Prayer to Establish God’s New Foundation 

Aslan’s Place


Lord, I ask You to build Your godly structure in my life, family, and ministry built upon love, faith and hope, and to tear down ungodly structures built on selfishness, pride, and selfish ambition.

Lord, I repent and renounce for myself and my ancestors for building ungodly structures based on man’s agenda, pride, honor, fame, self centeredness, greed, rebellion, and worship of self instead of worshiping the One True God.

Lord, I repent and renounce for myself and my ancestors for not receiving the words of God, desiring to know You, and building upon the rock of God, but instead, building upon the foolishness of man and the sand which does not stand.

I repent for myself and my ancestors for not receiving Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God enabling us to build a righteous structure that would prevail against the attacks of hell and the winds of destruction. Lord, I repent for myself and my ancestors for rejecting You, Lord Jesus, the chief cornerstone, precious, and chosen by God, and allowing You to become a stumbling block and rock of offense.

Lord, remove all double mindedness. Remove all that has shut down connections between the right and left side of my brain. Release my mind and brain from ungodly dimensional places, heights and depths. Take away double mindedness and all that would keep me from worshiping You single mindedly.

Lord, remove all ungodliness from my heart and soul causing division. 

Lord, I repent and renounce for myself and my ancestors for losing our first love for You, and allowing the lampstands to be taken to build the enemy’s kingdom. Lord, restore first love, and release the stolen lampstands taken from individuals, families, ministries, and churches. Lord shine Your light again.

I repent for myself and my ancestors for building on self-effort, might, and power instead of building on the Spirit of God. I ask You Lord to remove the mountains of resistance to building Your foundation, and I ask that the capstone be laid through Your grace and mercy. Lord, I declare that You are my Refuge and Strength. Lord, build Your houses of refuge and safety for Your people.

Lord, remove all ungodlly foundations, and thrones built on the ungodly foundations causing disunity and separation from You. Lord, break all ungodly connections between me and ungodly thrones, grids, networks, guardians, dimensional places, beings, demons, entities, tormentors and voices, and remove all traps, snares, and lassos that would try to reconnect me. I break and renounce all covenants and agreements that my ancestors and I made with ungodly world dominions, rulers, systems, and beliefs, and I ask you to disconnect me from them.

Lord, connect me to Your godly firmament, expanse, foundation of Your throne.  Release your white stone bringing clarity in perception and prayer for the nations. Release Your light connecting me to You and You as my source. Rightly align me in the body of Christ in unity, building in me Your New Foundation.

Lord release the gifts of the spirit to equip me and connect me to You and the body of Christ in unity of faith, maturity, fullness of Christ, joined and knit together, each doing our share, edifying one another in love. Lord, may each of Your Living Stones shine with Your light, glory, uniqueness, creativity, and be released in the flow of Your symphonic harmony, radiating Your light, wisdom, joy, peace and love to a lost and dying world.

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