Aslan’s Place

Father, please forgive me and my generational line for placing our sins, burdens, and blame on others and chasing others away making them scapegoats and sacrifices.

I repent for myself and my family line for willingly or unwilling receiving the sins and blame of others or allowing myself to be the sacrifice or the scapegoat and bearing burdens that You did not instruct me to carry.

Father, forgive me and cleanse me for taking on burdens, sins, and responsibilities that Yeshua took upon Himself. Please forgive me also for placing burdens and responsibilities on others that Yeshua took to Calvary (John 1:29).

Father, I declare that I am not a scapegoat. I am not a sacrifice. Father, I ask that all reproach and blame of others which have been placed upon me be removed.

Father, remove the consequences of blame and shame from me and from my generational line. I ask that the reaping of the consequences of shame, guilt, and being a scapegoat/sacrafice and all related curses be broken off of me and my family line from this time forward.

Father, I ask that these heavy burdens be removed from me and all future generations based on Your righteousness which You have imputed to me through the Blood of Yeshua.

Lord, please replace these vacated areas in my life with Your Holy Spirit and with Your blessings. Thank You for pouring Your Spirit into me and into my descendants. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.