Petition for HOSPITAL and SURGICAL Procedures



Credit: Kanaan Ministries.

Father GOD, we come before Your Throne of Mercy to petition for the safety and protection of ______________ during all medical tests and surgical procedures. We come to record that we are standing in Covenant relationship with You Almighty Father. We are included in the tribes of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, by virtue of the fact that we have accepted Yeshua as our Savior.

In this time of need we bring the entire place (clinic, the hospital ward, examination room, surgery ward, medical treatment and test equipment rooms, admission, pre-op procedures, recovering time after operation) before You.

We ask You to sweep, with Your Broom of the Power of the Blood of Yeshua, throughout the treatment facility please cleanse these rooms before ______________ gets there. Remove any traces of death and disease from the places where _____________ will move in the time of his/her check-in or admission to hospital and the operation. We ask that no dead human spirit and/or demonic spirit be transferred to ____________.

We ask for Your Protection over _____________ in the following areas:
• Any attack while ________________ is sleeping.
• Any injections and/or medication.
• Any instrument used in treatment (all be sterilized).
• Any person who is actively involved in the enemy’s camp, or even only
open to the demonic kingdom through bloodlines.
• The anesthetist.
• The surgeon, doctor, and/or the assistant
• The nursing staff, as well as during aftercare in the ward
working with ____________.
• The machinery and equipment during treatment.
• The power supply.
• That no virus or bacteria attack us in any way whilst in hospital.

FATHER, we do not know or understand why this has happened to ____________. What we know is that You cause everything to be for our good. We therefore ask that the Holy Spirit will be our Guide, Counselor, and Helper throughout the entire time of hospitalization and recovery. Show us where we have to be vigilant. We petition that You will guide the surgeon through all of the procedure, and give every participant over us, the Wisdom of GOD and that they will be like clay in the Hands of our LORD. We break the SHOCK over body, soul, and spirit, that have come from the anesthetic and operation in the Name of Yeshua.

We proclaim that every attack from the kingdom of darkness will be nullified. We proclaim that every negative word raised against us will be cancelled and will fail to prosper. We cancel every ritual and sacrifice that has been made to cause us harm. We reverse every action that has been set up against us. We reverse any word curse that may have been uttered against us.

We petition that You will flood our lives with Your Absolute Peace/Rest (SHALOM) and strength of mind. We come against any spirit of anxiety and fear that want to harass us in any way in the Name of Yeshua. We praise You because of Your Goodness to us. We thank You for the complete success of the operation, and for the complete and total healing of the body, soul, and spirit.

You have created our bodies and made our bodies to heal itself and we now call upon every cell to come and do the necessary work to complete the healing process.

We thank You that You have sent Your Word and healed us, and we apply the Blood of Yeshua over us. We thank You that You will cause ALL pain to be removed. We place our FULL and complete TRUST in You ABBA – You do not slumber nor sleep – You watch over us at ALL times. You will hold our hand throughout the complete procedure.

Whilst in hospital, thank you that Your Light, Life, and Anointing is in us, help us to shine for You. We pray that as the nursing staff work with us, they be touched by Your Love through us.

Father, we declare our confidence in Your divine protection for ______. No weapon that is formed against ________ shall prosper and every tongue, which rises against ______ in judgment, we do condemn. This is our heritage as servants of the LORD, and _______ righteousness is from You, O LORD of Hosts. If there are those who have been speaking or praying against _______, or seeking harm or evil to _____, or who have rejected _____, please help ________ to forgive them and, having forgiven them, bless them in the Name of the LORD

Now we declare, O LORD, that You and You alone are our GOD, and besides You there is no other — a just GOD and Savior, the FATHER, the Son and the Spirit — and we worship You!

We submit ourselves afresh to You this day in unreserved obedience. Having submitted to You, LORD, we do as Your Word directs. We resist the devil — all his pressures, his attacks, and his deceptions, every instrument or agent he would seek to use against us. We do not submit! We resist him, drive him from us and exclude him from us in the Name of Yeshua, Specifically, we reject and repel infirmity, pain, infection, inflammation, malignancies, allergies, viruses and every form of witchcraft from _______ life.

Finally, LORD, we thank You that through the sacrifice of Yeshua on the cross, _______ have passed from under the curse and entered into the blessing of Abraham, whom You blessed in all things — exaltation, health, reproduction, prosperity, victory and GOD’s Favor.

We honor You and praise Your Wonderful Name!

In Yeshua’s name – Amen!

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