Aslan’s Place

Father, in the name of Jesus,  transfer ownership of all that I am and all that I have to the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I now ask You, Lord, to cancel all legal right for evil influences and activity in every domain of my being.

I declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every domain of my person including above me and below me, to the left and to the right, and to the front and to the back. Lord, release me from the evil power of all these domains and return to me any part of me that has been removed to any dimension.

I now apply the Blood of Christ, the refiner’s fire, and the launderer’s soap to the passageways between the domains, so that the anointing of the Lord may flow freely through me.

Prayer of Renunciation – Physical Body

Lord, please revers the work of the evil one who in my body and any evil alterations affecting me at the microbiological level from the DNA of the zygote in the womb when I was conceived.

Holy Spirit, please now walk me back to the point of my conception and resonate only with what is Holy.  Lord, as you do this please remove any evil matter, evil vibrations, evil oscillation, and evil frequencies that would cause unbalance and disorder in my life. Lord, please do this in my generational line all the way back to Adam.

Lord, please now move me from hopeless situations created by the enemy to your reality. Lord, take me out of the prison that I am in and set me FREE.

Remove all deception and denial that makes me believe that my current perception is reality. Lord, bring all programming back to the image and nature of Jesus Christ in my life.

Lord, please do this in every dimension in my spirit, soul, and body – In Jesus Name – AMEN.

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