Prayer to Activate and Release Creativity

Lord Jesus, I acknowledge you as the Son of the only true Creator God. I declare the Most High God to be the only true intelligent designer. On behalf of myself and my generational line, I repent for all who used their creative skills, abilities and knowledge for idolatrous works.

I repent for all generational intellectualism and for those who did not use their mental abilities for creative works and who denied wisdom as a creative attribute. I repent for all those who took part in human sacrifices and sexual immorality and for those who made images that gave recognition to the gods and goddesses of men.

Lord, I renounce all allegiance to false gods. I repent for all in my generational line who relied on the goddesses Muse for divine creativity and grieved the Holy Spirit in Divine inspiration.

Lord, I repent and renounce for myself and my ancestors who used their senses and presented their bodies in an unholy way to other gods and goddesses in dance and orgies.

Lord, I repent for those who used the visual arts for pornography. Father, forgive us for making idols of fertility. Lord we have sinned and have not taken responsibility for causing others to walk away from You and their gifts and their callings. Lord, please remove all lust and immorality off the creative gifting.

Lord, I ask You to forgive me and my ancestors for grieving You and ignoring wisdom, understanding and knowledge in creativity. Lord in Your mercy, will You remove Your anger and the consequences of this evil and restore integrity to the giftings, callings and inheritance of my generational line.

Lord, I repent for all those who were called to be caretakers and artisans for the temple and did not protect the sacred articles in Your tabernacle. I repent for those who allowed Your holy temple to be defiled.

Lord, I repent for all those who used their creative abilities and made defiled works in covenant with sheol, death, Hades, the underworld or hell. Lord will You now break off all alliance with death.

Lord, please forgive me and my ancestors for generational shamanism and for attaching evil spirits to works of art. Lord, please remove all ungodly healing and ungodly anointing from all future artistic designs and creative expressions. Lord, please remove all connections to any ungodly realms or dimensions. Please shut and lock all ungodly doors, portals and gates.

Lord, please restore Godly healing and deliverance to the creative process in my life. Lord, I ask You to forgive us for using our creative gifts to prostitut them for wealth or selfish gain.

Lord, I repent for my ancestors and myself for using sound and speech in ungodly ways and agreeing with Satan to defile creation by corrupting humanity. Lord, please remove the defilement off of creation.

Father,  I want to be a co-creator in Christ as a child of God, so creation itself will be healed from its depravity through divine creativity.

Lord, please sanctify and restore creative ideas and inventions for Your Kingdom purposes in the market place.

Lord, forgive me and my generations for shutting down and holding back the children of God in creativity in art, dance, music, writing, and teaching. Lord, please restore the reverential and obedient fear of God.

Forgive me for not passing on and nurturing our gifts, abilities and talents to the next generation. Father, please sanctify the creative arts for Your Glory in my life and in generations to come.

Father, please make us scribes who manifest and instruct in Your kingdom design and who bring out the secrets of Your treasury both new and old. Lord, restore revelation to the arts.

Thank You for my creative gifts. I will use them for Your glory.  In Yeshua’s –  Amen.

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