Prayer to Activate and Release Creativity

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Repentance, Intercession, & Proclamations:

In the name of Yeshua,

Father, I acknowledge You as the only true Creator.  You are the only intelligent designer. On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for all disobedience and for using our creative expressions, skills, and abilities for sinful and idolatrous works.  I repent for myself and all those in my generational line who led others astray by giving recognition to the gods of men.

I repent for depending on my own intellectualism and for denying that You are the source of my creative abilities. for those who did not use their mental abilities for creative works and who denied wisdom as a creative attribute. 

I repent for myself and all in my generational line who relied on the goddesses Muse for divine creativity and grieved the Holy Spirit in divine inspiration.

I repent for myself and all in my generational line for presenting our bodies in unholy expressions of movement and lascivious dance.  I repent for myself and all in my generational line for using the visual arts for pornography; causing others to burn with lust and walk away from You.  Lord, I repent for myself and my ancestors for creating music that corrupts and defile.

Father, I repent for myself and all those in my generational line, who used their creative expressions to make defiled works.  I repent for myself and all those in my generational who were enticed by the evil to trade their godly anointing for fame or fortune – prostituting that which You have freely given to us for selfish gain. 

Father,  I ask You to cleanse and forgive me and my generational line for perverting our creative giftings and not answering the high to use our creative abilities to influence the nations by portraying Your beauty, character, holiness, and love.  Father have MERCY.  Please restore integrity and accountability to my creative abilities, so that I wound never be lead astray or cause anyone to stumble. 

Father, I thank You for Your MERCY and FORGIVENESS.   I now renounce all ungodly anointings and covenants in myself and in my generational line.  Father, I declare that my creative abilities and artistic expressions come from You, belong to You, and will be used to glorify You.   

Father, thank You for restoring Your beauty and skill to my creative abilities; throughout my generational line.   Thank You for the creative abilities, callings, and inheritance in my generational line.

Father, as a child of the Creator, the creative giftings that You have given me will be used to heal, deliver, and inspire deep devotion. You have sanctified and restored my creative ideas and inventions for Your Kingdom purposes.  

Father, please restore the reverential and obedient fear of God to the creative arts throughout the Body of Messiah; so that Your children will be nurtured in creativity, art, dance, music, and writing.

Father, please restore revelation to the arts.  Please raise up artists and artisans who bring out the secrets of Your splendor both new and old. 

Father, please activate within me the creative expressions that imparted when You created me.  Father, please release me to fulfill the dreams that You dreamed when You created me.  

“I am created for signs and wonders.”  (Isaiah 8:18)

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