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Release The Roar – Silence The Accuser

Greetings Beloveds, Have you become discouraged and overwhelmed by the intensity of spiritual warfare in this season?  Today, I want to encourage you to take heart.  Release the Roar.  Silence the lies of the enemy.   It’s not over for you.  God is not finished yet.   You have not missed it.  You are not too late.   Receive encouragement today! “BEGIN AGAIN SAYS THE LORD!  BEGIN … Read More Release The Roar – Silence The Accuser

Rak Chazak!

The Ancient WarCry of Lion Hearted Warriors: Let the Lion Within You Roar! Isaiah 31:4: “This is what the LORD says to me: “As a lion growls, a great lion over its prey— and though a whole band of shepherds is called together against it, it is not frightened by their shouts or disturbed by their clamor— so the LORD Almighty will come down to do battle on Mount … Read More Rak Chazak!

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