelve pillars will not have any more control over me or my family – past,
present and future.

FATHER, on behalf of myself and my family line, I renounce and repent for
rejecting Your Timing and taking timing into our own hands. I repent for all
those who used devices as a method of unGODLY time control including
sundials, hourglasses, pendulums, stopwatches, charms, amulets,
talismans, clothing or any other unGODLY device – past, present and

On behalf of my family line, and myself, I renounce and repent for
worshipping time instead of worshipping the GOD Most High Who holds time
in His Hands.

FATHER, on behalf of myself and my generational line, I renounce and repent
for all who attempted to control, bend, or warp time – for all who tried to
control time for their own purposes and for all who attempted to travel
through time to change and manipulate their own lives or the lives of others.
FATHER, please disconnect my family line from any unGODLY time clocks.
Please disconnect me from all unGODLY magnetic fields of the land that
seek to control my body, soul and spirit clock, and please disconnect me from
any unGODLY time.

Please remove any unGODLY connection and rhythm to Greenwich.
FATHER, please break any connection between any unGODLY priest of
time and me.

Please break all spirit and soul ties between me and any false or unGODLY
fathers or mothers, grandfathers or grandmothers of time.
FATHER, please break any connection between any time lords and me.
FATHER, I renounce and repent on behalf of myself and those in my
generational line for any agreements that were made with the grim reaper
who we believed came when it was time to die.

FATHER, please remove any connection between unGODLY clock-faces
and my physical and spiritual senses.

Please break, shatter, cut off, and destroy the connectors between unGodly
clock-faces and my eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and hands.


Father, I bring before You every indicator of time on a clock – the date
calendar, the numbers 1-12, the hour hand, the second hand, as well as
every tick-tock of every milli-second. I ask You to please go back in time in my
life (GOD is not bound by time – He is outside of time) – please apply Your
Blood to every trauma and sin that has ever happened in the life of my family
and my own life – cancel all legal rights of the enemy on my life to keep me in
captivity with this prayer of repentance for not honouring You with our life on
earth – the days of our life that You have ordained and purposed for us to live.
Father, please forgive us for using our time to glorify satan in whatever way –
living our lives in our own way and not realising that life is a GIFT.
We ask forgiveness for not choosing life at all times – for speaking and
thinking words of death and even having suicidal thoughts. We now choose

Please remove unGODLY pendulums so that I may be correctly balanced in
Your Time.

FATHER please remove unGODLY clock-faces and replace them with Your
Righteous Clock-Face.

Please cause the hands of the clock to move according to Your Time and
bring my body, soul and spirit clock back into Your control and nobody else’s.
Please establish the correct time, so that confusion, lack of self-awareness,
and loss of time will not occur.
FATHER please stop the deceleration of my body, soul and spirit clock
and restore me to GODLY acceleration.
FATHER, I renounce and repent on behalf of myself and those in my
generational line who spoke word curses to do with time against themselves
and others.

FATHER, I repent for lies about time to myself and to others – I repent for
believing or saying that we were “living on borrowed time”, “out of time”, or
“walking on the sands of time”.

I repent of saying of myself and anyone else that our “time is” or “was running
out” .

I declare the Truth that as a believer in Messiah my time is not up and will
never be up.

FATHER please remove from above my head any unGODLY hourglasses.
Father, I bring before You any time capsules where my family or I have been
trapped in – I bring before You the locks and and keys that have been used
by the enemy who is acting like a jail keeper over us – Father, we repent for
giving the enemy legal right to lock us away in any time capsule!
Now we ask You to come and set us free from every time capsule prison –
take the keys of the Kingdom and unlock us from every prison which is
holding us captive to certain times and events and places in the spirit! Break
open and destroy with Your Fire every lock and key that it will never again be
able to be used against my family or myself.

I am seated in Heavenly places and will live for eternity.
I choose to believe that whoever believes in You shall not die but have eternal
life. I declare my eternal timeline and nature in Messiah who lives forever and

FATHER, please restore eternity to my heart and readjust it to beat with your
Kairos Time. FATHER, please make Your Timing my timing and Your Seasons
my seasons. FATHER, I ask that You give me a heart that is able to discern
both time and judgment.

FATHER I declare the truth that You are the Aleph and Tav (Alpha and
Omega). You are the One Who places eternity in the hearts of man. You are
the Creator and Controller of time.

FATHER You are the One Who has written all the days of my life in Your
Book. You knew them before even one came into being. You are the One
Who has seen the beginning and the end, and I now choose to place my time
into Your Hands. I choose now to believe and trust that Your Timing in my life
is better than my timing.

FATHER, please apply Your Blood to the mechanisms, gears, and springs of
my body, soul and spirit so that they will work as You have ordained and
planned them to work. Please now anoint with oil all the parts of my body,
soul and spirit clock. I choose now to step into Your Time for me and Your
Excellent Glory.

FATHER please replace all/any unGODLY clock parts with GODLY clock
parts so that the body clock that You have given me will click and move,
synchronized with You in glory from now onwards.

FATHER, please unite my body, soul and spirit clock to You and the Body of
Messiah, so that we will be synchronized and not go ahead of one another or
ahead of You.

Please bring us collectively into right time.

Father, we ask You to translate us from the kingdom of darkness and the
Gates of Time (Greenwich) to the Kingdom of our Lord and Messiah – Yeshua
HaMaschiach. We declare that He is the Ruler of all our times and seasons.
We now release GOD’s judgment-clock against our enemies!

We also pray against the demons who will try to pick up the smashed clocks
as well as the smashed glass pieces and the grains of sand that carried the
curses – (they will try to put the clocks and hourglasses together again and
reestablish the cycles again). We bind every demon assigned who will to try
to re-establish what has now been dismantled – we strip you of all power and
authority and declare that the destruction is complete and everything is
destroyed with GOD’s Fire!

We tear the mantle of the officiating high priests and priestesses of time who
were assigned in the spirit over our family line – they will not be able to EVER
again stand at the demonic altars and gates of time and call out our family
names to speak further curses over us – it is FINISHED!
I declare that all demonic seasons and times have now been broken – all
drought and crop failures have been broken with showers of blessings!! We
reverse every curse and change it into a blessing!!
I declare the JUBILEE YEAR of the Lord over our family and myself!
Restore me now fully to correct time with a Righteous body, soul and spirit

We declare that everything we have prayed has now been sealed with the
Blood of the Lamb!!

I ask all the above in the Almighty Name of Y’shua / Jesus!

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