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Dream With GOD

40-Day Devotional


Day 27 – Rediscovering The Beauty of Hiddenness

 We live in a social media-driven world.  Although there is a good side to living in the computer age, the downside is that many of us have lost the beauty of hiddenness, we put every detail of our lives on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Through social media we reveal our innermost thoughts with people who are not vetted; giving the world access to personal information that should only be reserved for our closest confidants.”

Listen…  Haters always hate UPWARD!  There are people who do not rejoice in your good fortune.  They hate to see you coming.  They talk bad about you when you leave.   They do not care about your blessings, your breakthroughs, your beautiful home, your promotion, your great marriage, or your wonderful children; so stop telling all your business – and posting your blessed life on Facebook, because there are people who are waiting for you to fail.”

Enjoy your blessed life but exercise some stealth… some secrecy… some discretion.  For unto all a little rain must fall… and when your rainy season comes… you better believe that there are others rejoicing as you shed your tears.”

We often become entangled in avoidable situations that are spiritually and emotionally damaging because we do not vet our friendships. We vet our friendships by simply allowing our friendships time to grow and develop – pray for one another – enjoy one another’s company – but allow the Holy Spirit time to speak to your heart regarding the weaknesses and strengths of those around you – allow the Holy Spirit to direct you on who fits where in your life.

God knows the heart of every individual.  He sees what we do not see.  We must let God vet the traffic that comes and goes in our lives.  He will send you the right confidants.  There is a Johnathan for every David.  Abba will not leave you comfortless.  In the meantime be satisfied with Abba’s friendship.  God will never fail you!”

We Must Develop Stealth:

Stealth is the ability to maneuver without being seen or heard.  As Believers, 99.9% of our troubles are preventable – pray more and talk less.  Luke 2:19 tells us, that “Mary hid in her heart all the things that Gabriel had spoken.”

We must resist the temptation to tell it all.  Move with stealth throughout life.  Avoid always speaking your mind.  Avoid wearing your emotions and your heart on your sleeve.”

Recently, I saw a quote, ‘Don’t tell anyone what you’re doing until it’s done!’ We need to be very careful with who we share with.  Outside influences can throw off goals. We must trust God to send the right influences in our lives.   As we remain real and authentic, our God-sent mentors will mirror that authenticity right back to us.


Scripture Meditations:

Ephesians 1

Romans 8 

Exodus 34:4-9 

Prophetic Inspiration:

Worship Experience:



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